Don’t Miss Anything About Al Pacino’s Daughter Julie Marie Pacino

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Don’t Miss Anything About Al Pacino’s Daughter Julie Marie PacinoAl Pacino's daughter, Julie Pacino is not only a director, but also a producer and a writer. Find out about her here. Image Source: Pinterest.

Among the hundreds of stars in Hollywood, chances of you hearing the name ‘Al Pacino‘ is quite high. The star is a legendary actor who has been making appearances on television and movies for over 50 years.

The actor has never tied the knot but is the father of three children. Al Pacino’s children are Julie Marie Pacino, along with twins Olivia Pacino, and Anton James Pacino. While the twins are still in high school and yet to make a career in the film industry, Julie already has a career in it. Let’s find out all there is to know about Al Pacino’s daughter.

Is A Producer, Director, And A Writer

In a world where acting is considered difficult, working as either of producer, director, or writer is even harder. But some take this up as a challenge and choose to be all three. Jan Tarrant and Al Pacino’s daughter Julie Marie Pacino is one of these people.

Along with the recently announced movie Tura and a few movies in the post-production stage, Julie has been credited as the producer of ten different works since 2013. She has also been credited as the writer and director of seven different works. All of which she has been a part of, either as the producer or director.

Julie Pacino's job

Julie is not only a producer but also a director and a writer. Image Source: Getty Images.

Julie’s success in the field is something many people fail to achieve. And it just goes to show that with hard work and determination, anything you do will be a success.

Net Worth And Earnings

While Julie’s father is a well-known actor, Julie has worked hard herself to make a successful career in the film industry. Julie has been in this field since 2009, and her earnings are nothing to scoff at.

However, even after being in the field for over a decade, Al Pacino’s daughter, Julie Marie Pacino’s net worth, is hidden from the public. But, following Julie’s success, her net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million, if not more.

Julie Pacino's net worth

Julie Pacino’s net worth is expected to be at least $1 million. Image Source: Getty Images.

As for Julie’s father, Al Pacino’s net worth is estimated at $120 million.

Founder Of Tiny Apples

There are many people who are talented, but many of them end up not being noticed. This is because they don’t know how to put this talent to good use. This, however, cannot be said for Al Pacino’s daughter, Julie Marie Pacino.

Being able to direct, produce, and write several works, she decided to open a foundation called Tiny Apples. Here, they work on short films that are featured in festivals across America. The crew is made out of several people who are professionals in their respective fields, and some have even worked on a few well-known works.

Julie Pacino

Julie and her crew make short films that are featured in festivals. Image Source: Golden Globes.

Many of the works produced by the crew are quite well known. And in the upcoming days, Tiny Apples is expected to have a great future.

Has Twins As Half Siblings

As stated earlier, Julie isn’t the only child of the famous actor Al Pacino. He also has a set of twins as his children, who he had with actress and singer Beverly D’Angelo. The twins were born on January 25th, 2001, and the boy was named Anton James Pacino while the daughter was named Olivia Pacino.

Al Pacino's kids

Julie is the elder half-sister of twins Olivia and Anton. Image Source: Pinterest. 

Julie, who is the daughter of the acting coach, Jan Tarrant, is very close to her siblings. While it is yet to happen, fans of Al Pacino hope to see the star with his children appearing together in a movie as co-stars.

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