Niki Demartino – YouTuber & Singer

Published Date   13th Feb. 2020, 16:29 pm
Niki Demartino – YouTuber & Singer Niki DeMar is a gorgeous lady who loves to experiment with her hair. Image Source: Pinterest.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Nicola Teresa DeMartino
Birth Place: Bethlehem, PA, USA
Birth Sign: Taurus
Father: Jeffery DeMartino
Mother: Nelida Gracia DeMartino
Height: 5 feet 1 inche
Ethnicity: Half Cuban, Half Italian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: 05/05/1995
Age: 28 years old
Nationality: American

Today, the internet has provided an excellent platform for young people to showcase their talents and interests. Likewise, Niki DeMartino took hold of the opportunity along with her sisters, Gabi and Alex, way before then the vlogs were a thing.

Niki has been involved in the YouTube world since 2010. She has been doing just great in charming the universe with her personality and fashion sense. Let’s know more about the gorgeous, Niki DeMartino’s life.

Relationships, Datings, and Boyfriend

The gorgeous, Niki is swept off of her feet by a handsome young lad named Nate West. The pair have been dating since late 2016 and is still going strong. Moreover, Niki DeMartino’s boyfriend is an aspiring drummer. The couple often shares their love via social media.

Niki DeMartino’s Instagram is full of her gorgeous face and beautiful relationship. Niki introduced her partner to the world via Instagram and YouTube. The first vlog of them together came out on April 26, 2017.

Both of them looked super cozy and were comfortable with one another. Furthermore, the bold beauty also added that DeMartino had a crush on the “shy videographer” in the video. Thus, their “lots in common” and “contrasting personality” must have glued them together. Since Niki is also a musical artist and Nate is a drummer, they make a perfect couple.

Niki Demartino's boyfriend

The couple shares a fantastic bond both as professionals and personals. Image Source: Niki Demartino/ Instagram. 

Besides their astounding chemistry as a couple and musical artists, they work together and are great professionally as well. Since Nikki’s boyfriend is a videographer, the couple gets to travel a lot together. Let’s hope the bond between the two continues until the very end of the world.

Net Worth and Earnings

YouTube has become an excellent platform for young and aspiring generations. Especially when the world is connected, and people are searching for ways to get their talent/products reach the world, YouTube and other social media have aided a lot in that field.

Coming to Niki DeMartino’s net worth, it contains her income and earnings from different endeavors. And looking at her ever-growing career in the YouTube world and gradually in the musical industry, she must have amassed a considerable amount. Moreover, Niki entertains over 2.39 million subscribers passionately from her YouTube channel, Niki DeMar. From 275 uploads, she earns somewhere between $9.6k-$153.5k per year.

Niki DeMar's net worth

Niki DeMar’s earning mostly comes from her career as a Youtuber. Image Source: Pinterest. 

Niki DeMartino started her career pretty early along with her siblings. She, along with her twin sister, Gabi, and elder sister, Alex, started a channel called ’00RemakeGirls’ in 2010. In the channel, three girls were happy sharing music, pranks, and many other activities.

The twin later launched their channel called ‘Niki and Gabi’. In the channel, they showcase their polar-opposite personalities and share fabulous fashion and funny challenges. This channel garners 9.23 million subscribers and earns $43.1k-$689.2k a year. Thus, the earnings from the joint channel also aid in Niki DeMartino’s fortune.


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Besides YouTube being Niki Demartino’s source of income, she also earns a substantial amount from her music videos and Spotify. As a twin sister, her personality was often blended with her dapper, girly, bubbly personality of her sister, Gabi. Thus, Niki ended up writing and singing songs about individuality and her angsty persona.

Into Music, Films, and Jewelry

In the quest, the sister-duo released their first music video named “It” in June 2015 through their collaborative channel. The video amassed a very positive response. Similarly, in 2018, the sister-duo also managed to release their first EP called “Individual”. The EP consists of 6 songs and is a hit among youths. Niki also earns a good amount from the albums.

Niki DeMar's music video

The search for individuality led Niki to the world of music. Image Source: Niki/ YouTube. 

Niki and Gabi work together on a lot of projects. However, they have done many creative projects individually. Niki has been able to establish herself as an actress as well. According to IMDb, the blue-haired beauty has four movies and TV series credits under her name, such as ExtralogyFreakish, Dance Camp, and If Life Was A Scary Movie.  

