Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth, Early Life, WWII, Marriage, Traveling, Family, Threats, Scandals and Sapphire Jubilee

Published Date   12th Aug. 2017, 02:36 am
Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth, Early Life, WWII, Marriage, Traveling, Family, Threats, Scandals and Sapphire Jubilee
Quick Info
Birth Name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Date of Birth: 21/04/1926
Age: 98 years old
Nationality: British
Net Worth: $550 million

Queen Elizabeth II net worth increased as she became the longest reigning monarch in British history and additionally served as the queen of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Born as Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in 1926, Queen Elizabeth II net worth accelerated as she turned to queen in 1952. She is also the Head of the Commonwealth and Queen of 12 countries that later gained independence after her agreement. Her reign has seen major constitutional changes, decolonization of Africa and many wars. Additionally, she has seen assassinations and deaths of her beloved ones. Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s oldest reigning monarch along with longest-reigning British monarch. She became the first British monarch to commemorate a Sapphire Jubilee in 2017.

Early Life and Background

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 in London, England to Duke of York, Prince Albert (King George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Her paternal grandparents are King George V and Queen Mary. Born as a princess, she enjoyed all the privileges for the first decade of her life. She did not undergo any pressure of being the heir apparent and many did not think that she would someday become the queen of Great Britain.

Her parents managed their times between their home in London and Royal Lodge. Elizabeth and her younger sister, Margaret, received their education at home via tutors. They studied French, Mathematics and history as their major subjects. Additionally, they took singing, dancing and art lessons.

In 1936, Elizabeth’s beloved grandfather, King George V’s death took place. Consequently, her uncle King Edward VII became the king. However, Edward was in love with American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Therefore, Edward had to choose between crown and Simpson. After Edward chose Simpson and left the title, the second born son, Elizabeth’s father, George VI became the king. This was the turning point in her life which also raised Queen Elizabeth II net worth.

Serving in WWII

In 1936, as World War II broke out, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret left London and relocated to Windsor Castle. While in the castle, Elizabeth made the first radio broadcast. She gave a speech with the theme of reassuring the children of Britain, evacuated from their homes and separated from their families. Princess Elizabeth was only 14 years old while she took this initiative to calm down the children. She finished her speech saying “in the end, all will be well; for God will care for us and give us victory and peace.”

It was not long after this initiative Elizabeth started taking other public duties. Queen Elizabeth II net worth rose as her father appointed her colonel-in-chief of the Grenadier Guards. Therefore, she made her first public appearance in 1942 with the objective of inspecting the troops. Additionally, she also accompanied her parents on their official visits inside Britain.

Three years later, Elizabeth joined Auxiliary Territorial Service so that she could help in war efforts. In addition to serving public, she trained herself along with other British women to turn into an expert driver and mechanic. Once she and Margaret were allowed to mingle anonymously with citizens on Victory Day, Elizabeth experienced a world out of the royalty.

Marriage and Agreement

Elizabeth met Philip Mountbatten at the age of 13. They were distant cousin who kept in touch and then fell in love. The two were quite different. Elizabeth was reserved while Philip was outspoken. However, King George VI was reluctant about the match because Mountbatten was linked with both Danish and Greek royal families, possessed rough personality and not much wealth.

In 1947, Great Britain was recovering from the war due to which Queen Elizabeth actually collected coupons to get fabric for her wedding gown. The wedding ceremony took place on November 20, at London’s Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

While the couple was in Kenya, King George VI’s death took place in 1952. As a result, Queen Elizabeth II assumed that she needed to handle the responsibilities of the ruling monarch. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth II net worth rose as the official coronation of her succeeding King George VI took place in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. The national television broadcasted the ceremony worldwide.

Travelling the World

Queen Elizabeth II net worth rose as she became the queen for people bringing vast changes in their lives. After WWII left Britain with dependencies, Elizabeth made visits to Commonwealth countries as a representative of Britain. In 1965, she travelled to Germany as the first British monarch to visit Germany after 5 decades. She continued to travel for Commonwealth Conference held in Canada in 1973. Similarly, she travelled to the US for 200th anniversary of independence in 1976. She stayed in Canada for a week to open Summer Olympics. Further she has travelled to Middle Eastern countries like due to which Queen Elizabeth II net worth and respect heightened.

Family Life and Children

Elizabeth has two more children, Andrew and Edward in addition to Charles and Anna. She made her first born child Charles official royal successor granting him title, Prince of Wales. The ceremony fetched attention of millions of people.

In 1981, Prince Charles married 19-year-old Diana Spencer. As rumor has it, Charles’s family forced him into the marriage. The wedding attracted massive crowd and vast television broadcast. Andrew was a helicopter pilot in the British Royal Navy during the Falklands War of 1982. While 250 British soldiers died in the war, Andrew returned home safely.

Threats and Scandals

As a queen, Elizabeth has seen the monarchy undergoing attacks and death threats. In 1979, Lord Mountbatten’s uncle died in terrorist bombing while Mountbatten family were sailing abroad in Ireland. It was a huge loss to Elizabeth.

Similarly, in 1981, a man in the crowd fired aiming Elizabeth on her official birthday; fortunately, the gun was blank. When Philip was found nowhere around, the press speculated on the state of their marriage.

Additionally, the marriage of Prince Charles with Diana was not smooth. They planned to divorce in 1992 which made huge headline. Also, Prince Andrew’s relationship with Sarah Ferguson ended bitterly when the photographs of Sarah with another man came out. Besides, Elizabeth’s husband attracted attention with his comments and rumors of possible infidelities.

The big scandal came up in 1997 after Princess Diana’s death. People’s princess, Diana, was in Paris where she underwent a car crash on August 31. The country mourned for the princess’s death while Elizabeth remained silent. Therefore, the citizens criticized her for lack of response and circulated that she did not want to give Diana a royal funeral. After a week, Elizabeth returned to London and issued statement on late princess.

Diamond and Sapphire Jubilee

Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 marking 60 years as queen. In the historic event, BBC concert was held which featured artists like Tom Jones and Kylie Minogue while she had her whole family around her. In September 9, 2015, Elizabeth surpassed her great great grandmother Queen Victoria as longest ruling monarch. Further, recently in 2017, Queen Elizabeth II net worth hiked as the queen celebrated her 65 years in the throne marking Sapphire Jubilee. The date of the ceremony, February 6, also marks her father’s death. Instead of huge celebration, the queen chose to quiet church service for the ceremony.

Relationships with Prime Minister

Queen Elizabeth II has 13 Prime Ministers with power as of 2017. She enjoys father figure relationship with iconic Winston Churchill while she has formal and distant relationship with PM Margaret Thatcher. Similarly, she has warm rapport with David Cameroon and Tony Blair appreciates queen.

Likes and Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth II likes quiet pastimes and enjoys reading mysteries. Her hobbies include solving crossword puzzles and watching wrestling on television. She loves dogs, especially corgis and has surrounded herself with dogs most of her life.

Queen Elizabeth II net worth derives from trust that brings about $365 million annually. Similarly, she has share worth more than $50 million. Her government stipend is $12.9 million annually. As a result, Queen Elizabeth II net worth boosts $550 million according to the 2017 data.

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