Influence of Technology on Student Engagement and Success

Published Date   07th Jul. 2023, 05:56 am Sadi
Influence of Technology on Student Engagement and SuccessSource: Pexels

Technology is constantly evolving and disrupting how almost everything is done. Among the sectors that have experienced a profound impact is education.

Technological innovations have transformed the way students engage with each other. These advancements have also redefined student-instructor interactions, ushering in novel avenues for engagement and success. This article elaborates on several crucial aspects in which technology enhances student engagement and success.

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Online Discussions

Online discussion boards and platforms allow students to discuss ideas on assignments and projects. This opportunity increases engagement. It also encourages students to participate in class activities.

Online discussion platforms offer instructors a space to provide individualized feedback. For instance, if students undergo an evaluation, instructors can offer immediate feedback. The educators can propose potential solutions, facilitating a deeper understanding of the material for the students.

Easy Management of Classroom Operations

Lecturers can access various facets of technology. So they can use the technology to make their classroom operations more efficient. And the instructors can count on students to help them out. 

For example, students can use technology to submit their assignments. They will also get feedback through the same channels.

Moreover, instructors can now access online grade books. This feature lets instructors manage student records securely. They can also easily track the performance of individual students.

Furthermore, students can use QR codes to fill in their attendance. They can also track their school work progress by using various apps. Such apps feature reminders on when to submit their assignments and other important due dates, reminders of events, etc. 

Online Classes

Various circumstances may necessitate students to transition from face-to-face to virtual classes. Perhaps a student obtains employment while aspiring to continue their education. In such situations, online courses are an excellent resource. They provide more flexibility in learning opportunities and better time management for students.

It could also be that the student needs to relocate. Online classes offer a resolution as they enable access to course content from any location. The student can participate in lectures remotely, ensuring that their education proceeds on schedule.

Online learning enhances collaboration. Students can submit assignments and engage in live discussions with their instructors. They also interact with fellow students from diverse geographic locations.

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Education Personalization

The use of technology has enabled personalized learning. Instructors can provide students with the individualized attention they need.

Also, online learning is no longer instructor-centered but rather student-centered. This means that students can access course material and assessments anytime at their own pace.

Technology features algorithms that mine student performance data. This way, instructors can better understand each student’s learning needs. The instructors can adjust teaching strategies to maximize engagement and success.

Additionally, technology enables real-time classroom student behavior monitoring. This feature helps instructors identify any potential issues early on.

For example, suppose a student struggles with an assignment. The instructor can provide them with tailored exercises. The instructor might also supplement the course with additional online content to aid students in comprehending the material better. 

Better Time Management

A considerable part of educational success depends on how well students manage their time. Technology can help them do that. With various productivity apps, students can plan their day. Students can also keep track of deadlines for assignments and assessments. 

These apps also provide notifications to keep students on top of any tasks. Additionally, online calendars allow students to access their schedules anytime from anywhere. And the best part is students only need smart gadgets and an internet connection. 

To Sum Up

Technology has revolutionized the education sector and enabled students to become more organized. Personalized learning opportunities and improved time-management capabilities are equal to success.

Even the busiest students can pursue their education goals using the best paper writing services. The students can also save money with virtual learning, not requiring them to commute. So, technology has positively affected student engagement and success.

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