Chester Bennington Net Worth, Early Days, Professional Career, Personal Life, Relationship, Health Issues and Death

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Chester Bennington Net Worth, Early Days, Professional Career, Personal Life, Relationship, Health Issues and Death
Quick Info
Birth Name: Chester Bennington
Date of Birth: 20/03/1976
Age: 48 years old
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $30 million

The singer of rock band Linkin’ Park, Chester Bennington net worth accelerated as he established himself as a high pitch voiced singer mesmerizing a massive number of fans worldwide.


Apart from being the lead singer for Linkin Park, he was also the lead singer for Dead by Sunrise and Stone Temple Pilots. Chester Bennington net worth rose with Linkin Park’s bestselling debut album Hybrid Theory in 2000. The band continued to raise the height of success with other albums: Meteora, Living Things, A Thousand Suns and One More Light. Bennington had formed his own band Dead by Sunrise sideways in 2005 with debut album Out of Ashes in 2009. Hit Parader ranked Bennington among Top 10 Heavy Metal Vocalists. Born on 1976, Bennington committed suicide on July 20, 2017 in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

Birth and Early Days

Chester Bennington was born as Chester Charles Bennington on March 20 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother was a nurse while his father was a police detective, who divorced when Bennington was eleven years old. His father won his custody. Since then, he got into substance abuse including marijuana, methamphetamine and LSD. However, he gradually overcame his addiction and started to condemn drug abuse in interviews later.

Interested in music from the young age, Bennington credits bands Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots as his inspiration. From the early days, he dreamed of turning into a member of Stone Temple Pilots. Chester Bennington net worth rose as he successfully accomplished his dream.

During an interview, Bennington confessed that he had been sexually abused by an older male friend at the age of seven. Nevertheless, he kept quiet and did not ask for help because he feared people would think he is a liar or gay. Therefore, the abuse continued until he turned 13.

The abuse and the environment of home affected him enough that he developed strong urge to kill people and run away. But, he had to act wise. Hence, he started drawing and writing poetry and songs so as to divert him mind. After some time, Bennington opened up about the abuse to his father, but he refused to reveal the identity of the abuser after learning that the abuser himself was a victim.

Even though Chester Bennington net worth elevated later, he has endured a harsh days. Bennington moved on with his mother at the age of 17 who banned him to leave house after learning his drug activity. Bennington further revealed in an interview that his high school mates bullied him for being skinny and looking different.

Professional Music Career

Grey Daze

Before starting career as a professional musician, Bennington worked in a Burger King. Chester Bennington net worth and his career heightened as he started singing with a band Sean Dowdell and His Friends? Later, Sean Dowdell and Bennington Fashioned  a new post-grunge band Grey Daze that released albums Demo (1993), Wake/Me (1994) and …no sun today (1997). After Bennington left Grey Daze in 1998, he had a hard time finding another band.

Linkin Park

The vice president of A&R at Zomba Music, Jeff Blue, offered Bennington an audition with future members of Linkin Park when he was almost ready to quit his music career due to frustration. He had a successful audition with then Xero (Linkin Park) which helped rise of Chester Bennington net worth from then onwards. Bennington and the other vocalist of the band, Mike Shinoda, improved a significantly; however, they faced a number of rejections. When they failed to find a record deal, Jeff Blue helped them one more time. He helped the band to sign with Warner Bros. Records while he was the vice-president of A&R at Warner Bros.

Chester Bennington net worth hiked up as Linkin Park released their debut album Hybrid Theory on October 2000 through Warner Bros Records. Bennington and Shinoda had written lyrics for the album which mainly had the theme of “everyday emotions one think about and talk about”.

In the band, Bennington was primarily the lead vocalist who received compliments like high-pitched and emotional vocalist. Later, he started to share role with Shinoda who had hip-hop style.

Dead by Sunrise (2005)

In 2005, Bennington along with Orgy, Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck founded a band named Dead by Sunrise. Derakh and Shuck are the member of electronic rock band, Julien-K. The band made their live debut in May 2008 in the 13th anniversary of Club Tattoo in Temple, Arizona. Dead by Sunrise’s debut album is Out of Ashes that released on October 2009.

Stone Temple Pilots (May, 2013-2015)

The aspiring singer, Chester Bennington net worth rose as his dream turned to reality. It was in May 2013, the band Stone Temple Pilots recruited Bennington as lead singer after the band’s lead singer Scott Weiland left the band.  The same month, Bennington performed at KROQ’s Weenie Roast with the band where he sang the band’s songs as well as his first single “Out of Time”. The song was available for free download after its debut on May 19.

He officially became the lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots; however, he left the band on good terms. He left the bad in 2015 because of his commitment to Linkin Park.

Personal Life and Relationship

Bennington was in relationship with Elka Brand, with whom he has a child Jaime born in May 1996. Additionally, he adapted Brand’s another son Isaiah in 2006. He married Samantha Marie Olit on October 1996. Together, they have a son Draen Sebastian who was born on April 2002. However, Olit and Bennington relationship did not last long. It was during the early days of Bennington’s career with Linkin Park. Consequently, they divorced in 2005.

The following year, Bennington married former Playboy model, Talinda Ann Bentley.


The couple has three children. Tyler Lee Bennington was born on March 2006 while the twins Lilly and Lila were born on March 2011. A cyberstalker named Devon Townsend harassed the couple for around one year. Townsend was guilty of sending threatening messages and tempering the couple’s email. But later, he ended up in the jail for a couple of years.

Health Issues

When the album Meteora was under work, Bennington suffered with poor health due to which he struggled to attend some of the recording sessions. In 2003, He suffered from severe abdominal hpain during the time music video of “Numb” was being filmed in Prague. As a result, he returned to the USA for surgery, which also resulted in filming the rest of the video back in Los Angeles.

Similarly, Bennington endured a wrist injury in 2007 jumping off platform in a show in Melbourne. Nevertheless, he performed the entire show with broken wrist before he was rushed to emergency room.

Linkin Park had to cancel three shows and reschedule two shows in 2011 after Bennington fell sick injuring his shoulder in band’s tour in Asia. Doctors advised him to have surgery immediately due to which the band had ended their tour.

He also injured his ankle in January 2015 while playing basketball. Despite the injury, Bennington tried to perform with the help of crutches. But, Linkin Park canceled their tour so that Bennington could undergo surgery and recover.

Influences and Death

Bennington committed suicide at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California on July 20 2017. His housekeeper discovered is body at 9 AM on July 20 2017. Bennington hung himself in his apartment on the day of 53rd birthday of Chris Cornell. Cornell was a close friend of Bennington who has committed suicide 2 months prior to Bennington committed suicide.

Chester Bennington net worth grew with the growing number of fans of Linkin Park and his voice. Bennington is the singer who is a radical singer with the touch of emotion in his voice. The clarity in his song and meaning of his lyrics has touched millions of hearts worldwide.

Net Worth

Due to the songs that captivate life’s vulnerable moments, the listeners get the sense that someone understands them. With his wide range of emotional songs, Chester Bennington net worth has soared to $30 million.

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