Hillary Clinton Height of Success, Background, Education, Politics Career, Family, Benghazi Attack, Email Scandal and 2016 Presidential Election

Published Date   02nd Aug. 2017, 20:01 pm
Hillary Clinton Height of Success, Background, Education, Politics Career, Family, Benghazi Attack, Email Scandal and 2016 Presidential Election
Quick Info
Birth Name: Hillary Diane Rodham
Date of Birth: 26/10/2017
Age: 6 years old
Nationality: American
Qualification: Yale Law School

The first American lady ever to win a public office seat, Hillary Clinton height of success is determined by her becoming the first woman in the US history to win nomination for presidential election.


Born in 1947, Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale University with major in law. She married her fellow law school graduate Bill Clinton in 1975. Hillary Clinton height of success started as she served as first lady from 1993 to 2001. Clinton then served as US senator from 2001 to 2009. The nominee of presidential election Hillary Clinton conceded seeing that Barack Obama held majority vote. Obama appointed her secretary of state and served in the position until 2013. In 2016, Clinton became the first woman in US history to win presidential nomination from major political party; however, GOP candidate Donald Trump defeated her.

Birth and Background

Hillary Clinton was born as Hillary Diane Rodham on October 26, 1947. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois. Her father Hillary Rodham was a rich fabric store owner. She grew up under the guardianship of her father and her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham along with her two younger brothers: Hugh Jr. and Anthony.

From the very young age, Hillary was actively involved in young Republican groups. She was also involved in campaign for Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater in 1964. Reverent Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in Chicago inspired Hillary to work in public service. Therefore, Hillary Clinton height of success as public servant started to grow as she converted to democrat in 1968.

Education and Early Career

Hillary went to Wellesley College from where she graduated in 1969. During her days in Wellesley, she was a senior class president. This demonstrates how active Hillary was as a student. Next, she got admission in Yale Law School. She studied with Bill Clinton at Yale as fellows. Hillary graduated with honors from Yale in 1973. Afterwards, she went to Yale Child Study Center with an aim to take courses on children and medicine. It was one year postgraduate study that increased Hillary Clinton height of knowledge.

During summer as college student, Clinton took various jobs. She was in sub-committee of US Senator Walter Mondale on migrant workers in 1971. Similarly, she worked for campaign of Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern in 1972. A couple of years later, she became the member of presidential impeachment inquiry staff. Her work in this role was to advice the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives in Watergate Scandal.

Following the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon, Hillary Clinton height of accomplishment rose as she became faculty of the University of Arkansas Law School, Fayetteville. Her Yale Law School classmate Bill Clinton was teaching there as well.

Marriage and Family

Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton in 11 October, 1975 and Hillary adopted Bill’s surname. They married at their home which Clinton had purchased prior to their marriage. Bill had revealed about the purchased house after Hillary accepted his marriage proposal. Bill and Hillary have a daughter, Chelsea Victoria, born on February 27, 1980.

Chelsea married former investment banker and current fund manager Marc Mezvinsky in 2010. Clinton and Bill became grandparents for the first time in 2014 as Chelsea gave birth to Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. Aidan Clinton Mezinsky is second child of Chelsea and Marx born in 2016.

President Carter appointed her part-time chairman of Legal Services Corporation in 1977.  Additionally, she chaired the Arkansas Educational Standards Committee. Similarly, she co-founded Advocates for Children and Families. She has also served as board member of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Legal Services, Children’s Defense Fund, TCBY and Wal-Mart. With her continuous contribution in public service sector, Hillary Clinton height of success reached higher. The National Law Journal listed her in 100 most powerful lawyers in America twice i.e. in 1988 and 1991.

Service as Frist Lady

Hillary evolved as a valuable partner to her husband Bill Clinton when he ran for 1992 presidential election. After winning the election, Bill named her the head of Task Force on National Health Reform in 1993. Over this period of time, the Hillary couple supported and invested in Whitewater real estate project. However, the project’s bank failed subsequently causing the federal government $73 million. The project underwent independent investigation later.