Besides DeMartino’s earnings from the multidimensional career, she also earns from her jewelry line called Niknaks. Niki DeMartino’s net worth is also aided by her jewelry line, which is super affordable and cute. A few items from DeMartino’s shop are listed below.

  1. Starflake Necklace: $20.00
  2. Starflake Hoop Earrings: $14.00
  3. Everything Blu Ring: $14.00
  4. Summer In Winter Necklace: $20.00
  5. 70’s Hoop: $14.00

Mr. Kate To The Rescue

All the hard works and dedication have allowed her to afford a luxurious life and travel. Furthermore, she bought a home along with her sister, Gabi, entirely dedicated to their projects. Since it is part of their job and in desperate need of a bigger space, they bought the house in Pennsylvania.

Similarly, they also hired another internet sensation, Mr. Kate. Mr. Kate is a channel run by a beautiful husband-wife duo with unbelievable creativity. It is Mr. Kate herself who did Niki DeMar’s apartment makeover in 2019. Likewise, Niki and Gabi collaborated with The Sorry Girls to decorate their new home.

Niki Demartino's room tour

Mr. Kate assisted in Niki DeMartino’s apartment makeover in the 70s style. Image Source: Pinterest.  

So, Niki DeMartino’s earnings from all the hard works and dedication have earned them the luxury of living comfortably. Let’s hope she continues to prosper in life and gain prestige along with cash.

Family, Parents, and Siblings

Niki DeMartino comes from a very noble family. They all deserve a well-descriptive and a single paragraph. Demartino’s father, Jeffery DeMartino, is a scholar and a polished dentist. It looks like Demartino’s grandpa was a dentist as well, and thus, he continued the legacy at DeMartino Dental Group.

Niki DeMartino's Parents

Since Niki DeMartino’s parents are dentists, nobody shies away from showing their smiles. Image Source: Jeffery’s Instagram. 

Similarly, Niki DeMartino’s mother is not an ordinary woman but a qualified dentist as well. Dr. Nelida Gracia DeMartino is a bubbly woman who had four children, along with Niki’s father, and is still married happily. Nelida Gracia DeMartino is an empowered woman who works as the director of DeMartino Dental Group and the founder of The Children’s Dental Health Center.

Niki DeMartino's Siblings

The DeMartino family is a complete package of fun and laughter. Image Source: Nelida Gracia DeMartino’s Instagram.

Niki DeMartino’s siblings are all popular and all set for their future. The popular platform, YouTube, has allowed Niki’s eldest sibling, Alex, aka Alessandra DeMartino to become a celebrity as well. She moved from PA to LA to pursue acting after being acknowledged through her videos. Niki, Gabi, and Alex ran the channel “00RemakeGirls,” where their parody music and fun sides were on display.

Likewise, everyone who knows Niki knows her twin sister Gabi. Gabriella Nelida DeMartino is 6 minutes younger than Niki, and they are identical twins. Both of them have been working together since 2012 until today despite their different personality. Gabi is more of a girly kind who loves Ariana Grande while Niki, on the other side, is bold and loves to experiment with different hair colors.

Niki DeMartino's twin sister

The DeMartino twins are the polar opposite of one another. Image Source: Getty Images. 

Lastly, the youngest among all Niki DeMartino’s sibling is Anthony DeMartino. Niki’s brother was born on April 12, 1999, and is a fantastic athlete since his school years and his build shows.

The family that consists of 6, loves one another’s courtship and never loses any opportunities to spend some quality time together in their spare moments.

Early Life and Education

Born on May 5, 1995, Bethlehem, PA, Niki DeMartino’s real name is Nicola Teresa DeMartino. Aforementioned, Niki is 6 minutes elder than her twin sister, Gabi. Niki studied at Notre Dame High School as a child, and the YouTube thing started in their early teen, i.e., 13. Back then, YouTube was not as sensational as it today, and very few made videos.

Niki DeMartino's siblings

Niki DeMartino was a beautiful kid. Image Source: Jeff DeMartino/Instagram. 

Thus, they were categorized differently, and Niki’s parents began worrying about their social life. However, they were passionate about creating and continued making beautiful videos.

In such a short span of life, Niki DeMartino has managed to amass such a huge fan base, popularity, and money. This is a considerable achievement, and she must be proud of herself, giving away all the struggles, including eating disorders and pressures she talked about in 2018.

Let’s hope she continues to be a vibrant and happy person and earn more fame and success from the industry.

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