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Musician SYML Bio SYML is a talented young man who enjoys making music and loves his family.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Brian Leseney Fennel
Birth Place: Issaquah, Washington, US
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Spouse: Marion Fennell
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: 18/01/1983
Age: 40 years old
Nationality: American
Qualification: Music Education
College: Whitworth University
Children: 2

In the generation that is fascinated with the “F”s and “N”s, very few singers have touched our hearts and left us sobbing in a corner for real. SYML falls in the category of those soulful singers and meaningful writers.

SYML, aka Brian Fennell, has touched millions of hearts within a few years. His heart-wrenching lyrics is one that many people can emotionally relate to. Furthermore, he is so generous and appreciates whatever he has earned throughout his life and career.

Many fans are eager to know about his personal life, his career, and many more. If you’re a die-hard fan of SYML and his music, you would not want to miss this article.

Is SYML Married?

Love is a feeling that allows you to grow and become a person you aspire to become. But how one finds love? Well, for SYML, also known as Brian Fennell, found his love while in a grocery store a long, long time ago.

Love finds you in the least expected time, and SYML’s wife, Marion Fennell, found him in a grocery store. It’s a perfect story to share with their children. Furthermore, Fennell’s wife looks to be a very private person because she has remained hushed from the world. However, she is the star of SYML’s Instagram and appears occasionally.

The couple is totally in love with one another and is forever grateful for one another’s presence in their life. They got married on a beautiful spring day of September 2013. SYML never forgets to wish her on her birthday, and thank her on every special occasion for being beside him.

SYML's spouse

It is lovely to see SYML appreciating his wife. Image Source: SYML’s Instagram. 

The wonderful couple is a parent of two beautiful children, a son, and a daughter. He continually shares his wonderful family to the world and always has kind words along with them.


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He loves his children very dearly and cherishes them with everything he has. Moreover, SYML’s “Girl” is a tribute to his daughter Josephine Fennell. She was diagnosed with some brain condition she contracted while she was still a baby.

In an Instagram post, he shares his gratitude for his daughter as she went through a life-saving surgery at a very young age and will live a very healthy life. SYML’s daughter’s surgery was one of the most intense surgery that he and his family had to go through.

SYML, aka Brian, is very much in touch with his family, grateful that they endure his hectic schedules of touring and all the heavy stuff. He posts about his children much often and loves to share how cheerful they are.

How Much Is SYML Worth?

SYML is a household name in the present days because of his music and soulful vocal. Furthermore, overnight success has led SYML’s net worth to rise high up to the sky. Although the figurative worths are not published yet, we can see the appraisal in SYML’s lifestyle.

SYML's net worth

SYML’s net worth took a big curve after his single, “Where’s My Love” came out. Image Source: Wikipedia. 

His singing career vastly influences SYML’s net worth. A miner needs to work for ages to get hold of the diamonds; similar is the case with an artist. Likewise, SYML also worked days and nights to become a successful solo artist to share his profound music to the world.

SYML’s eps and album allow him to enjoy the luxury of traveling and living a comfortable life. Furthermore, his singles Where’s My Love has more than 145 million streams worldwide. SYML’s EPs are selling just well, and his YouTube is also a huge success.

SYML has put forth some breathtaking eps to the world. That is Hurt For Me, Where’s My Love, In My Body. Furthermore, he has released his studio album, SYML in 2019 which comprises of twelve songs. All of his works are a hit, and that has helped him bag a massive bag of fortune.

SYML has been in the industry for a while now. Before he started to pursue his solo career in music, he was formerly the lead singer of an indie band Barcelona. The talented artist has a knack of creating music that is both personal and relatable. That is one of the many reasons SYML being a common name.

Does SYML Have His Merchandise?

SYML is a growing name and is continuing to become a huge name in the musical industry. Brian Fennell’s wealth is not just expanded by his musical career but also collects a hefty sum from his merchandise. Few merches along with their respective prices are listed below:

  1. Canyon Long Sleeves: $30
  2. Moon Tee: $20
  3. Tiger Tee: $20
  4. Flag Logo Tee: $30
  5. Logo Hoodie: $40
  6. Camper Mug: $12
  7. In My Body Vinyl: $20
  8. SYML Vinyl: $30

Besides SYML’s merchandise, he also earns from his shows and touring. Since SYML is traveling all the time, he misses his family and wishes them if they could travel along with him.

Did You Know SYML Was Adopted?

SYML is a kind man and the one who understands humanity. In an Instagram post, he revealed that he was adopted and does not know much about his birth parents. Furthermore, he has not disclosed his adoptive parents as well, but through his behavior, he has grown well.

Though we might not hear much about SYML’s parents, he was born to Welsh parents but was adopted and raised outside Seattle in Washington. He further explains that his adoption was very closed, and he knows the bare-minimum of his birth parents.

SMYL's childhood

Since SYML aka Brian was adopted, he does not know much of his birth parents. Image Source: Pinterest.

Brian Fennell chose a symbolic name for his stage name. SYML is pronounced as “sim-mel,” and translates “simple” in Welsh. Since Fennell’s birth parents were Welsh, it is a tribute to his heritage. Furthermore, the name also acts as a reminder for him to live as simply as possible.

SYML has a young family of his today, and he is enjoying the ups and downs of his fatherhood. As he grew older, it became less important to find his history and focus on his own little family of four.

What Was Brian Fennell, aka SYML’s Early Life Like?

The famous indie-pop singer, SYML, was born as Brian Leseney Fennel on January 18, 1983, in Issaquah, Washington. Fennell started showing his interest at a very young age and wrote his first song at the age of 18 years. He made music the coping mechanism to endure the pain of the death of his beloved schoolmate.

SYML's bio

SYML made music his coping mechanism. Image Source: Pinterest. 

After high school, he attended Whitworth University and got his degree in Music Education with an emphasis in percussion. SYML had a band but currently performs as a solo artist. Aforementioned, he was adopted at a very tender age and searched for his identity. Therefore, his experiences with his adoption and heritage became the influences for his songs.

Let’s hope we get to hear more from the prosperous singer, SYML, in the upcoming days.

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