Towards the late-1990s, President Bill Clinton underwent sex scandal with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Even though Hillary supported her husband, she once thought of leaving her husband. But Bill remained in the office as US Senate failed to sentence him for the accusation.

Senate and Presidential Nominee

Daniel Patrick Moynihan would be retiring after 4 terms; therefore, Hillary decided to seek the US Senate seat in 1999. Hillary Clinton height of accomplishment rose higher as she defeated popular Republican Rick Lazio by wide margin. This win made her first wife of a president to seek and win public office. Similarly, she became the first woman US Senate from New York. She also won reelection in 2006 without much effort.

In 2007, Hillary made her plan to be the first female president. However, she conceded the presidential nomination when it became apparent that nominee Barack Obama held majority delegate vote. After winning presidential election in 2008, Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. The nomination approved in January 2009 which increased Hillary Clinton height of success.

As a secretary of state, Hillary talked about making human rights and women’s rights central initiative. Moreover, she promoted diplomatic efforts in connection to the Arab Spring and military intervention in Libya in addition to promoting use of social media in depicting the country’s status.

Benghazi Attack, Testimony and Resignation

However, under Clinton’s leadership, The State Department went through investigation. The independent panel reported “systematic failures and leadership management deficiencies” after Benghazi attack in September 11, 2012. In the attack, U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other were killed in Libya.

Hillary testified about Benghazi attack on January 2013 where she defended her actions in front of members of House of Foreign Relations Committee. She took the responsibility of death of 4 Americans and stepped down from her post on February 2013.

The following year, Hillary testified in front of Committee in 11-hour hearing. The Committee on Benghazi after investigation did not find Hilary guilty. Instead, the committee was critical of government agencies like Defense Department, the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department for acting irresponsibly in time of need of acute security in Libyan city.

Health Issues and Books

Amidst the scheduled testimony of Benghazi attack, Hillary suffered from stomach virus. She was dehydrated enough to suffer from fainting. On December 2012, Hillary was hospitalized where she received treatment regarding blood clot. She returned to her work as soon as she recovered in the beginning of 2013.

Hillary released a memoir Hard Choices in June 2014 which became New York Times Best Seller.

Email Scandal and 2016 Presidential Election

In 2015, Hillary faced controversy as it was revealed that she used her personal email address to handle government business while she was the secretary of state. Clinton stated it citing convenience in the United Nations conference in Iran. After the revelation, she handed all government correspondents to Obama administration after deleting personal messages.

The State Department issued a statement for Clinton using private server while serving as secretary without seeking permission. The FBI investigation did not recommend any charges against her as they found no ground to prove her guilty of any law violating action.

After much speculation of her running presidential election, she herself announced that she was running for the presidential election. Hillary Clinton height of reputation and prestige rose as she was welcomed as probable presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. During her speech in Brooklyn Navy Yard, she supported her campaign supporter Bernie Sander and talked about the importance of equality and justice. She also criticized opponent Donald Trump’s idea of building wall between Mexico and America relating it with creating wall between Americans and called him unfit to be a President.

In July 2016, Wikileaks published over 19000 DNC emails which revealed that officials sought to undermine Sanders’ campaign. This caused tension between DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver. As a result Schultz announced that she will be stepping down as DNC Chair. After investigation, Russia became alleged one behind cyber-attacks.

Even during the state of turmoil, Hillary had support of delegates, celebrities and citizens including Obama couple, Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Banks and even former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. She officially accepted party’s nomination for president. However, Trump earned majority of votes and Hillary’s victory seemingly faded. After losing to Trump, Hillary congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him for the country. Even though she lost the election, Hillary Clinton height of fame still continued to rise with her winning the most votes than any other presidential candidates in the history of the US.

Email Leaks Guilty

In the investigation regarding email leaks, CIA, the FBI and the National Intelligence Agency concluded Russia to be guilty of email leakages. They concluded it was Vladimir Putin himself who was behind cyber-attack at DNC. It became clear that Russia was trying to undermine US presidential election along in addition to harm Clinton’s campaign for benefit of Donald Trump. As a reaction, Hillary Clinton stated that Russian interference and leaking email was not only attack on her and her campaign but it was attack to the country’s integrity.

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