Lachlan Murdoch Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Childhood, Married and Fact

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Lachlan Murdoch Wiki, Net Worth, Biography, Childhood, Married and Fact
Quick Info
Birth Name: Lachlan Murdoch
Nationality: Australian/ American
Net Worth: $3.6 billion

Lachlan Murdoch is a prominent American business tycoon and mass media successor. Lachlan is best known to the public for being the Chairman of the media house, Nova Entertainment. Lachlan is also noted to be the Executive Co-Chairman of the News Corp as well as the entertainment house 21st Century Fox. Lachlan established Illyria Pty Ltd which is an Australian investment company. Moreover, Lachlan is also credited for being the director of Museum of Contemporary Art. The Murdoch’s are known to be the business tycoons and Lachlan stands out to be one of the richest people in Australia. Lachlan has gained huge recognition not only for being rich but also perfectly managing all of his endeavors. The very talented and renowned, Lachlan Murdoch’s bio is given below.


Lachlan Keith was born on 8 September 1971 in London, England, United Kingdom to Rupert Murdoch and Anna Murdoch Mann. His father, Rupert is an American media Moghul. Rupert began his empire by creating his private company, News Limited. Without Rupert’s efforts the Murdoch’s would not have been known to the media. Rupert is the main hand behind their huge empire. Lachlan’s mother, Anna Murdoch Mann is a well-known journalist and novelist. Anna is Rupert’s second wife. Lachlan’s parents went on to have a divorce in 1999. Lachlan’s grandfather is Sir Keith Murdoch, who was a prominent as a journalist, chief editor of the Melbourne Herald and the managing director of The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd.

Lachlan has many siblings and half siblings. He has a sister named Elisabeth Murdoch, a brother named James Murdoch. Elisabeth Murdoch founded the UK based TV program production company, Shine Group. James Murdoch is also a businessman and is currently the Chairman of Sky plc and the CEO of 21st Century Fox. Lachlan also has three half-sisters named Prude Murdoch, Grace Murdoch and Chloe Murdoch. Anna Torv is Lachlan’s cousin. Anna is a well-known actress who is best known for her work as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on Fox TV series, Fringe. Lachlan is of both Australian and American nationality and white ethnicity.


Lachlan went on to attend Aspen Country Day School based in Aspen, Colorado where he finished his primary and secondary education. He then went on to join Trinity School based in New York, and at Phillips Academy based in Massachusetts. He then went on to join Princeton University because he wanted to join his father’s business. Lachlan then went on to graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. After honing his talents in business and finances, Lachlan went on to pursue his professional career as a businessman.


Early career

At the tender age of 18, Murdoch went on to join Daily Mirror to get training. Soon enough, he began working in Queensland Newspapers, as a general manager. Lachlan went on to become the publisher of national newspaper, The Australian at the age of 23. In no time, he was renowned as the CEO of his father’s company News limited in 1995. A year later Lachlan worked in News Corporation as a proud Executive Director. Soon in 2000, Lachlan became the Deputy Chief Operating Officer. At the same time, Lachlan also worked as the Chairman of STAR. Lachlan was very interested in Austalian rugby league so in 1995, he and Ribot, who was the chief of Brisbane Broncos, went on to sign Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs players. He then went on to establish Advance Organization. The organization was previously named Young Australian Professionals in America and later changed.

Lachlan resigned as the executive of News Corporation in 2005. His father, Ruper was left distressed. Ailes then became the proud chairman of the Fox News Channel. Lachlan and Roger always has a dispute. Later in 2015, Lachlan went on to head Fox News Channel as a payback for Roger Ailes’s takeover. The News Corporation was later given the now-popular name 21st Century Fox. Murdoch went on to become the board member of Fox tel as the Chairman of Fox Television station. He also went on to work for the New York Post as the publisher.

Murdoch founded Illyria Pty Ltd which is a well-known Australian private investment company. With the company he has invested in Rajasthan Royals which is a cricket team based in India, Quickflix, Funtastic which is a marketer of toys and Destra which is a digital media company. With the company, Lachlan also went on to acquire 50 % of Nova Entertainment and became its chairman. Lachlan and his friend Packer yet again went to stike a deal that the Consolidated Media Holdings which was public was to be privatized. The deal provided both of them with admittance to stakes in companies like Foxtel, PBL Media, and also Fox Sports. However, the deal was dissolved when Lachlan sold his stake in two years’ time. Lachlan also became the CEO of Ten Network Holdings in 2011. Under his control, the company, his company Illria underwent a loss of more than A$100 million which was huge. The shares of the company also fell by 80%. This downfall caused 160 employees to get fired. In 2012, he became the non-executive chairman of Ten Network Holdings.

Recent years

Lachlan then began working in News Corp. and 21st Century Fox Inc. as a Co-Chairman in the year 2014. In the same year, he also began working in Ten Network Holdings as the Chairman and also the Director.  More recently in 2015, Lachlan became 21st Century Fox’s executive chairman.  Murdoch began from a small age. He has gained wide recognition for his work under his father’s company. He has smartly worked out all of his investments. Throughout his life, Lachlan has taken many risks and has failed also. However, he has always managed to move on and succeed. He has helped many of his companies grow. Lachlan’s father’s money and Lachlan’s remarkable hard work can be credited for making him one of the most successful businessmen that the world has seen.

