Trainer JillIan Michaels Diet, Weight Loss Exercise and Yoga Videos

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Trainer JillIan Michaels Diet, Weight Loss Exercise and Yoga Videos

Overweight is the major problem in today’s world. Overweight or obesity leads to different kinds of health risks. To maintain a fit body and healthy life everybody must eat healthy food and exercise regularly. People today prefer to eat fast food which is very high in calorie. Results, weight gain and create health issues.

Everybody wants to have a fit body and wants to live a healthy life. There are thousands of techniques and weight loss tips according to body types. You should always follow the right techniques of weight loss which will be ideal for your body types. Because of the busy schedule, people often ignore about their health by which they suffer different kinds of health problems like diabetics, heart stroke, high blood pressure and so on.

In this era, we can find numbers of instructors like Bob Harper, Jackie Warner, Jeanette Jenkins e.t.c. They suggest different techniques to have shape and health according to body types.

 Bisexual Trainer Jillian Michael is one of the famous American personal fitness trainer, best known for her appearances on a reality show of NBC,  The Biggest Loser. Here are some quick diet, exercise, and yoga tips from Jillian Michael to lose weight.

Jillian Michaels Diet

We should eat food in every two hours but not in a large portion. We should always treat our body with healthy food to keep our body fit. Skipping meals for weight loss is not called dieting. Most of us have different myths about dieting. The actual meaning of dieting is giving proper nutrition to the body. Jillian Michael is speaking about the common myths for dieting in the video below:

There are numbers of diet types. A fad is one of the popular diets which promises to lose weight fast. According to Jillian Michael, fad diet actually lose weight but it is unhealthy and it slows down our metabolism which is not good for our health.

Diet we should follow to have a fit body are:

Ditch sodas:

Whenever you stick to a diet plan your body becomes weak as it will not get the energy that your body used to get on the daily basis. We should always add liquid beverages to maintain energy in our body.

Out of 100, more than 70% loves drinking sodas as flushes out the extra gas from the stomach. Sodas actually dehydrate the body and replace healthy minerals from our body. So, whatever sugared sodas or diet sodas are dangerous to our body.

While choosing a liquid beverage, we should always make a smart choice. Jillian Michael says, whenever you fill dehydrated always choose sparkling water, unsweetened iced teas, green tea and white tea to rehydrate your body. This liquid helps your body to burn 78 more calories per day.

Choose your food menu smartly

Stop going in every treat that your friends offer. Often get together includes fast food for short bills. We should always try to order boiled, steamed, baked, grilled, poached or roasted says, Jillian Michael. Never order take away foods to leave soon. If you feel like you are only the one making choices among your friends, you can always tell a white lie of feeling sick.

Substituting food with the right one

Processed foods like ice-cream, chocolates, bread, breakfast bars also cause overweight. Processed foods are often in high in calorie and low in nutrients. Choose salads for high nutrients with are low in calorie. There are many fun ways of eating tasty and healthy food. If you are a chocolate lover, you can always switch to dark chocolates which are good for weight loss and also good for stress relief.

Exercise and workouts

Just controlling your food intake will help you on weight loss but it makes your muscles saggy. Tomake your muscles tight you should also include exercise in your daily routine. Exercise is considered good to our health in many ways.

Find the exercise which excites you

According to Jillian Michael, you should never choose exercise which you hate. If you already hate the exercise, you will always make excuse for not doing it. Try to find the exercise which you love and include them in your daily routine. You should always be consistent with your exercise.

Most of us like to dance, so if you love dancing congrats! Zumba would be the right choice to shape your weight.

Zumba for dance for weight loss

Zumba dance will be the best choice for weight loss if you love dancing.

Image source: Google play

Jillian Michaels Yoga

Yoga is a package of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.  Yoga is another way of losing weight. Though yoga doesn’t make your heart pound, it doesn’t mean you are not burning a calorie. Yoga actually helps you to lose weight, makes your skin glow and makes you feel light.

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Here is short nighttime yoga video by Jillian Michael to burn fat and de-stress you from the busy day.

44-year-old Jillian Michaels tells that she finds her more fit with her regular workouts and teaches the same to her kids too. Jillian along with future wife Heidi Rhoades are parenting two beautiful children, son Phoenix and daughter Lukensia.

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