7 Things You Should Enjoy in Your 20s

Published Date   20th Apr. 2019, 23:59 pm superbhub
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Many people believe that 20s are the years where you live your life to the fullest, make mistakes and explore. It is indeed where you feel the most excited, positive, and have fewer responsibilities. After school, where do you go next? Do you just go with the flow? Work, earn money, and pay taxes? You do not have a parental direction anymore.

Being in your 20s, should not go to waste. It can be a time to invest in ourselves and simply enjoy life. People over 20 say not to have regrets when you’re young and free. Here are a few things that should be enjoyed in the ever-youthful age of 20s.

1.  Dating

Around this age, you may have a wonderful view of love and you’ve got a lot of it to give – so why not make the most of it. Dating around does not mean to be promiscuous.

It is about learning more about ourselves, our wants, our likes, gaining experience, teaching us what happiness is and even pain. Every date is a step closer to meeting the one and knowing that there is really no such thing as a perfect person for us, but the best partner we can ever have.


Whether it is traveling abroad, local, solo or with a friend, it is high time that you buy a ticket and fly out with your luggage. You don’t have many obligations just yet, and no major responsibilities to another person. Traveling can be viewed as a different form of freedom. Freedom from the stressors of life, freedom from the confinement of society we live in and freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we like.

Hangout More With Friends

You need to spend a lot more time with friends. Not only to make your friendship stronger, but also to create wonderful memories. There will come a time when things get busier with careers and eventually you will settle down – and that means having a family.

It is not that we don’t have time for them, but because we have other priorities. So enjoy more time with your friends, go on a road trip and see the world.

Party Now Rather Than Later

Staying up late, having fun, dancing the night away and getting drunk is still very much in your nature, and you need to make the most of it while you still can. Hangovers get worse as we age. Our kidneys process differently as we age, so now is the time to enjoy a few drinks. Once you have a child you can still have a good time, but you will have a babysitter that you need to get home to.

Enjoy Food

While you are still young, strong, and in the peak of your health, eat food – all kinds of it. Getting adventurous with your palette is so much better around this age. You may not have developed allergies or weight issues. You are not following a strict diet and can tend to get slimmer faster. Your metabolism is working full force, so burning fat and getting in shape is easier.

Create a Strong Family Bond

You spent time with them a lot as a kid, but sadly its easy to lose connection as you get busy with either school or work. Family bonding is important, far more important than promotion. Along the road, you will get less and less time for yourself and even your most precious people. When you have your own family, you’ll realize how important spending time with them is.

Splurge A Little

It is good to have started on your saving account, but splurging a little on things that make you feel good is something worthwhile. You are still pretty much focused on yourself which in this stage in your life is a good thing. Buy expensive clothes, sign up for a gym or enroll in a culinary school. While you still have extra cash, go for things that make you feel good and allows you to be better. Once you start your family, you are going to prioritize others more than yourself.

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