John Easterling – Olivia Newton-John’s Husband

Published Date   26th Apr. 2020, 18:24 pm
John Easterling – Olivia Newton-John’s Husband Olivia Newton John's husband is extremely talented human being. Image Source: Getty Images.
Quick Info
Birth Name: John Easterling
Birth Sign: Aries
Spouse: Olivia Newton-John
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 10/04/1952
Age: 72 years old
Nationality: American
Qualification: Degree in Environmental Science
College: University of North Carolina

John Easterling is an environmentalist who serves as the CEO and chairman of Amazon Herb Company. Furthermore, he is also a successful businessman. Apart from being Olivia Newton-John’s husband, John has made a massive name of himself through his works and his visions.

Let’s get to know better about Olivia’s partner, John Easterling’s career, net worth, life, and many more down below.

Who Is John Easterling’s Wife?

John Easterling is a humble and adventurous man, so is his wife, Olivia Newton-John. Easterling’s partner is a four-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, dancer, entrepreneur, and activist. Furthermore, she has amassed five number-one and ten top-ten Billboard Hot 100 singles and two #1 Billboard 200 albums.

Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling

John Easterling got lucky to be married to one of the finest musicians, Olivia Newton-John. Image Source: Olivia’s Instagram. 

The couple bonded over their environmentalism and familiar charities. After a short trip and spending time together, the couple married in a private ceremony in 2008. John and Olivia married TWICE! First, the bride and groom attended the Incan spiritual ceremony on a mountaintop outside Peru on June 21, 2008. After that, the couple returned to the U.S and made their relationship legal in Florida’s Jupiter Island on June 30, 2008.

The couple then surprised their guests on the 4th of July barbeque held at the singer’s Malibu home with the good news.

According to People, Newton-John fell in love with Easterling in a few years after her ex-partner, Patrick McDermott went missing during a boat trip in 2005.

Grease star further explained the entire ordeal to be very traumatic, but her husband, John Easterling, helped her move on.

John Easterling Was Rock For His Wife

After hearing Olivia sing, John was mesmerized. The couple seems to share an extraordinary bond, and the happiness of togetherness is evident through their face. However, the relationship was curated and taken care of with honesty and love.

John Easterling’s spouse, Olivia, had breast cancer. She battled cancer in 1992 and luckily was in good hands of her fantastic husband. In an interview with People, she revealed that her husband’s passion for healing people with nature helped her.

Easterling’s wife has created music for those who suffer from such a dangerous disease. Being a patient herself and losing her beloved sister, Rona, to brain cancer in 2013, she is an enthusiastic personality to help the patients soothe their pain via her music.

Being through all the hurdles and in a relationship for more than a decade, John and Olivia share immense love and respect. As she said with People, that one’s never too old to find true love, it might just be right. The couple doesn’t have a child together, but Olivia gave birth to her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, from her first marriage with actor Matt Lattanzi.

Let’s hope the family continues to live in prosperity and love for one another as strong as ever.

How Much Is John Easterling’s Net Worth?

John Easterling is an amazingly talented man with great enthusiasm for herbs. The CEO and chairman of Amazon Herb Company, John Easterling, is living his dignified life healthily.

Although John Easterling’s net worth is not established exclusively, however, his work profile and intelligence prove that he earns pretty well. The environmentalist began his career pretty early as he applied for the Peace Corps. However, he made his living by trading in rare minerals and stones, such as mountain crystals, opals, etc. that he had discovered in South America. As for a fact, John’s wife, Olivia Newton-John’s net worth is estimated at a grand of $40 million.

Easterling’s first real excavation was when he found some Columbus pre-art works and textiles. Those were later sold to museums and collectors. However, his earnings from the adventures didn’t last as he had hepatitis.

Initiation Of The Herbaceous Empire

John Easterling was nursed back to health by the tribe in a small village who served him a unique herbal tea. He then recognized that herbs were the real treasure and soon became acquainted with Dr. Nicole Maxwell. Maxwell is an experienced scientist who had been searching for Amazon herbs for over forty years.

Their union resulted in the foundation of Amazon Herb Company in 1990. The company deals with the production and marketing of herbs, products made from herbs, and cosmetics. Furthermore, the company merged with an Arizona-based international company, TriVita, in 2012. John Easterling and his wife, Olivia, also appeared in advertising TriVita.

All these ventures’ profit John Easterling’s net worth immensely. Likewise, United Cannabis Corporation also partnered the environmentalist, John Easterling, in 2019. The company aspires to produce formulations that incorporated the health benefits of cannabinoids with botanicals from the Amazonian Rainforest.

The multi-million dollar company not only focuses on the production and benefits of their companies but is abide by nature’s cycle and sustainable development as well.

Besides being a nature-loving businessman, he is also a producer known for Deltopia, Big River Man, and The Reality of Truth. Although Easterling’s primary source of income is his company, he also made grand bucks as a movie producer. Let’s hope the company grows more prominent in the future.

John Easterling’s Early Life

John Easterling was born on April 10, 1952, in North Carolina. Although there is not much about his childhood and personal matter despite being famous, his personal information remains buried. In an interview, he explained that he resonated with the Inca during his childhood.

One week when he read about the Sangre and his llamas high up in the Andes in Peru, it became Easterling’s dream to go there until he was done with his study. As soon as he graduated from the University of North Carolina in environmental science in 1976, he applied for the Peace Corps.


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Unfortunately, Easterling’s first assignment was to be in West Africa. Thus, he left the Corps, sold his car, and started his journey to South America on his own. His decision made him a successful entrepreneur and learned more about nature.

Although Olivia John-Newton’s husband has been pretty secretive about his personal life before meeting her, he must have enjoyed his endurance in the jungles collecting experiences and awakening his inner self.

Let’s hope John Easterling’s love for nature continues in the future and lives happily in his Florida home with his lovely wife, Olivia.

Fun Facts

  1. Easterling is the stepfather of Chloe Lattanzi.
  2. John Easterling’s house in Jupiter Island, worth $4.1 million, was believed to be haunted. A 41-year-old contractor, Christopher Pariseleti, died of a gunshot in the premises, in 2013. The house was sold for $5 million in 2016.
  3. John Easterling and his wife received the SAFE Water Award on October 12, 2011.
  4. The couple was awarded the ACEER Legacy Award on October 12, 2012, for their efforts to preserve Amazon rainforests.

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