How Much Should You Pay For a Wedding Music Band?

Published Date   15th Jan. 2019, 23:21 pm  Update Date: January 17th, 2019  12:16 am superbhub
How Much Should You Pay For a Wedding Music Band?

The cost you pay for a live band at your wedding depends on various things. There are upfront charges and even hidden expenses that add to the final prices of a music band. You ought to consider everything that goes into hiring a wedding band before drawing up your budget. Even so, the first step of planning for a music-singing group is deciding which type of music you prefer.

There are different types of music bands out there. You can hire a big group, a jazz band, or even a karaoke band. Cover bands are the most popular because they focus on familiar music that gets everyone in the crowd singing and dancing along. There are different prices for different types of bands.

Typical Band Costs

Usually, a 5-member live band performing for four hours gets paid around $2,000. The prices change with the number of band members. It means that for a 4-member troupe, you will pay around $1,150 while a larger ensemble with 6-10 members will set you back $2,200.

Location and Date Effect

Other than the number of band members, wedding band prices also fluctuate depending on time, date, and location of the wedding. Locating your marriage ceremony in a large metropolitan area enables you to find a wider variety of costs. Developed cities have more bands than outskirt places. A marriage ceremony happening on a busy day/ time for ensembles (a weekend) will have to pay more for entertainment services.

Other Cost Contributors

There are no fixed charges for a wedding band. The total costs will be as a result of what you want for your big day. For example, if you require the ensemble to play even during the after party or cocktail hour, then prepare for extra charges because of the extra hours. A symphony will also charge you for things like traveling (if they come from far) and time spent learning when they have to play a new song for your guests.

Hidden Expenditure

Some wedding music bands front an initial cost without mentioning anything about other potential charges. If you bring in a long-distance traveling orchestra, prepare for bills to do with meals and accommodation. A band that gets to play for your guest for a couple of days requires a per diem rate on accommodations and meals.

Another hidden expenditure that might be part of the invoice is the cost of renting equipment. It comes about when you hire a band that needs to travel a long distance to get to the wedding venue, which means that carrying heavy tools becomes impossible.


Bands are a great addition in every wedding ceremony. Even so, you have to plan the finances well if you are to get the most out of your band. Go for a pocket-friendly music group that offers the best service. Avoid unnecessary surprises by asking everything you need to pay for once you select your preferred ensemble. To bypass any risks, look for reviews by other people who have hired your selected music band or agency.

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