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Quick Info
Birth Name: Carl Reiner
Date of Birth: 20/03/1922
Age: 102 years old
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $ 70 million
Qualification: Army Air force, Enrolled into Georgetown University

Carl Reiner net worth is huge and his career in comedy spans over seven decades. This hugely talented personality is a native of The Bronx, USA and has been known for his work in Caesar’s Hour and Your Show of Shows .


Carl Reiner is a producer, actor, creator, director and writer of American nationality who has been known notably for his show called The Dick Van Dyke Show. He has also attained fame and name as a successful film director, making him one of the most likable and famous personalities on television and film in the past five decades, he has directed and co-wrote some of the best films in 1970’s are the likes of The Jerk.


Carl Reiner was born on the 20th of March, 1922. Carl Reiner age is 94 years as of now and he was born in The Bronx, New York City. His parents are Besse and Irving Reiner.

Early Life and Education

Carl Reiner was drafted into the Army Air Forces in the year 1943. He served during the World War II and got enrolled in the Georgetown University to train as a French interpreter. He was discharged honorably on 1946, which brought an end to his military career and the start of his career as a successful actor and director.

Career and Net Worth

Carl Reiner net worth is huge, as he has had a 5-decade long career in the field of entertainment. He started off by performing in several Broadway Musicals like Inside U.S.A. before being cast in Your Show of Shows in the year 1950. He worked also on Ceasar’s Hour with Mel Brooks and was hugely respected for his work. He co-wrote both shows from 1950 to 1957.  He has also appeared in gadget Goes Hawaiian, Alice of Wonderland in Paris, don’t’ worry, We’ll think a Title, Father of the Pride and many more hits.

On the 60’s Carl Reiner net worth and fame grew more as he became the producer, creator, writer and actor on The Dick Van Dyke show. He also partnered with Steve Martin and co-wrote and directed successful films like The Jerk. On the show 2000 Year Old Man, Carl Reiner played a comedy duo role with Mel Brooks, thus making Carl Reiner net worth rise even more. Carl Reiner career in films like The Russians Are Coming, the Russian Are Coming, and the Ocean’s Trilogy is extremely famous in the entertainment fraternity for showcasing the innate acting talent of Carl Reiner. Carl Reiner net worth is whopping 70 million dollars and it has been accumulated over the years of hard work put into his five-decade long career in television and films.

Personal Life and Marriage

Carl Reiner got married at the mere age of 21, to a beauty who was eight years older than his age. He got married to singer Estelle Lebost on the 24th of December, 1943. The couple was married for 64 years, without any troubles between them, until her death. Carl Reiner died at the age of 94 on the 25th of October, 2008.

The couple has three children together. Their children are famous personalities in their own credits too. Their first son, Rob Reiner who was born on 1947 is a poet. Their second child, daughter Sylvia Anne Reiner was born on 1949 and is a playwright and author. Their third child, Lucas Reiner was born on 1960 and he is an actor and director.

Carl Reiner has six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Carl Reiner is a Jewish atheist and currently resides in Beverly Hills.


Carl Reiner health has surely deteriorated over the years as he is already 94 years old. However, it can surely be said that he has managed to maintain his fountain of youth even at this point in life. He has not been associated to have had any diseases on his body in the past and it surely seems that his youthful charm comes out directly from his feeling of being young. Carl Reiner health and vigor at this age is surely enviable.

Awards, Achievements, and Recognition

Carl Reiner has had a huge number of awards and accolades to his names. He has had a total of 15 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations has also got a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has won a total of 9 Emmy’s. He has also been nominated for a Grammy for 200 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. He has also been elected to Emmy Award Hall of Fame and Television Hall of Fame. He has been awarded the Grammy nomination for best spoken word album on 2001.

Carl Reiner twitter account is another extremely well-known aspect of his personality. Carl Reiner twitter account is very much active even to this day. He is the oldest known living celebrity to use Twitter on a daily basis.

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