Kolonics Benefits: Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss and Intestinal Cleanse

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Kolonics Benefits: Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss and Intestinal Cleanse

Kolonics or Colonics (often called colon cleansing or colon irrigation) is a procedure where purified warm water is allowed to pass thoroughly and slowly into the colon  (large intestine) for cleansing.

A lubricated, disposable tube (Obturator) is gently inserted into the rectum without damaging any rectal tissue. The extension of an obturator is then connected to two tubes, the small tube delivers water to the speculum and colon while the other tube carries the fecal waste and toxins to the Colon therapy machine.
Colon Irrigation

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The Colon therapy machine is attached to a person’s body in a way which discreetly removes the colon waste without odor. An average session lasts up to 35 to 50 minutes where the Colon Therapist infuses 5 to 20 gallons of purified water into the colon.

Once a certain volume of water is filled the colon is emptied carrying the fecal and toxic matter through the drainage tube. Kolon Kleening can charge about $80 to $100 per sessions.

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A periodic Colon (Kolonics) irrigation removes waste stuck in the colon walls. The waste buildup supposedly produces toxins which enter the blood and may result to slow poisoning a person. Symptoms include bloating, irritating skin, weight gain, fatigue, allergies to arthritis and cancer ultimately resulting in depressions.

The repetitive Kolonics procedure not only flushes toxins out of the colon but also stimulates colon contraction(Peristalsis). Peristalsis is the same muscular action performed as the stool moves through the colon. So, Colon hydrotherapy not only cleanses the colon but also strengthens the colon muscles.

Benefits of (Kolinics) Colonics:

  • Improved Bowel regularity
  • Improved digestion
  • Boost in Immune system
  • Increased energy levels
  • Clean and bright skin complexion
  • Body hydration
  • removal of toxic wastes
  • colon exercise
  • colon muscle strengthen
  • Decrease in risk of colon cancer
  • Increase in Fertility
  • Prevents constipation
  • Increases body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • Starts weight loss
  • maintains pH balance in the bloodstream

Colon Cleansing Kolonics

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Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss (Kolonics)

Colon Hydrotherapy also is known as (Kolonics) colonics, Colonic Irrigation, High Enema and Colon Therapy. Colon Hydrotherapy can be very helpful in assisting to get rid of the colon waste. There are medical cases when doctors have found colon waste up to thirty pounds including undigested fecal matter in colons. So the less waste material a person is carrying the likely is them to weigh less.

With continued colon hydrotherapy and active weight loss sessions, it is very much possible to lose weight in a healthy manner. A clogged colon can result in difficulty in weight loss as the digestion becomes slow, passive metabolism, high food cravings, hunger remains high as lack of nutrients being absorbed properly. To counter these problems Colon Hydrotherapy provides the best therapy for weight loss by unclogging and cleaning the colons.

Although it is not recommended as a weight loss strategy as it does not eliminate fat but only colon wastes. Colonic Hydrotherapy should not be practiced as a sole weight loss aid instead, weight loss should be done naturally through lifestyle changes. Choosing Colonic Hydrotherapy as a quick fix weight loss measure could result in adverse effects of eating disorder according to MayoClinic.com.

Many professionals have also quoted that a body is designed with its own cleansing systems to eliminate harmful substances: the liver and kidneys. Conclusively, Colon irrigation done to remove toxins is unnecessary and is considered harmful to the human body, especially colon hydrotherapy. Dr. Michael Picco at MayoClinic.com states that little scientific evidence supports the claims and benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.

Intestinal Cleanse (Kolonics)

The practice of Intestinal Cleanse or Colon Cleansing dates back to thousands of years to ancient Greece. In the U.S. the therapy became popular in the early 1900s but soon fell out of favor as the theories behind it lost support.

Though Scientific Research on Colon cleansing is very limited and the evidence is not good for the claims its practitioners make. Intestinal Cleansing can be done in two ways:

  1. Natural Intestinal cleansing (Natural Kolonics) with liquid or powdered supplements: There are many products both packaged and home-made which can be taken from the mouth for Intestinal Cleansing. Products like Enemas, Laxatives, herbal tea, Enzymes, Magnesium are consumed to expel the toxic wastes and colon wastes from the intestines.
  2. Intestinal Cleansing with Colon Therapy: Intestinal cleansing with colon irrigation involves flushing several gallons of warm water through a small tube inserted into the rectum.

The process is continued several times and after the water is flushed inside the colon therapist massages the abdomen and the water is again flushed out consisting toxins and colon wastes.

What is Diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis or Colonic Diverticulosis(Kolinic Diverticulosis) a condition when there are small pouches or pocket on the portion of the digestive tract or colon wall. The pouches or pockets occur when the inner layer of the intestine pushes through feeble spots of the outer layer.


Diverticulosis is a common condition in the U.S. affecting half of all people over age 60 and almost everyone at age 80. While this condition is uncommon in Asian and African regions. This condition is caused by low fiber consumption and 20 to 35 grams of fiber is recommended as a prevention.

Kolonics for Kids

Is kolonics or colonic irrigation safe and healthy practice for kids?

According to Healthcare children over the age of ten can undergo kolon therapy sessions. However, they advise it as a last resort option if other methods are not helpful. Kids initially may be scared and unwilling to participate as the procedure involves inserting the tube (Obturator) through their rectum. The procedure can be painful and slightly uncomfortable but it is a must task to explain the procedure and its benefits beforehand to the kids.

Risks of Kolon therapy for Kids 

  • Rectal aperture: The tube (obturator) inserted in the anus might cause some complications such as tearing rectum or bowel tissues. This situation gets worse if the child is tensed and uncomfortable during the procedure which might be painful. It has a potential risk of causing future infections.
  • Infection and disease transmission: As the immune system of kids are less stronger and vulnerable than grown-ups there are chances of infection if the equipment is not sterilized properly.
  • Dehydration: As the fluids inside the colon are emptied there is a slight possibility of salt level imbalance in the blood.

Kolonics for kids can come with both benefits and possible risks, while it is recommended if your kids are having digestive problems. When a digestive system doesn’t function properly, a bunch of other health problems can arise. If the following symptoms are seen in a kid it is an indication of  a clogged digestive system:

  1. Hiccups
  2. Stomachache after sweet food consumptions
  3. frequent foul smelling gas
  4. diarrhea or constipation
  5. food allergies
  6. bloating and discomfort after consumptions.

The Kolonics sessions can be fruitful for kids experiencing the above problems as it cleanses all the toxins and colon wastes.

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