Why Do People Depend So Much in Texting Nowadays?

Published Date   05th Dec. 2018, 06:54 am superbhub
Why Do People Depend So Much in Texting Nowadays?

Texting could definitely be described as a double-edged sword. On the plus side, it is such a convenient way of getting a message to someone instantly, whether that’s casual chit-chat, or news your car has broken down somewhere and you require urgent assistance. It has had a major impact on dating, where you can now find local singles from your smart device, wherever you happen to be.

On the minus side, it can sometimes be too convenient to fire off a text where an actual conversation would have been more tactful. More and more people are employing the shorthand of text messages to enact their big decisions, such as informing a partner a relationship is over in a few hastily tapped words. So, for good or bad, why are we so dependent on texting these days?

Sheer convenience

 Although it might be hard to believe if you are of a certain age, there was a time when people didn’t rely on their mobile devices to communicate. In fact, until those bulky early versions appeared in the 1980s, there was no such concept as a mobile telephone. People could only converse via landlines or face-to-face communication.

Of course, this has all changed and texting is now an integral part of our daily lives. It is certainly an extremely convenient we of getting in touch. Just think about all those situations in the past where something cropped up at the last minute meaning we were going to be unavoidably late. Now a text can keep friends in the loop, practically 24/7.

Staying connected

 Whether it’s eventually a good or bad mechanism, people are dependent on texting because not doing so simply makes them feel cut off.In any condition, whether you are planning a work meeting or catching up on social get-together, having the ability to send off simple text messages enhances our daily lives. The downside of this is people feel the need to be connected all the time, even when nearby is no real need for them to be. People who have inadvertently left their phones behind can experience something akin to withdrawal symptoms.

Voicing opinions

Text communication is a vital component of any democratic society. We can give vent to our opinions via these messages in a way where we might have been reluctant to do so when the only medium was verbal or written communication.

There’s now an entire generation who are much more politically aware than people may have been in previous generations, and the ability to discuss important issues via social media is one reason for this. If you feel the need to complain about anything, from a sexist article in a magazine to a politician whose views you find distasteful, having the ability to express your opinions via instant texting is a terrific innovation brought about by 21st-century technology.

The Negatives

 Because people have become so dependent on texting, there are inevitable downsides to the activity. To an extent, sending off a message by text can absolve the sender of responsibility, particularly if they understand how to do so anonymously. The tone of your text can never be as finely nuanced as an actual conversation, so people can sometimes get the wrong end of the stick when they read your communications. For instance, it is very difficult to convey sarcasm or irony via texts.

There are also Practical issues to be taken into consideration, such when your phone stops working, or your ability to text is blocked because the next monthly installment in your plan is overdue. All of these can be frustrating experiences.

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