6 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Move to the City

Published Date   15th Jul. 2018, 16:14 pm Binesh Shrestha
6 Ways to Know if You’re Ready to Move to the City

Moving to a big city can be a big adjustment, especially if you are moving from a small or sparsely populated place. To survive in the city, you have to know that you are ready.

Moving can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Before you make the move, it is incredibly important that you know that you will be able to see things through. Let’s take a look at 6 ways for you to know that you are ready to move to the city.

Your Income

First, and foremost, your income has to be big enough to sustain you while you are living in the city. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your living expenses will remain the same.

If you move from a rural community, this will most likely not be the case, and you have to make sure that your income is large enough so that your monthly rent will amount to around 20% of your monthly income.

You Don’t Mind People

Crowds in cities

City Crowds can be overwhelming, Image Source: SIAM News.

Living in a big city can pose a challenge to people that don’t like others in their personal space or that easily gets claustrophobic. When living in a big city, it is inevitable that you will come into close contact with a lot of strangers.

If you hate being cramped up inside lifts, sitting in traffic, or having people close to you on the subway, you may want to reconsider your move to a big city.

Time Management

Life is more rushed in bigger cities. Seeing that you may spend the bulk of your day at work or travel to and from work, it is crucial that you have to be able to implement effective time management to ensure that you can still maintain a balanced and active lifestyle. Making time for your personal relationships, hobbies, or financial planning is increasingly more difficult when you live in a big city.

Actively making time for these activities may become a necessity and it is important that you have to be willing to acquire the discipline and skills to employ effective time management.

Cultural Shock

In smaller communities, people tend to be more conservative and careful about the way they conduct their daily business. In big cities, you may expect to see more erratic behavior that you may not be used to. The different cultures and lifestyle may also take some getting used to.

It is important to be adjustable and to expect some setbacks and disappointments along the way. When you brace yourself for some change, moving to the city may be a growing and enriching experience.

Small Living Spaces

Apartments in NYC and other big cities tend to be smaller than houses in smaller towns and cities. If you are willing and able to live in smaller living spaces, chances are you won’t have such a hard time adjusting to the lack of space.
Apartments are small in cities

Apartments have a smaller area and rooms, Image Source: Booking.com

You may also have to say goodbye to some of your furniture, and, because of fewer storage spaces, you will have to get rid of some of your possessions.

Public Transport

Public transports can be very difficult to use, Image Source: ELTIS

If you are used to driving, you may have to swop your car and independence for the city’s public transport system. This in itself may not be as bad, but you have to be willing to get used to doing some additional planning to accommodate different travel times.

In most cities throughout the US, the public transport systems are working well, and you will in all likelihood not have any problems adjusting the fact that you can’t drive wherever you want to anymore.

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