Adam Granduciel – Musician & Krysten Ritter’s Partner

Published Date   23rd Apr. 2020, 17:38 pm
Adam Granduciel – Musician & Krysten Ritter’s Partner Adam is an exceptional musician with great knowledge of music. Image Source: Getty Images.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Adam Granofsky
Birth Place: Dover, Massachusetts, US
Birth Sign: Aquarius
Father: Mark Granofsky
Mother: Paula Granofsky
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: 15/02/1979
Age: 44 years old
Nationality: American
College: Dickinson College
Children: Bruce Julian Knight Granofsky

When a person is searching for something to relate their emotions with, they choose music. Thus, musicians, songwriters, and singers are magicians and therapists on their rights. Among such magicians is Krysten Ritter’s husband, Adam Granduciel.

Adam Granduciel is an American singer-songwriter and sculptor of the indie rock band, The War on Drugs. Let’s get to know more about the phenomenal artist whereabouts and his exciting love encounter.

How Did Adam Granduciel and Krysten Ritter Meet?

As the love for some are the letters scribbled down the paper while for few, it’s the person’s presence. As for Adam Granduciel, it is Breaking Bad star, Krysten Ritter’s presence in his life.

Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel

Krysten Ritter is a fan of her partner’s band, The War on Drugs. Image Source: Ritter’s Instagram.

The couple’s fate intertwined when Adam Granduciel’s partner decided to become a fan of his band, The War on Drugs. According to US Weekly, the couple started dating since 2014 after spending some quality days in New York City.

Adam Granduciel’s Girlfriend Is Not A Fan Of Marriage

Well, few people would not want to bring the court in between and put a stamp in their relationship. Among such free birds is Granduciel’s girlfriend, Krysten Ritter.

Regardless of their serious relationship, the couple is still unmarried. In an interview with Playboy, Jessica Jones star, Krysten told that she did not dream of getting married or a big white dress as a child. The fear could also be the result of her parents, Garry Ritter, and Kathi Taylor’s separation when she was pretty young, but she claimed that “Marriage seems scary” to her.

Despite Ritter’s idea of marriage, she and Adam have been working their odds out passionately and rooting for one another. Since Ritter’s boyfriend struggles with depression, anxiety, and paranoia, she plays a massive role in comforting him and is incredibly supportive of him.

Krysten Ritter and Adam Granduciel make a beautiful couple. Hence, the unison brought a little version of themselves in 2019. Krysten Ritter first announced their first-born, Bruce Julian Knight Granofsky, on the red carpet in 2018.

Kreysten Ritter's baby

Krysten Ritter first announced her baby’s news on the red carpet of Oscars. Image Source: Ritter’s Instagram.

The couple is doing great alongside Krysten’s work schedule and Granduciel’s touring. Let’s hope the baby Bruce grows up to be an exceptional human as their parents in the future.

How Much Is Adam Granduciel’s Net Worth?

The founder of the Grammy-winning band, The War on Drugs, Adam, proved that with patience, kindness, and hard works, success is attainable. The record producer and songwriter, Adam has come a long way since his band formation since 2005.

Adam Granduciel’s net worth must have made a massive hike since his debut and successful album sales. He founded his band with Kurt Vile in Philadelphia. The duo bonded over music and shared-passion for Bob Dylan. Furthermore, they released their debut studio album, Wagonwheel Blues, in 2008. Eventually, Kurt left the band to pursue his solo career and formed a band called The Violators.

Since then, the band consists of David Hartley, Adam, Robbie BennettCharlie HallJon Natchez, and Anthony LaMarca. Since the formation of the band till today, the band has released four studio albums. The band’s breakthrough came with their third album, Lost in Dream in 2014. Similarly, their fourth album,  A Deeper Understanding, won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2017.

Thus, the hard work paid off aiding Adam Granduciel’s net worth. Besides their album sales, Adam’s earning is directly influenced by his tours and stage performances. Likewise, the band’s merch sales also contribute to Adam Granduciel’s earnings.

Some of the items from the band’s store are listed below, along with their respective prices.

  1. Drugcember 2019 T-Shirt: $25.00
  2. Word Fade Raglan Crewneck: $45
  3. Drugcember 2019 poster: $20.00
  4. A Deeper Understanding Vinyl: $25.00
  5. Retro T-Shirt: $25
  6. Rack &Stacked T-Shirt: $25.00
  7. Lost in the Dream Vinyl: $19.99
  8. Slave Ambient Vinyl: $17.99
  9. Future Weather Vinyl: $14.99
  10. Wagonwheel Blues CD: $12.99

Besides making music with Granduciel’s band, he also collaborated and worked with several artists and band members. The collaboration includes Kurt Vile & The Violators, Sharon Van Etten, and Day of Dead. Likewise, Adam has also worked as a music producer for ‘Purling Hiss’s 2013 album, Water on Mars.

Thus, all these attributes of Adam’s career have exposed him to the world and showcased his extraordinary ability to the world. Let’s hope the cash never stops coming and is recognized for his music worldwide.

As for his partner, Krysten Ritter’s net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Where Are Adam Granduciel’s Parents?

Born on February 15, 1979, in a loving family in Dover, Massachusetts, Adam Granduciel was named Adam Granofsky. He was the second and creative child of Mark Granofsky and Paula Granofsky. Adam grew up with his elder sibling, Burton Granofsky, listening to metal music all the time.

Adam Granduciel attended the Roxbury Latin School and went on to graduate from Dickinson College, where he studied photography and painting.  At the age of 22, he was in California with his guitar and recorder. Although Adam Granduciel’s parents were skeptical of his idea of pursuing a career in music, they are proud parents of a successful musician today.

In an interview with The Guardian, Adam told that his father who had quadruple bypass heart surgery joined him on tour. He further added that his father was learning about rock music and bought several records and compared his band with them. The dynamic shift of his parents’ enthusiasm has helped him grow personally, but he still craves normality.

Let’s hope Adam Granduciel’s passion for music never runs out, and he continues to do what he does the best.

Fun Facts

  1. A French-language pun by a teacher there inspired his stage name.
  2. He had no interest in pursuing music as a teen, but everything changed after high school.
  3. Adam Granduciel worked as a waiter in a restaurant while his stay in California and practiced his guitar at night.
  4. The War on Drug’s third album, Lost in the Dream, was influenced by Adam’s personal experience during his several world and national tours.

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