What Vitamins Help the Prostate?

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The prostate gland is an important reproductive part among men, which produces semen and carries sperm from the testicles. Like any other organ or internal body part, the prostate needs the right vitamins to function properly. But what are the vitamins that the prostate gland needs to avoid prostatitis, prostate enlargement, and cancer?

Continue reading below to know the essential vitamins your prostate gland needs for better reproductive health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C food and vegetables for prostate health

Vitamin C is highly recommended to boost overall immunity. You can obtain this vitamin in many food sources like fruits and vegetables. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which aid in relieving inflammation, such as prostatitis.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an effective vitamin that helps fight bacterial prostatitis, wherein bacterial growth is stopped. Prostatitis is the medical term for an inflamed prostate gland, which causes painful urination and other urinary problems.

While the exact cause of prostatitis is unknown, it is believed that nervous and immune system problems, as well as injury to the prostate, contribute to nonbacterial prostatitis. The signs and symptoms of acute prostatitis include fever, painful or burning urination, nocturia, or increased urination at night, and premature and painful ejaculation.

Dietary or health supplements, like ProstaGenix, can help treat prostate gland problems, such as prostate gland enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Most health supplements ideal for prostate health include grape seed extract, which is a potent antioxidant with vitamin C and vitamin E. It also helps lower cholesterol, prevents diabetes complications, and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, which are all related in attaining a healthy prostate gland.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D sources for Prostate

Vitamin D helps your body use phosphorus and calcium to make strong teeth and bones. It is a fat-soluble vitamin with prohormones. When the skin is exposed to the sun, vitamin D is created. Also, vitamin D can be obtained from certain foods and health supplements. Vitamin D supplementation treats prostate cancer, slowing the growth of abnormal prostate cells.

In a study conducted in 2014, it is shown that vitamin D deficiency is a possible risk factor for developing prostate cancer. According to researchers, African-American men who have vitamin D deficiency tend to have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

It also shows that European-American and African-American men who were vitamin D deficient tend to have a higher tumor stage and Gleason grade. The Gleason grade determines how similar normal prostate tissue cells are when compared to cancerous prostate tissue cells. Prostate cancer is more aggressive if the Gleason grade is higher.

Vitamin K

vitamin k in fruits and vegetables

Age-related prostate enlargement or BPH is common among Westerners. All BPH treatments are geared towards reducing the signs and symptoms, like increased frequency of urination and incomplete bladder emptying. While the prostate gland naturally grows with age, subclinical varicoceles may cause problems with the blood circulation of the testes or retrograde blood flow.

Retrograde blood flow of the testes increases free testosterone in the veins, which carry deoxygenated blood near the prostate. Now it’s possible to reverse prostate gland enlargement by treating varicoceles. It is done through spermatic vein embolization.

There’s a study showing the relationship of prostate health and vitamin K, wherein poor prostate health is linked with varicoceles, causing BPH. The research focuses on promoting the health of veins through vitamin K intake. The study aims to know the direct cause of the prostate enlargement, including varicose veins. It is believed that insufficient vitamin K leads to poor prostate health. Thus, men can achieve excellent prostate health by having the right quantity and form of vitamin K.

Others Nutrient Sources That Your Prostate Needs

Aside from vitamins, the prostate needs other nutrients sources such as those found in plants. For instance, beta-sitosterol may help you empty your bladder, and it promotes stronger urine flow. Also, beta-sitosterol can help improve other symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Pygeum is another nutrient source that comes from the African plum tree, which is an effective treatment for an enlarged prostate. It has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and inflammation. The bark of this plum tree helps reduce nocturia or waking up at night due to the increased urge of urination.


Men who are suffering from prostate gland problems can enjoy an improved quality of life by taking vitamins. The best way to consume vitamins is through health or dietary supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin K are essential in prostate gland health. They help boost immunity, promote proper blood circulation in the prostate tissue, and reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

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