Facts About Mike Krzyzewski’s Wife Mickie Krzyzewski. Married Since 1969

Published Date   28th Feb. 2020, 15:28 pm Binesh Shrestha
Facts About Mike Krzyzewski’s Wife Mickie Krzyzewski. Married Since 1969Here are some facts about Mike Krzyzewski's wife, Mickie Krzyzewski. Image Source: Pinterest.

Basketball is all about precision, teamwork, and skills. No one will say it best other than the basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski. With him being the head coach for several well-known teams, Mike has earned a great number of fans.

As such, there are many things fans want to know about—one of these topics of interest being Mike Krzyzewski’s wife, Mickie Krzyzewski. Now, without any further delay, here are a few facts about Mickie that you might be interested in:

Married Four Hours After Mike’s Graduation

Talk about making quick and right decisions. Mike Krzyzewski’s wife, Mickie Krzyzewski, was married merely four hours after Mike’s graduation.

It all began on March 1st, 1969, after Army had defeated the Navy, and Mike was handed the game ball. Along with the game ball, he also received a call with a piece of bad news- Mike’s father was suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. By the time he reached the hospital in Chicago, Mike’s father had passed away. A few months later, Mike received his diploma. And four hours later, Mike Krzyzewski and Carol “Mickie” Marsh got married in the Catholic Chapel at West Point.

Mickie Krzyzewski's wedding

Mike and Mickie’s marriage took place four hours after Mike got his diploma. Image Source: Pinterest.

Guess this quick decision was one that proved to be right. And as such, Mike and Mickie are living a happy life together now.

Mickie Was Mike’s Third Choice

Like most lovely relationships, Mike and Mickie’s relationship began with a date. Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski’s first date was two years before their marriage, and she learned something quite surprising.

Mickie and Mike Krzyzewski’s first date was a Martha and the Vandella‘s concert in Chicago. But had the past been a little different, Mike Krzyzewski’s wife could have been someone else. This is because Mickie was Mike’s third choice. This truth was revealed to Mickie by Mike himself as he believed that the consequences of telling the truth were less painful than lying to her.

Mike Krzyzewski's third choice

Mickie was Mike’s third choice, and we can say it was the best choice too. Image Source: Pinterest.

Talk about a truthful man. Mike’s loyalty to his wife is something Mickie is proud of, and it seems that this loyalty will never waver.

Raised As A Southern Baptist

This is one of those possible incompatibilities that people talk about. Mike Krzyzewski’s wife, Mickie Krzyzewski, was raised as a southern baptist while Mike himself was raised as a Catholic.

Being raised differently, there were also things that they had heard about. Mickie grew up hearing that Catholics hid guns and gold in their basement while the Pope wished for world domination. Mike, on the other hand, had grown up believing that anyone who was not raised as a catholic would go to hell.

Mickie Krzyzewski growing up

Mike grew up as a catholic while Mickie grew up as a Southern Baptist. Image Source: Getty Images.

It seems that these old beliefs did not cause any problem in the couple’s relationship. And they are proving the world that Catholics and Baptists can live a great life together.

Has A Big Family

When we talk about a big family, we don’t mean raised in one, but quite the opposite. In fact, Mickie Krzyzewski’s family includes her three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Having so many grandkids makes sure that Mickie never has to forget the kind of love she received from her and Mike Krzyzewski’s children. This means that she will receive the kind of love from her grandkids that she used to get from her daughters. The names of Mike Krzyzewski’s children are Debbie Savarino, Lindy Frasher, and Jamie Spatola.

Mickie Krzyzewski's children

Mike and Mickie have three daughters and eight grandchildren. Image Source: Getty Images.

The fact that Mickie gets to relive this moment is something that every parent dreams of.

Runs The Emily K Centre

Together with her husband, Mike Krzyzewski, Carol “Mickie” Krzyzewski runs The Emily K Centre. This is a non-profit organization that works as a college hub for low-income students through it’s K to College program.

The organization was founded by Coach K and was named in honor of his late mother, Emily Krzyzewski. The motto of this place is “Building Scholars, Changing Lives,” and it has a rating of 91.11, which is considered quite high for an NPO.

Mike Krzyzewski NPO

Emily K Centre has a rating of 91.11, which is quite high. Image Source: Pinterest.

The organization was established back in 2006, and it has since then been living up to its motto.

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