2017’s Highest grossing movies list

Published Date   28th Jun. 2017, 01:44 am  Update Date: July 17th, 2017  11:08 pm Binesh Shrestha
2017’s Highest grossing movies list

From the hype of the release to the actual nail-biting reality, some movies in 2017 have garnered huge recognition and success not only critically but also in the box office. The 2017 movies which began coming to shape in 2016 have been carefully scripted and have the best modern cinematography which has all the popcorn eaters surprised and elated with joy. Don’t be amazed if the list goes from millions to billions because this seems very normal in the following list! We present you the wonderful list of 2017’s Highest grossing movies!

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ( $750 million)


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has always been adored by the public but the last movie of the series proved to have been o less significance than the ones before it. However, due to the loyal fan following Dead Men Tell No Tales featuring Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom has managed to be on the 2017’s Highest grossing movies list with $ 750 million worth of earning.

  1. Wonder Woman ($775 million)

Wonder Woman

This female led superhero movie featuring the very robust Gal Gadot seemed to have been centered around the female fan following. The movie is known to have been critically acclaimed for its unique way of presentation of women in the present generation. This alone has led curious movie watchers to sit with a bag of popcorn to enjoy it. DC Comic Universe has no matter what established itself either in the critically acclaimed area or the box office hits.

  1. Guardian of the Galaxy Volume Two ($820 million)

Guardian of the Galaxy Volume Two

Guardian of the Galaxy Volume two was one of the most anticipated movies this year which are why it alone deserved to be in the list of the 2017’s highest grossing movies. It was so much of hype in the US alone and had an average of 56 percent in different parts of the world. The second in the series went on to earn as much as the first with Chris Pratt enriching the whole experience.

  1. Justice League (850 million)

Justice League

Of course, the highly anticipated DC comic movie made its debut with a bang. Although the movie was not particularly liked as other movies at the time, the presence of the phenomenal Batman, The Flash, made the movie a super hit in the box office due to their loyal fan following. Thus it went on to earn $850 million worldwide.

  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming (900 million)

Spider Man

This Marvel release of Spider-Man: Homecoming had gained wide social media coverage through either meme or through the fan base. The movie had lost expectation in its content but the curiosity of movie maniacs led for it to earn 900 million and touch the mark of the billions.

  1. Beauty and the Beast ($950 million)

Beauty and the Beast

There is no telling what the live action remake of a Disney super hit will be. The story of the 1990’s, Beauty and the Beast has been retold many times throughout the years. This remake included Emma Watson which made it more appealing to the viewers. The Harry Potter already had their seats occupied for Emma Watson, and the other audience was there just to the story and to see how ugly the Beast in the movie really was. The animation and cinematography turned out to be good and grossed $ 950 million and a place in our 2017 Highest Grossing Movies list.

  1. Despicable Me 3 ($1 billion)

Despicable Me 3

When Despicable me came out for the first time, the audience went bonkers about the extremely cool animation and minions of course. The series after that caught up really well to the hype and the trend. The Minions went on to become the 11th biggest film of all times, the previous year, and Despicable Me 3has been a mammoth of a success this year.

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight ($1.2 billion)


Yes, this movie about bots and action has as expected touched the 10 figures margin and is well above it. Mark Wahlberg must be really proud of himself for being the cast of one of the greatest movies franchises till date. Nobody could have stopped this movie from being a super hit at the box office.

  1. Fast and Furious 8( $ 1.3 billion)Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious movie franchise has been extended so long but has never lost its touch. It has always kept up to the expectations of its loyal fan base. The sympathy from movie watchers after Paul Walker’s tragic death also seems to have profited the filmmakers. All of it has earned the new movie $ 1.3 billion and a space in the list of 2017’s highest grossing movies.

  1. Star Wars: Episode 8 ($1.7 billion)

Star Wars: Episode 8

We have been told the story of Star Wars since childhood and it is amazing to see that the franchise has not lost its touch till date. Star Wars: Episode 8 very close to the $ 2 billion mark has been as successful commercially and critically as its other movies and is 2017’s Highest Grossing Movies.

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