Who Is Steve-O’s Ex-wife Candy-Jane Tucker? Love Life And Divorce Reason

Published Date   27th Feb. 2020, 13:19 pm  Update Date: February 28th, 2020  03:53 pm Binesh Shrestha
Who Is Steve-O’s Ex-wife Candy-Jane Tucker? Love Life And Divorce ReasonSteve-O's ex wife Candy-Jane Tucker was the love of his life. But what caused them to split up? Read the article below to find out. Image Source: Billboard.

People who run into danger are either plain stupid or confident enough in their abilities to make it out alive. One person who falls in the latter is none other than Steve-O.

Ever since Steve made his break from Jackass, people were fawning over him, trying to steal his heart. Little did these fans know that Steve had already given it away. This person was Steve-O’s ex-wife, Candy-Jane Tucker. Let’s find out about their love life and the cause of their divorce.

Who Is Steve-O’s Ex-wife Candy-Jane Tucker?

Steve-O’s former partner, Candy-Jane Tucker, joined Steve’s hand in marriage way back in 2002. They had met quite sometime before Steve’s big break, and they loved each other a lot.

Steve-O's old love

Steve and Candy loved each other a lot, especially after their marriage in 2002. Image Souce: Pinterest.

Candy, during her married life with Steve, appeared in High Chaparelle, a TV series documentary, appearing as herself. Other than this, Candy has stayed under the radar, and after her and Steve-O’s divorce in 2003, she has kept herself hidden. But what was the reason behind the divorce?

What Caused The Divorce?

There were many moments in interviews that Steve mentioned how Candy was the love of his life. Fans were going “Awwwwww,” but at the same time, they were wondering one thing. If there was such love between the two, why did they break up?

During his time together with Candy, Steve was pretty addicted to drugs and alcohol, to say the least. He says that this addiction was what cost him his marriage. In fact, it had reached a point where he had started hearing voices in his head and suffered from psychosis, ultimately burying his sorrow in a DC transsexual.

Steve-O's divorce cause

Steve says that his drug and alcohol habits caused his divorce. Image Source: Pinterest.

It seems that Candy took this blow quite hard. Despite wanting to be together with Steve, the marriage was at a point where it could not last. And thus, they ended up divorced.

What Happened After The Divorce?

Not long after the divorce, Steve started recovering from psychosis. But as a matter of fact, was that he had lost his wife. Despite being depressed, he was advised not to let it get to him. And so, Steve got back into dating, but most of his relationships did not last long.

However, in 2006, Steve tied the knot with Brittany Mcgraw, but this relationship too did not last long, and in 2008, they got divorced. Again, Steve did not let it get to him. Steve tried a lot and got into a number of relationships.

Steve-O's ex-wife Brittany Mcgraw

Steve was married to Brittany Mcgraw from 2006 to 2008. Image Source: Getty Images.

Finally, Steve has managed to find someone else. Steve-O’s girlfriend since 2017 is Lux Wright, and in 2018, the two even got engaged. The only thing that has kept the couple from getting married is a dream that they are waiting for to come true.

Steve-O and Lux Wright

Steve is currently engaged to Lux Wright and is waiting to tie the knot. Image Source: Getty Images.

While the news of Steve’s life is moving all over the media, it seems that this is not the case for Steve-O’s ex-wife. Candy-Jane Tucker seems to stay away from media and has kept herself completely hidden.

As such, people hope that one day, Candy finally decides to make a comeback and show her face on media.

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