Georgios Lollias Killer, Net worth, Married,Criminal act, Arrest

Published Date   27th Nov. 2017, 11:19 am
Georgios Lollias Killer, Net worth, Married,Criminal act, Arrest
Quick Info
Birth Name: Georgios Lollias

Georgios Lollias, a former worker of the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida is the most hated person in the internet today.  Georgios Lollias Killer have now became the most searched personality in the internet sources after the Death of Strushie, the Cat. Full bio is given below.


Despite his contribution as a former worker of the Franklin Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Many people took him as the most-hated person. His ruthless act to the shoot the cat results so.

Even Georgios Lollias Killer is renamed as the crucial human with no heart.  The feedback he received was much huge than the crime he committed. But, the way he killed the cat was inhuman. The negative popularity let him down.

Early Life and Education

No information is available in light of his personal details. His educational history, family background, early life is under shade. It is known that he is currently 36 years old. So possibly, he might be born around 1981.

He might have joined an educational institution to appear as an educated individual. But the action he committed, does not qualify him to be a good human. He is even called as unethical and immoral person. He became popular, not for his courageous or praiseworthy performance. Rather for his immoral act to the innocent cat.


Though standing as a capable employee, he is dragged to the major hatred for his unethical behavior. And hence no one ever tried to investigate about his professional career.

He is the most searched person in the internet today as Georgios Lollias Killer. His information are rarely available in the internet as well. So I have made a small attempt to cover his information.

Because of lack of transparent news and updates, most of the people believe  he might be mentally ill. It is not sure on the statement, he may be and may not be.

Before the occurrence of the criminal incident, Lollias used to work for hotel Franklin as a clerk. During his period, he often enjoyed going bars.

Net worth

Georgios Lollias Net worth would have been interesting if he had not killed the Cat. Presently he is a killer and no one give a damn to Georgios Lollias Net worth. Previously Georgios Lollias salary must be good as the place where he used to work for has good ratings.

Criminal Act and Arrest

He is simply represented as a killer, a cat killer. Probably that may be the recognizable part of him.

He got arrested for several months under animal cruelty charges on July 5, 2017. As he killed the Cat with a crossbow outside of a Miami Hotel.

He accepted the fact without any hesitation. If he would not have accepted, the CCTV footage would certainly make him do. The issue got more strong as the neighbor and the guests loved the regular visiting cat.

Neighbors who used to feed Strushie, a male cat, found him bleeding and wounded with crossbow arrow through his head near the hotel. The cat was attacked twice. Immediately they took him to the local animal hospital but could not save him as he was badly attacked.

Georgios Lollias Killer
A male cat, Strushie,found wounded with cross bow arrow through his head

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

It is known he did that but it is not known why he did so? The question is still under survey. No one knows the fact behind Strushie’s death. And this is the major part of Georgios Lollias biography.


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