General Strategies for Editing and Proofreading Written Texts

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General Strategies for Editing and Proofreading Written TextsSource: Pexels

When students are learning how to write proper papers, they tend to focus on the main message and the paper’s structure. One of the most common remarks they get from their professors involves the lack of editing. Bloggers, casual writers, and even professional authors face the same problem: they focus on planning and writing too much and then neglect the post-writing stages.

Proper grammar, structure, spelling, style, and overall logical flow matter more than most people assume. Once the written text is ready, editing and proofreading won’t take much time.

Let’s go through some detailed tips and tricks on how to cover the post-writing stages like a pro!

Make a Difference between Editing and Proofreading

The editing process is also known under the name revisions. Revising a paper means improving its overall structure. At this point, you should make sure the main thesis is clear and every single sentence in the paper is related to it. The thesis must be supported with enough facts, and the overall logical flow of the paper must be undisturbed.

The stage of proofreading written text, on the other hand, focuses on proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, style, and sentence structure. It’s more about the technicalities. This is the final post-writing stage, which comes after the editing text process.

You can combine these two stages in one: you’ll focus on the grammar and spelling while revising at the same time. However, it’s best to work step by step, so you’ll cover all the details.

Tips: How to Edit and Proofreading Written Texts

Use the Services of an Online Editor

Checking your content independently is not always possible. If this is a major project, such as a dissertation, research study, or any other important piece of text, it’s best to hire a professional essay editor online. Almost every student has been in this situation: “I was stuck with the post-writing stages, so I asked to edit my paper online” do you know what the final impression is? “I could never edit my paper that professionally myself.” Entrusting this stage to a pro gives you peace of mind since you know you’ll end up with perfectly clean content by the deadline.

It’s OK to use an automated essay checker for the proofreading stage. The software can identify grammar and spelling mistakes, but keep in mind that it’s not perfect. When it comes to actual revisions that focus on the logical flow, main message, and choice of words, the software cannot be compared to the work of a professional editor.

Take a Break

You cannot be fully objective about your own text, especially if you don’t give it a rest. Taking a break allows you to see the content from a reader’s point of view. You’ll approach it with a clear mind, and you’ll see some mistakes you weren’t aware of.

If we’re talking about an entire novel or a dissertation, then you need a longer break before going back to it from an unbiased point of view. You can take a vacation or simply forget about it for at least a week. But if this is an essay with a close deadline, then the least you could do is sleep on it.

Read the Content Out Loud

This strategy may sound silly, but it works: read the paper as if you were reading a story in front of an audience. Stand in front of the mirror and read with your official voice! You’ll be surprised to see your creativity being triggered this way.

You’ll realize how a reader or listener would approach your main message. This will help you revise it in a way that fills the gaps in logic and clarifies the overall flow.

 Remember: Revisions Are Important

You wrote that content, so you clearly think it works. You tried hard to make it as perfect as possible. But are you 100% sure there aren’t any gaps in information? Were you clear enough for a reader who encounters the topic for the first time? Did you cite all resources in the appropriate format? Are you absolutely sure there isn’t a single spelling mistake in the content?

By the time they get to the post-writing stages, most students and writers are too tired to carry on. Most will proofread with the help of software but decide to skip the editing stage. Don’t do that! After all that effort, your content deserves to be complete!

BIO: Mary Spears loves writing so much that she turned it into a hobby. She writes short stories and blog posts. Mary likes sharing writing tips as she keeps learning new strategies that improve her own style.

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