Cindy Millican – Glenn Frey’s Wife

Published Date   24th Dec. 2019, 15:01 pm
Cindy Millican – Glenn Frey’s Wife Cindy Millican married husband Glenn Frey in 1990. Image Source: DailyMail.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Cindy Millican
Spouse: Glenn Frey(M-1990-2016)
Ethnicity: White
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: 19/04/1965
Age: 59 years old
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $90 million
Children: Deacon Frey, Taylor Frey & Otis Frey

The late Glenn Frey had set a great example of what music should be like. Fans loved him, and his death left many heartbroken. But there was one person whose pain could not be compared to anyone, Cindy Millican.

Since the attention has been shifting towards her, let’s know more about Glenn Frey’s second wife, Cindy Millican.

Who Is Cindy Millican?

Believed to have been born on April 19th of 1965, Cindy began her career as a dancer. Most of Cindy’s history is unknown to the public except for her past career as a performer during the 80s.

Cindy Millican with her late husband Glenn Frey

Cindy Millican was a great performer who earned quite the fame after appearing in The Running Man as a dancer. Image Source: Flavors From India.

Despite working as a dance choreographer for years, Cindy began getting attention after her performance as a dancer in one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s films, The Running Man. It was also thanks to the newly rising fame that the dancer got to meet her future husband, Glenn Frey.

Before Glenn Met Cindy

Before Glenn Frey met Cindy, he was married to someone else for about 5 years. Her name is Janie Beggs, and the pair were married from 1983 to 1988.

Moreover, Beggs was a debutante from Texas and met the late star at one of the concerts. From there, they hit it off and tied the knot in 1983.

Glenn Frey's first wife was Janie Beggs

Before getting married to Cindy Millican, Glenn Frey was married to Janie Beggs for 5 years. Image Source: Pinterest.

Everything was going fine until they decided to get separated. Finally, in 1988, they divorced, citing irreconcilable differences. Even after the divorce, Glenn would often dedicate his first song to his first wife, whom he would call “Plaintiff.”

How Cindy Millican Met Glenn Frey?

Cindy had been getting quite the success as a dancer, and the career did not disappoint her. After appearing in The Running Man, she managed to grab the spot as the choreographer for a music video. That music video was for none other than the music band, The Eagles. 

Cindy Millican Frey is the second wife of Glenn Frey

Cindy Millican met Glenn Frey in one of his band’s music videos, where she bagged the job of a choreographer. Image Source: Getty Images.

Here the dancer met her to-be husband, Glenn Frey. Both of them fancied each other, and not long after, the pair started dating. The relationship was going quite strong, and in 1990, they decided to tie the knot.

Cindy Millican’s Husband’s Death

Cindy and her spouse, Glenn, were having a good time until the demise of him in 2016. The artist died on 18th January 2016 at the age of 67 due to pneumonia and complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis.

Glenn Frey died at the age of 67

Cindy Millican’s Husband Glenn Frey passed away at the age of 67 on the 18th of January. Image Source: Pinterest.

The medication for rheumatoid arthritis reduces the immune system’s ability to fight against pneumonia. So, Millican filed a lawsuit against the Mount Saint Hospital after Glenn’s death.

Cindy Millican’s Kids

During her marriage with Glenn, the couple shared three children in total; a beautiful daughter and two sons. The eldest of the three is the daughter, Taylor Frey.

Similarly, Glenn Frey’s son Deacon Frey is her second child. Many people who follow The Eagles have probably heard this name. Deacon, after his father’s death, agreed to join the spotlight instead of Frey as a singer and did not disappoint the fans. With how similar he looked to his father, fans felt like they were looking at the late star himself.

Cindy Millican and Glenn Frey with the entire family

Cindy Millican with the entire family at the orange ball held by LUPUSLA. Image Source: Getty Images.

Last but not least, the youngest son, Otis Frey. Like Taylor, information about Otis is yet to be revealed to the public. We might get to see the entire family out in the limelight soon, and let’s hope that soon we get some information about them as well.

Cindy Millican’s Net Worth

Cindy, before her marriage, did start making a name, but that wasn’t enough to earn a lot of net worth. No one seems to know the exact amount of her net worth before or after her marriage. However, following her late husband’s will, everything was given to her.

Cindy Millican's Net worth

Following the death of her husband Glenn Frey, Cindy’s net worth was totaled to a grand of $90 million. Image Source: NetWorthToday.

After the incident, her fortune is an astonishing amount of $90 million. When one hears of this, people would want to know how much Glenn had for himself. Well, look no further. Glenn Frey’s net worth before his death was at a grand of $120 million.

Cindy Millican Has Lupus and Raise Money To Fight With The Disease

Glenn Frey’s wife, Cindy Millican has a serious disease called Lupus. It is an inflammatory disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack itself, causing inflammation to organs, joints, and other parts of the body.

Furthermore, both Cindy and her late husband Glenn have raised money for a charity called LUPUSLA, founded by her physician, Dr. Daniel Wallace. The pair has organized several events to raise money for this wonderful cause.

Cindy Millican at LUPUSLA

Cindy, along with her late husband Glenn, helped raise money for charity. Image Source: Getty Images.

In addition, Cindy also served as a board member for a charity call for 5 years. It was called “A Grassroots Aspen Experience” and brought at-risk youth from the United States to Aspen.

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