Another accusation of Sexual Harassment by Olivia Munn!This is what she has to say!

Published Date   25th Dec. 2017, 11:17 am Binesh Shrestha
Another accusation of Sexual Harassment by Olivia Munn!This is what she has to say!

Before a month ago the tweets on Twitter were filled with the accusation of the sexual assault by the producer Harvey Weinstein. And here is another allegation of the sexual harassment by Olivia Munn.

Olivia accused producer of sexual harassment with a long essay.

Olivia Munn is one of the six women to accuse Brett Ratner of sexual assault.


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According to the reports,Munn had shared that she was bringing Ratner food on a film set. When she reached him,he appeared naked and was masturbating in his trailer.  She, then ran out of the trailer and told the man who delivered the food. But his reaction was minimal.

She has been carrying the encounter with her ever since.

Olivia Munn writes, “There is little chance to worry that there is the the possibility of an overcorrection.

She wrote, “The probability of an overcorrection is lesser worrisome than all of the abuse that has led all of us to this moment. Woody’s gut instinct to scare what this might led would be better referred to a gut instinct to hold back an longing that could be incorrect.”

After sharing her experience publicly with Ratner, Munn wrote about her sad reaction that victims must be “broken first” for the harasser to suffer consequences.

“This kind of action alone is not harmful enough to show people’s anger. It’s competition with yourself for self-destruction to gain credibility and wicked circle of accusation called blaming,” Munn penned.

Munn is trying her level best for Hollywood to change its way, “The system that encourages filthy men like Ratner and Allen back in, is the same system that builds disparity.”

“Altogether our voices are powerful and, and earth-shaking. We’re rock. We’re not scared to alarm each other out – and we’re not scared to back off you either.”


She added, “This is not only an issue for women, but it also is an abuse-of-power issue … and until we erase the contaminated roots of our framework and make underlying, systemic changes, there is not going to be any change. We can use this issue to create a lasting shift. There should be a zero-tolerance policy with actionable punishments for sexual assault and any other forms of abuse. Heads of studios, founder, and CEOs should enforce same pay because if we continue to pay us less continues a bias that women are inferior.”

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