How to improve your level of play in Destiny 2

Published Date   14th Jun. 2023, 05:30 am Sadi
How to improve your level of play in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a rather complex project despite its dynamism, colorfulness, and exciting plot, which is regularly updated, so when you come to the project, you can hang on the same level for a long time without increasing equipment and growing in PVP and PVE.

To gradually improve your gaming skills, follow these recommendations.

Subclass system

A correctly selected subclass option can significantly affect the effectiveness of the character; there are four types in total, and we will consider each and draw our conclusions.

Lightning – a subclass that adds magical attacks to the main kind of damage, will be most effective for a tank. A Titan that constantly holds a shield to protect himself and his allies will be able to deal lightning damage in parallel with essentially nothing and doing nothing at the same time, affecting the situation on the battlefield.

Sun is a subclass that concentrates the energy of the star to deal heavy damage with ignoring armor and make the character effective in raids, PVP, and farming. Ideal for the hunter as a ranged archer and a class that can easily change position and quickly moves in and out of combat.

The Void allows you to use your energy to enhance skills, which is excellent for the Warlock – the most robust AoE character in Destiny 2.

The fourth subclass, the Stand, was added to Destiny 2 after the Lightfall update. This is a universal subclass that fits all three classes and is an exciting alternative for everyone, offering a new concept to replace the established one.

For a titan, this is the ability to use knives on steel fists and, in addition to damage, inflict bleeding on the affected enemy.

For a warlock, this is a shrapnel effect and an analog of AoE damage, where the damage does not arrive at nearby targets but randomly scatters depending on the radius of the application.

Get trained

Destiny 2 has a pretty good training system aimed at transferring knowledge to the player about the effective use of the character, teaching the skills of shooting and using shelters, basic skills and grenades, and PVP techniques.

All this knowledge will help you better understand your hero and be in constant good shape because in Destiny 2 you need to shoot a lot and aim at the head. Many players need to pay more attention to this habit, and often these numbers are not enough for a total victory over the enemy.


Go to raids – playing with other players; you regularly improve your gaming skills through their constant use and the opportunity to see how others do it. This is especially effective when it comes to shooting.

Here the headshot indicator is essential, and it can be achieved by looking at how your allies in the group do it.

If you cannot accumulate equipment and weapons through raids, you can always order the d2 raid carry service from the Skycoach service. This is a service during which professional players of the service will help you to pass the raid and transfer all available rewards and experience to your character.

A deal can be closed in two ways:

  1. You join a battle group and follow all the instructions given to you by the leader of the group.
  1. You transfer your account under the guarantee of the Skycoach service on the safety of personal data, and professional players perform the service without your participation. You will be able to follow the status of your order on the official Skycoach website in real-time. When the transaction is completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account, check the drop and change your account password.

Hunt and complete contracts

Destiny 2 has many locations where you can hunt for glimmers and various weapon boosters while practicing headshots and general shooting skills.

The contract system is done a little differently than simple quests.

Once a week, you receive special assignments that must be completed in a strictly specified way, for example, kill with a headshot 50 times.

When the contract is completed, you will receive additional experience, and if you do not make it within a week, then all progress will be reset and replaced with new tasks, regardless of the result.

With a large number of glimmers, you can even regularly update contracts and, in fact, earn unlimited experience, which depends on the amount of money you have.

PVP mode

To understand your game level and start improving it, you need to compete against the best players in Destiny 2 and look for them in a natural environment – in battle arenas.

The mode is called Trial of Osiris, which offers players an abundance of seasonal rewards in exchange for defeating other players multiple times in a row.

The best reward is a legendary weapon that can only be obtained by completing a series of 7 victories in a row.

Matches are held in the format of battles between two teams of three players with a random choice of classes, without any restrictions in this matter.

Matches are fast and dynamic enough that you can learn from your mistakes and at the same time earn the opportunity to get weapons that will greatly enhance your game.

Do not get upset when you lose – each round lasts several minutes, and you can always improve the overall level of your game due to the number of matches that will gradually develop into the quality and convert into new and unique weapons.

Go to Strikes

Strike differs from raids in its simpler mechanics and the ability to complete it even alone.

This can be an excellent testing ground for your character and at the same time, another opportunity to earn experience, glimmers, and new weapons and armor.

The task is quite simple – go into the dungeon, exterminate the monsters until the main boss appears, engage him in battle, and defeat him, while studying his tactics and learning to dodge him in the future.

The biggest plus of strikes is that you can go through them alone, which will be a great warm-up before any more difficult raid and a reason to earn extra rewards.

Explore the world

Do not forget that Destiny 2 is not only a race for the best and competition in status but also just an interesting and colorful world that is interesting to study and explore.

In the Lightfall update, Neptune was added, where you can go as part of the research, which should not be neglected.

Move between planets, look for new friends, admire space, discover new territories and tasks, and just enjoy the gameplay.

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