Married and Personal life

Lachlan has not only been successful in his business endeavors but has also done equally well in regards to relationships. Lachlan has a wonderful personal life. He is married to his wife, Sarah O’Hare. His beautiful wife, Sarah is a prominent Australian model, television presenter as well as an actress. She is known best for being the host of Australia’s next Top Model and also the host of Everybody Dance Now. Sarah and Lachlan got married in March 1999. The wedding was held in New South Wales estate of the Murdoch’s in the banks of Murrumbidgee River.

The marriage ceremony was private and no paparazzi were allowed. Sarah wore a beautiful, ivory silk gown layered in silk tulle, silk georgette and silk satin, and sea pearl earrings. The couple is currently living happily with their children in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. Together, Lachlan and Sarah gave birth to their son Kalan Alexander who was born in November 2004. Soon she gave birth to her Aidan Patrick who was born in May 2006 and their daughter named Aerin Elisabeth Murdoch born in April 2010. His children are gradually growing and will most likely join their father’s and grand father’s legacy. There have been no reported disputes or extra marital affairs till date. Sarah and Lachlan were recently seen with their kids in 2016, attending Rupert Murdoch’s marriage with his third wife, Jerry Hall at St. Bride’s Church.

Net worth and salary

Lachlan has been doing exceptionally well in the field of business. He is an inspiration to many aspiring businessmen around the world. He is regarded as one of the best and the most renowned businessmen of Australia. Lachlan Murdoch net worth is estimated to be $3.6 billion. His net worth is growing larger and larger. Lachlan is mostly rich because he got most of the assets from the Murdoch family as a heir. However, he has perfectly lived up to the expectations and responsibilities. Lachlan has kept up with the success. Most of Lachlan’s salary arises from his work as the New Corp executive, as the general manager of Queensland Newspaper, CEO of News Limited, Chairman of STAR, Chairman of Fox television network, CEO of Global Media Empire and more. In the year 2001, Murdoch was known to have a salary of A$ 2.59 million annually. Murdoch has also accumulated his net worth from his investments in Nova Entertainment, Indian cricket team, Rajasthan Royals, DVD rental company Quickflix, toy marketer Funtastic, and digital media company Destra, Network ten and more. All in all, Lachlan has been doing great and more is to come to his path.


People are very eager to known about most of the interesting facts of the very talented and successful, Lachlan Murdoch. Following are the interesting facts of Lachlan:

  1. His middle name is Keith.
  2. When Lachlan became the CEO of Ten Network, the company lost A$110 million. He had to fire 160 people.
  3. He and his wife are close friends with the billionaire businessman, James Packer.
  4. Lachlan Murdoch made plans to sack the Fox News Boss, Roger Ailes. Roger had thrown Murdoch out of his family business few years ago.
  5. His daughter, Aerin Elisabeth is named after his sister and grandmother.
  6. Lachlan purchased Le Manoir in November 2009. It is a 4,097-square-metre (44,100 sq ft) mansion in Bellevue Hill which cost $23 million
  7. Lachlan also bought a 1,049-square-metre (11,290 sq. ft) property.
  8. His father’s net worth is $ 11.7 million.
  9. He was very much influenced by his friend James Packer to invest in one. Tel which lost News Corporation A$ 13 million.
  10. Lachlan Murdoch had invested in REA Group but later retained the investment. REA Group is a global online real estate advertising group which currently has revenue of A$300.9 million.

Body Measurements

Lachlan Murdoch is currently 45 years old but looks exceptionally handsome. He also suggests and follows daily exercise to keep him health and young. Lachlan focuses on his personality and also his outer appearance. He is regarded handsome by many women. Lachlan stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches. Lachlan has a well-defined face and a well-structured body. His weight perfectly matches his height. Lachlan has a masculine body and an infectious smile. He is the man of many women’s dream not only for fame and money but also his exceptionally charming personality.


Murdoch has not received many awards till date. However, he has received the Press & Outdoor Advertising “Media Person of The Year” award in Cannes in June 2005.

Lachlan deserves many more awards for his exceptional work as a businessman. We hope to see Lachlan win many more awards for his hard work and dedication in the field of business.

Lachlan is adored by the public for his charming personality and also for his exceptional hard working nature. Lachlan has already gained wide recognition and respect for his work. His progress has never slowed down or faded till date. Most aspiring businessmen look upon Lachlan Murdoch as an inspiration for their career. Lachlan is not done with his achievements. Every year he is seen crossing new boundaries and showing the public his exceptional skills as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Lachlan as a businessman is known to have taken a lot of risks in his life. He has lost a huge sum of money as well as earned more. He is one of the most influential business persons to looks upon in the world. His hard work and quick comprehension of the market around him has led him to be ahead of any disaster in finances. For the public who cannot get enough of Lachlan, his own website is available for viewing. More information about the very talented and renowned Lachlan Murdoch can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, facebook, and more.

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