Importance of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) – Benefits of TRT Injection

Published Date   29th Aug. 2018, 14:43 pm Binesh Shrestha
Importance of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) – Benefits of TRT Injection

Are you aware that testosterone is important for your body not only to improve your libido but also for other important functions? Testosterone is a sex hormone but plays a significant role in fat distribution in the body, in building bone density, muscle mass, strength and also in the production of the red blood cells and sperm.

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease with only few testosterone levels left circulating in the bloodstream. The small amount of circulating testosterone gets converted into estradiol which is a form of estrogen. Hence when there is less testosterone in the body it results in low estradiol which increases body fat and also in sexual dysfunction and hypogonadism in men.

Therefore, it is important to test testosterone levels and treat with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Testosterone levels not only decreases with age but also because of other conditions like diabetes, obesity, chronic stress, excessive alcohol intake, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of sleep, xenobiotics, low-fat diet and prolonged aerobic exercise.

Testosterone levels can be increased by addressing the underlying cause. For instance, if testosterone levels are low because of sedentary lifestyle and accumulation of body fat, it can be regulated with vigorous exercise like resistance training, and by reducing weight. If it is caused by chronic stress then reducing stress through yoga, meditation, and sufficient sleep should increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone Replacement Theory

However, a drop in testosterone levels can be due to a number of reasons including age. Sometimes if addressing the underlying issue does not improve symptoms of low testosterone, the only possible way to address the issue is TRT. A lot of people may also recommend using oral testosterone supplements.

However, currently, there are no testosterone supplements that are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Studies conducted to evaluate the efficacy of testosterone supplements did not demonstrate any beneficial effects on cognitive function, functional mobility, and bone density.

The symptoms of low testosterone are reduced libido, reduce muscle mass and strength, low energy levels, erectile dysfunction, depression, irritability, poor concentration, decreased memory, low mood levels, general weakness, anemia, increase in body fat, testicle shrinking, sleep apnea, gynecomastia, infertility, hot flashes and loss of pubic hair. TRT can help in reducing symptoms of low testosterone and increasing testosterone levels which will improve the quality of life and well-being.TRT not only improves bone strength but also increases hemoglobin level and mental sharpness.

TRT can be administered in the form of skin patches, gels, tablets, and injections. However, skin patches and gels do not have good absorption levels as injections. Oral tablets have side effects on the liver and injection is an ideal option because of its better absorption feature. Some men may not be comfortable opting for injections as they might not like the idea of pricking themselves. But if the full efficacy of TRT has to be realized it is more effective in the form of injection than other forms of TRT administration.

It is important to know the benefits of TRT and the minimal side effects of TRT even before considering it as a treatment option for low testosterone. Men who take TRT see improvement in their energy levels, increased libido, and quality of erection. They also experience a decrease in depression and better mood stability. It generally takes about three to six months for TRT to realize the full benefit of the drug.

But some men find that TRT brings improvement sooner while for others it may work more gradually. The only side effect of TRT injection is that is that there can be soreness at the injection site for a few days because of oil-based drug that works on the muscle tissues. However, it will disappear within a few days. TRT injections can be self-administered and they are less painful as they smoothly glide through the muscle tissue. Small needles are minimally invasive and you won’t even feel the prick of it.

If you’d like to know more about TRT do visit Gameday Men’s Health to read a “Man’s Guide to TRT”. There are some tips you will have to consider before considering TRT. Do not take any TRT without consulting a doctor. First, you will require to be consulted by a licensed physician who will assess your symptoms and conduct a physical examination before suggesting a treatment.

You can contact Gameday Men’s Health to schedule your initial consultation with a licensed physician. After assessing your symptoms, the physician may order a blood test to check for your testosterone levels along with other tests such as hemoglobin, lipid profile, PSA (prostate-specific antigen) and other biomarkers. Based on blood work, the physician will advise whether you are a right candidate for TRT or not. The physician will give you more information and guidance with respect to TRT.

Many men are often reluctant towards TRT injections because they are not psychologically comfortable with injections and may think of other options like gel, skin patch or oral tablets. As noted earlier injectable TRT is the best option in terms of drug absorption and metabolism. As low testosterone impacts the quality of life due to various physical symptoms and psychological symptoms like mood and depression, it is important to remove the inhibitions towards TRT injection and take proactive steps to restore testosterone levels.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that TRT is no miracle remedy for low testosterone or erectile dysfunction. It is true that it plays a significant role in restoring manhood and improving quality of life and well-being. Yet it is equally important to know that it does not work for everyone in the same way.

The efficacy of the TRT may also vary from one individual to another and it takes time to show results in terms of restoring vitality, strength, and improvement of symptoms. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet, regular exercise along with resistance and cardio training and reduced intake of alcohol are significant along with TRT. Remember to consult your physician when starting with TRT and follow his advice with regard to any change of treatment or symptoms.

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