First Timers Guide to Hair Extensions

Published Date   18th Mar. 2020, 21:49 pm Sadi
First Timers Guide to Hair ExtensionsGuide to First Timers regarding ways and types of hair extensions. (Img Source: Shutter Stock)

Hair extensions have become widely popular in the last few years. Hair extensions are worn by the rich and the famous; they are also being worn by everyday women who want to have a fashion change.

Hair extensions are a fun way to add length, thickness, and color to your hair. If you are a newbie to hair extensions, you may be surprised to know that they come in a variety of types.

Even though hair extensions may look similar when they are purchased in the store, they are actually quite different.

In the following article, you will learn about the difference between 100% human hair, Remy hair, and Virgin hair. You will also learn the best methods to use in order to take good care of your hair extensions.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the most expensive type of human hair that can be purchased. Virgin hair is hair that has been supplied by one donor.

This donor has not done anything to his or her hair; this means that the hair has not been dyed, colored or treated in any way.

Virgin hair does not have to be rearranged in any way, and it is the most precious of all hair extension products because it is the best.

Remy Hair

What is Remy hair? Some people may confuse with a brand, but it has to do with the way that the hair has been treated and the characteristics of the hair.

While Virgin hair has received no chemical treatment, Virgin hair may have been chemically treated by the donor. Remy hair is 100% human hair, but it does need to be rearranged before it is sold.

Remy hair is smooth, and it is known for its high quality. Remy hair is more expensive than 100% human hair because it is in short supply, and it will last for a long time as long as it is well cared for.

Remy hair can last for up to one year if it is well maintained, and it will blend well with your own hair. In Remy hair extensions, all of the cuticles are kept intact; that means that the hairs are all going in the same direction.

When all of the hair strands are going in the same direction, the hair is healthy, and there is almost no matting or tangling that occurs.

100% Human Hair

100% Human hair is human hair that has been collected from several donors. It is collected from hair that has fallen to the floor or from combs or brushes.

100% human hair generally has hair cuticles that are going in different directions. This means that these hair generally will get more matted and tangled.

This hair has generally gone through a process of chemical treatments that are designed to remove the cuticle; these processes can cause the hair strands to be more dry and brittle. The majority of hair that is sold today is 100% human hair.

How To Care for Your Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions, you do well to take excellent care of them. Since this is human hair, you can use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

A deep conditioner is also a good idea since it will keep your extensions soft. Make sure not to pull or comb your hair too hard. Detangle your hair each morning and detangle again before and after each wash.

Before you go to sleep, put your hair into a neat bun so that it will not get tangled while you sleep. By taking excellent care of your hair extensions, you will be able to use and reused them several times.

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