What Was The Divorce Reason Between Steve-O And His Ex-wife Brittany Mcgraw?

Published Date   27th Feb. 2020, 11:52 am  Update Date: February 28th, 2020  03:52 pm Binesh Shrestha
What Was The Divorce Reason Between Steve-O And His Ex-wife Brittany Mcgraw?Find out the reason why Steve-O got divorced with his second wife Brittany Mcgraw. Image Source: Getty Images.

There are times when you find that people will do anything for views. It may seem stupid and idiotic, but these people are no less than stars. One of these stars is Steve-O.

Steve-O’s stunts are something fans enjoy a lot, and, despite all the injuries, he always manages to get back up. Because of this, fans love him. So when Steve-O and Brittany Mcgraw got divorced, fans were devastated. But what caused it? Read the article below to find out.

When Did They Get Together?

To better understand a relationship, it is important to understand how long the couple has been together. In the case of Steve-O and Brittany Mcgraw, it was around two years.

Sometime after his first marriage with Candy Jane-Tucker ended, Steve met his soon to be wife. And in 2006, the two tied the knot. The fans were pretty happy about the two. Sadly, no one was prepared for what was to come.

Steve-O's ex

No one was prepared for Steve and Brittany’s divorce. Image Source: Pinterest.

Around two years after the marriage, Steve and Brittany decided that their relationship would not work. And sometime in 2008, the two were officially divorced, leaving all the fans disheartened.

What Was The Divorce Reason?

With how good Steve and Brittany looked together, it was a huge shock when they announced their divorce. Fans were devastated and wanted to know what caused the breakup of this lovely couple.

While the exact answer has been kept under the curtain, speculations have been made. The most reasonable of which may be due to lack of time and the insecurity that came with all of Steve’s stunts. These rumors were floating around for quite some time. This is backed by the fact that Steve was busy with shooting for most of this time, especially with his show Dr. Steve-O.

Steve-O's ex-wife

The reason for Steve and Brittany’s divorce is still shrouded in mystery. Image Source: Getty Images.

However, despite all the questions, these things were never addressed by either of the stars. Maybe as time goes by, one of them will be ready to answer their fans’ questions.

Who Are They Dating Now?

It has been over ten years since Steve-O and Brittany Mcgraw got divorced. And while Steve manages to stay in front of his fans, the same cannot be said for Steve-O’s ex-wife. So who are they dating now?

As for the stuntman, Steve started dating Lux Wright, and in 2018, Steve-O’s girlfriend became his fiancee. Now the two are engaged and are waiting for a certain dream to come true before making the big step.

Steve-O and Lux Wright

Steve-O is currently engaged to Lux Wright. Image Source: NY Daily News.

As for Steve-O’s ex-wife, Brittany Mcgraw, she has stayed low for a long time. Except for an appearance in 2009’s Endless Bummer, Brittany has stayed off-camera, keeping herself and her life away from the public, including her possible partner.

Whatever the case may be, loyal fans of the couple hope to hear good news, both from Steve-O and Brittany Mcgraw. And maybe, they won’t have to wait too long.

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