Mike Taibbi Net Worth, Early Life, Grooming, Career Flows, Personal Life, Achievements

Published Date   07th Aug. 2017, 22:31 pm
Mike Taibbi Net Worth, Early Life, Grooming, Career Flows, Personal Life, Achievements
Quick Info
Birth Name: Mike Taibbi
Nationality: American

Mike Taibbi net worth expanded as journalist of American media for more than 50 years. He worked as a lead correspondent in NBC News, ABC News, CBS News TV channels. He is noteworthy for Today, NBC News Decision 2012 and NBC News Special: The Inauguration of Barack Obama.


Mike Taibbi a father to well known Journalist Matt Taibbi is lead correspondent during NBC News Special: The Inauguration of Barack Obama and Today, NBC News Decision 2012. He is Fifth time recipient of The Edward Murrow Award and one time recipient of Emmy Award. He also won a duPont Award which is amicable for a enhancement of net worth in the history of American TV journalism.

Early Life and Grooming

Mike Taibbi is the name given by his foster parents Salvatore Taibbi and Gaetana Taibbi. His known biological parent is Camilla Salinas who named him Loren Ames Denny. His mother was of Filipino-Hawaiian origin while Taibbi are of Arabic/Lebanese origin. Taibbi couple adopted Mike, at the age of 8 in 1957 as, his biological mother was an unwed teen and gave him the name Mike Taibbi. Mike Taibbi grew up in New York city and,became american citizen despite his foster parents being sicilian. Taibbi couple created a base for making Mike Taibbi net worth intake in American TV Journalism.

 Mike went to Rutgers University and got his Bachelor in science degree with English and Sociology Majors in 1971. He was later a William  Benton fellow at University of Chicago Law School. These University Degrees prepared Mike Taibbi net worth in area of TV journalism in US.

Career Flows and Highlights

He started as a local TV reporter at WCVB-TV in Boston. Then, he was an investigative reporter for WNAC-TV in the same locality. Later, he went to New York and worked in WNBC-TV and WCBS-TV which became a way-forward for Mike Taibbi as a role model in American TV reporting. Consequently, he started reporting as London based correspondent for ABC News.

The breakthrough for Mike Taibbi as a role model, TV Journalist, came from CBS 48 hrs reporting and Dateline, NBC Newsmagazine. He then gave appearance in NBC, Nightly. He worked for NBC since 1997.

Mike Taibbi net worth as a Journalist image is made profound co-writing book like “Unholy Alliances: Working the Tawana Brawley Story” along with  Anna Sims-Phillips in 1989. The book was a breakthrough for not so credited Tawana Brawley rape mishap.

He also wrote many point worthy articles for the New York Times, New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune and Yankee Magazine. This polished his skill in reporting, presenting and even devising his own rule of reporting.

Recent Reportings of Mike Taibbi are big domestic stories like CO, Aurora Massacre in a movie theatre, The Michael Jackson Trial, Gabby Gifford Shooting. Mike Taibbi as role model TV reporter is pointed out for Obama Inauguration Special in NBC News and 9/11 and State’s progress in The Today Show in NBC news. Moreover, for eight Iraq and Afghanistan war report Nightly News with his colleagues.

He progressed as a TV Journalist from local to an international level. It is an exemplar for Mike Taibbi net worth expansion as a TV Journalist.

Personal Life And as a Role Model net worth

Currently at the age of 68 Mike Taibbi married Siobhan Walsh after several year of committed relationship in 1970. The couple has a son Matt Taibbi. He has also followed his father’s footsteps is a well known Journalist. The son Matt is a contributing editor of the Rolling Stone. Unlike, his father Matt happen to run into controversies.

Mike Taibbi net worth as TV Journalist mesmerized with more that 50 years long career. Recently he decided to leave his most committed NBC News. He is a lead correspondent of Obama Inauguration in NBC news in 2012 and in 2000s he was reporting Iraq and Afghanistan war.

He devised his own rule of TV reporting. According to him he prefers to write because of his joy of writing and craft in creative vocabulary and attention earning skills. Again, “The rules of reporting” devised by his colleague Paul Toomey and makes Mike Taibbi net worth promising as a TV Journalist after the demise of Peter Jennings.

  Although, Mike Taibbi is most notable Journalist in visual media of U.S. after the Peter Jennings his net worth is around one hundred thousand dollars only. But, his ethical personality worth is peculiar to an american in compare to other personalities.Recently, he has announced of leaving NBC.

Honors and Achievements

He won Atlanta Film Festival Gold Medal. He has received five Edward R. Murrow Awards and 30 local, one national Emmy Award. He also won a duPont Award.

He worked for Dateline NBC, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show in NBC. CBS 48-hrs.

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