10 Things that make Switzerland Best Travel Destination

Published Date   06th Jul. 2017, 01:22 am Binesh Shrestha
10 Things that make Switzerland Best Travel Destination

As they say “If you will never go, you will never know”. There are a lot more about Switzerland than what you know just by reading or hearing from others. If you are planning an abroad trip and haven’t decided what could be your next best holiday, keep Switzerland in your thoughts. Imagine the incredibly beautiful and pristine green farm, waterfalls and Alps which looks even better in your snapshots. Actually, there are even more reasons that makes Switzerland best travel destination.

The Legendary Matterhorn

The famous Matterhorn is an iconic emblem of Swiss Alps. You might be familiar with this symbol as you might have seen it in the box of famous Swiss chocolate, Toblerone. However, visiting this highest mountain in the Alps that represents the whole country would be quite exciting, isn’t it? It stands 4,478 meters high between the Swiss and Italian border challenging the mountaineers. You can ride a Gornergrat railway from the village of Zermatt to reach towards the deadliest peak in the Alps.

Political Neutrality and Safety

Have you ever pondered about a travel destination due to its political conditions? Have you ever canceled a trip because someone said that the place is unsafe to visit? Perhaps your answer is ‘yes’. Since Switzerland is politically neutral country ranking 7th globally in terms of safety and security, this could be an important reason that makes Switzerland best travel destination.

Love the Farm Animals?

When you are tired of hustling bustling experience of big cities and towns, agro-tourism can be the gateway to relaxing vacation. Sounds weird, you will definitely gather enough of never-made experience and memory sleeping either in a hut, a camp straw or on straw cuddling the farm animals. In case you are worried about the harm that farm animals can do to you, they are instead happy and welcoming. Thus, you will realize that agro-tourism indeed makes Switzerland best travel destination.

Fairytale-like Stay

The natural scenic beauty does not only make Switzerland best travel destination. Presence of historic castles, the Chillon Castle, makes the visitor feel like they are in a fairy-tale world. Built in 11th century, the Chillon Castle served as the main fortress that monitored lake water for four centuries. The enormously huge castle can also make your fairy-tale wedding as you can privately rent for the castle for personal events.

Fine Swiss Products

If you are a detail oriented person, you know where you can find the best watches and chocolates as it is no more a secret. Swiss watches are the finest quality watches that depicts ingenuity and accuracy. That is why it is sold almost everywhere in the world. You can find variety of brands in the Watch Valley in western Switzerland. Similarly, Swiss chocolates earn equal praise and reputation with its rich chocolaty textures that melts in your mouth. Grab Callier, Suchard and Chocolat Villars as souvenirs on your way back to make your person happy.

Exciting Sports

If breathtaking sceneries is not enough for you, you can be a daredevil and tie on the ski board to your feet. Or, if you reach there in summer, you can go for variety of sports from water sports like canoeing in the crystalline water to paragliding above the Alps. Similarly, you can also enjoy spectacular hiking trails and rock climbing in the Europe’s most loved rock climbing destination, Grindelwald. The combination of scenic beauty and thrilling sports is another reason that makes Switzerland best travel destination.

Memorable Train Ride

You can take a train ride that goes through a number of beautiful destinations, farms, lakes and distant Alps. If you are seeking a relaxing break, Swiss train rides will definitely rejuvenate you. All you have to do is, book tickets and lay back facing towards the window in the train.

Linguistic diversity

If you are one of those who loves to travel in order to discover a place culturally, Switzerland could be your next travel destination. The people here speak four different languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh based on the region they live. But, most of the people here are fluent in English which breaks the communication barrier between you and them. Therefore, the lack of language barrier also makes Switzerland best travel destination.

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Rhine Waterfall

Visiting Europe would be incomplete if you do not see the Europe’s largest waterfall. Rhine Falls in the Northern Switzerland near Schaffhausen town and is easily accessible by car, bicycle and train. You can also take boat tour seeing Switzerland’s lovely basins and spectacular riverside castles. Further, there are places for visitors to watch the fall from above which provides incredible view of the fall.

Visit nearby European Countries

This landlocked country is located in between Germany, Italy and France which make the popular travel destination. When you are in Switzerland, what better excuse you can find to plan a day trip to these countries?

You will not only find only postcard-worthy snapshots of incredibly beautiful Switzerland. But, you will also live the beauty that makes Switzerland best travel destination.

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