How to Live a Sustainable Life in Ohio?

Published Date   03rd Aug. 2023, 07:38 am superbhub
How to Live a Sustainable Life in Ohio?Sustainable Life in Ohio

As an Ohioan, you’ve most likely thought about life in the Midwest and appreciated it. The diverse climate, rolling hills, and prairies make the region a beauty.

When you appreciate all the good, knowing that your life choices could contribute to environmental damage is unpleasant.

The only solution is sustainable living.

Living a sustainable life means making an effort to lower your carbon footprint. It involves adjusting lifestyle and adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Here are practices you can incorporate into your daily life to live sustainably in Ohio.

Reduce Energy Use

Your carbon footprint share is the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by you, whether directly or indirectly. A big part of that has to do with our dependence on fossil fuels as humanity.

Everyone is burning fossil fuel releasing vast amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which trap heat and cause global warming.

A key step in reducing your fossil fuel use is investing in alternative energy and cutting yourself off the energy grid responsible for burning large volumes of fossil fuels.

Since not everyone is in a position to adopt alternative energy fully, there are small changes you can make daily to reduce your energy consumption and cut down your household’s demand for fossil fuel.

Make these simple changes to conserve energy:

  • Try using natural lighting often. If possible, install a skylight to keep your home well-lit during the day.
  • Switch off the lights, TV, and other electronic devices when not in use.
  • Buy energy-saving products when shopping for appliances. These are usually ENERGY STAR-certified.
  • Unless it’s raining or snowing, you can dry your laundry on a clothesline.
  • Invest in energy-efficient insulation and consider getting an intuitive thermostat to save on heating and cooling expenses.

Work on Your Transport

Transportation is one of the mega industries with a heavy release of greenhouse gas emissions.

You can lower your carbon footprint in this aspect by not purchasing a vehicle or using it less often. There are plenty of options when it comes to transportation.

You could opt for public transport or carpool. Other healthy alternatives to do more often are walking and biking.

Eat Local Produce

High demand for food produced elsewhere contributes heavily to increased energy consumption. These foods are produced in bulk and transported over long distances to reach you.

Within your capacity, try advocating for the use of local produce in your community. Ohio is an agriculturally-rich state that doesn’t need outside food.

You can go a step further and grow your own fruits and vegetables using environmentally friendly practices like composting instead of fertilizers.

Keeping in mind that nearly a quarter of landfill waste is food waste, avoid food waste by buying and preparing what you can finish.

Conserve Fresh Water

The world has a tiny percentage of fresh water. That alone should be terrifying.

Everyone should be doing what they can to conserve fresh water, and that reflects your daily use.

Fix faucets and pipes to avoid drips and leakages. Let’s put that into perspective. The world loses about 91 billion gallons of fresh drinkable water daily through leaks.

It would also help to install water-saving fixtures around the home. And if you can, collect rainwater as it can serve many purposes like washing, flushing the toilet, and watering plants.

By collecting rainwater, you significantly save large volumes of fresh water.

Try Herbal Remedies

Herbs have been in use for treating various ailments for thousands of years. Many of these healing plants are backed by modern research, such as Ginkgo, Cannabis, Ashwagandha, and Lady’s Mantle.

Cannabis is probably the most popular and versatile natural remedy. There are many resources online to help you learn more about it. Since the plant is legal in Ohio for medicinal purposes, you may qualify to use it.

Educating yourself on natural remedies and using them more often for various health issues reduces the demand for pharmaceuticals, which consume a lot of energy to manufacture and transport.

Final Thoughts

You may be used to your habits like everyone else. But protecting the environment becomes personal when it hits you that we have no other home besides Mother Earth.

Leading a sustainable life is a lifetime process, and everything you do counts. When you do your part, you’re not just impacting the environment in Ohio but the world at large.

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