Youtuber Jean McAllister’s failed dating affair with boyfriend Kian! Has she settled the dispute with Andrea Russett?

15th Mar. 2017, 13:00 pm
Youtuber Jean McAllister’s failed dating affair with boyfriend Kian! Has she settled the dispute with Andrea Russett?

The amazing and talented, YouTube star, Jean McAllister who has already gained ample fame at the age of 20 certainly has a triumphant professional life. However, is Jean that successful in her personal life? According to the recent affairs, it has come to notice that Jean McAllister broke up with her boyfriend Kian. To add to it, she has been in a dispute with her best friend Andrea Russett! Is Jean in a love hate relationship or is she completely single now? Let us find out more about Jean McAllister’s dating affair!

Looking at the recent affairs of YouTube stars, Jean McAllister and Kian Lawley, their dating history has been similar to that of high school love!

Twitter got spiced up when Kian tweeted, “@JennXPenn Jenn I love you” referring to Jean McAllister in August 2011. Although the whole relationship was kept out of much of the spotlight, the youtube maniacs knew that the two were in a relationship.

However, the twist came swirling in when the rumors flew in that Jean had stolen her best friend’s boyfriend!

Did Jean McAllister steal her best friend’s boyfriend?

Andrea Russet was Jean McAllister’s best friend before Jean and Kian fell in love. However, at the time when the two were best friends, Andrea was in a relationship with Kian. As time passed by Jean got closer to Kian and the two eventually began their dating affair.

Andrea went on to show her anger towards their relationship over twitter by tweeting, “When ur ex f*cks ur ex-best friend LOL relatable.” However, Jean was quick to respond, “nothing is true unless I say it,”.

Andrea also posted a YouTube video where she asked people to stop taking about her relationship with Kian. She gave everyone a piece of her mind by saying that “it is very rude when people do stuff like that. Very HEARTLESS and immature.”

Are things fine between Andrea and Jean?

Jean posted a YouTube video on November 7, 2015, where she went on to clarify a doubt of her relationship status and explained the viewer’s why she is single. On 26th June 2016 Jean posted a funky and cute picture of Andrea and herself and captioned it “#jenndrea2016”.

So it seems that everything is good between the two friends. Jean is currently single and never confirmed her relationship with Kian.

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