Kyle Kushman: Biography, Сareer, Cannabis Brand, and Personal Life

Published Date   26th Nov. 2022, 22:16 pm  Update Date: December 2nd, 2022  07:37 am
Kyle Kushman: Biography, Сareer, Cannabis Brand, and Personal Life
Quick Info

Have you ever heard about Kyle Kushman? If you keep up with marijuana news, especially on cultivation, you probably know about the legend. He’s behind the popular OG Kush seeds sought after by cannabis growers.

Kushman has been instrumental in offering advice concerning growing cannabis. With this knowledge, many rookie breeders have become experts and professionals in the industry. He’s also vocal about the benefits of organic weed to promote good health and preserve nature.

If you’re only learning about Kushman, continue reading to discover more about his life and work.

Family Background

Kyle was brought up in Westchester, in Yorktown, in a middle-class family. His father was an English teacher, and he has two older brothers. He’s married to Susie Ambrose, who doubles as his business partner. Together, they run Kushman Brands and Vegamatrix.

They met in 2011 when she took an organic cultivation course at Oaksterdam University, and they later married in Jamaica at a High Times Rasta Roots Festival.

Work-Life and Achievements

Kyle is well-rounded, with much of his work revolving around cannabis cultivation. He even came up with a new way of growing marijuana using Veganics, which only utilizes plant-based nutrients.

The method has seen him come up with new cannabis strains. These include:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Purple Kush
  • Joey’s Strain
  • Cherry Lopez

Kyle has previously done the following work:

  • Served for over 20 years as a staff writer on cultivation for High Times Magazine in New York. It’s where his nom de plume name, Kushman, originated from.
  • Worked as a lecturer, teaching advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University in Oakland.

Kyle Kushman runs a podcast on, The Grow Show. Dina Browner, popularly known as Dr. Dina, is another weed enthusiast who has a show on the site. 

His achievements include:

  • He helped launch a weed dispensary in Los Angeles called the Buds and Roses Collective
  • Five-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner
  • 13 Medical Marijuana Cups for Best Flower
  • 420 Icon Award by Cannabis Business Awards
  • He’s also appeared in publications such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone

Cannabis Brand

After quitting his job at High Times, Kyle began an advisory firm, Karma Consulting. He used it to provide knowledge on the growth of medical marijuana.

He runs the brand with his wife. It focuses on giving people quality and safer products as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. It ensures users enjoy the benefits of weed products, including CBD oil. It also aims to take care of the earth and preserve it.

Kushman runs Vegamatrix, which he launched in 2014. It’s based on his revolutionary method of marijuana cultivation, Veganics. It provides vital nutrients for your plant’s health and flowering potential.

It won the 2014 award for Best New Nutrient due to its success in plant growth. It also won the High Times Stash Award.

His brands have a business collaboration with Homegrown Cannabis Co. The company stocks his seeds and sells them, allowing Kushman to continue advocating marijuana.

Kyle Kushman’s Net Worth

Kyle Kushman’s net worth has remained somewhat of a mystery as he’s managed to keep his income and finances away from the public eye.

With his past work and the brands he runs, his net worth is estimated to be between $1–5 million.

Interesting Facts

  • Kyle’s favorite cannabis strains are sativas or potent indicas. He particularly enjoys Strawberry Cough and Star Berry weed.
  • After working for High Times for five years, Kyle left New York in 2004 because he felt he’d fulfilled his potential. He pursued other ventures as his previous job had become repetitive. He moved to California.
  • In 2006, Kushman’s organic cannabis worked wonders for an autistic child, Joey. Kyle donated some weed to the kid’s father, Mieko Hester-Perez, of the Unconventional Foundation for Autism. The variety later came to be known as Joey’s Strain.
  • He’s a pet lover that owns a pitbull named Ziggy.
  • He made an appearance on the Netflix documentary, Explained.

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