Shia LaBeouf Net Worth – Salary From Transformers And Income From Other Movies

Published Date   15th Mar. 2020, 14:40 pm Binesh Shrestha
Shia LaBeouf Net Worth – Salary From Transformers And Income From Other MoviesFind out what is Shia LaBeouf's net worth and what makes it so impressive. Image Source: Pinterest.

Sci-fi movies are ever-increasing, and some classics always tend to remain as the best. Among the hundreds of these sci-fi movies, surely, Transformers is one that everyone knows and loves. And of course, the actors are one to talk about. This includes Shia LaBeouf.

The actor’s role in transformers as Sam Witwicky is one that fans will continue to remember him as. But this doesn’t mean that he has only earned from this movie. In fact, he is so well known that Shia LaBeouf’s net worth is estimated at a grand of $25 million. But do you know what makes it so grand?

What Makes Shia LaBeouf’s Net Worth So Grand? Know His Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Shia LaBeouf’s wealth is an impressive sum of $25 million. But while acting makes him a lot of money, surely there are some other ways from which Shia LaBeouf’s earnings pool in. Let’s take a look and find out what they are.

Earnings From Acting Career

To begin with, let’s take a look at something that everyone knows Shia to make money off of; acting. Shia’s acting career started back in 1998 when he was cast as Joey for the TV movie Breakfast With Einstein. Before this, he was cast as the voice actor for Asbel in the English version of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

Breakfast With Einstein

Shia started his career as an actor from the movie Breakfast With Einstein. Image Source: IMDb.

Since then, the star has been appearing in several series and movies. Here is a table with the salary of some of Shia LaBeouf’s movies:

Surf's Up$400,000
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$8 million

This brief table is enough to give an idea as to how much the star may have earned throughout his acting career.

Earnings From Endorsement Deals

Of course, most stars take up some endorsement deals to make up a good chunk of their net worth. And Shia LaBeouf is no different. Among these endorsement deals is InterOil.

Shia LaBeouf InterOil

The transformer star makes quite a bit of money from InterOil. Image Source: Pinterest.

Seeing how famous the star is, we can expect Shia LaBeouf’s income from these endorsement deals must be quite high as well.

Bookings For Events

Yes, that’s right. The star accepts bookings for events and such programs if the schedules align. But the star does not come cheap. Depending on the location and the scale of the event, the star receives a hefty sum of money.

Shia LaBeouf event booking

The actor is also available for bookings for events. Image Source: NYPost.

All of these sources of income help add up to Shia LaBeouf’s net worth. Maybe in the coming future, there may be an even greater rise and making the star even richer.

How Much Did The Star Get For Transformers?

As stated previously, one of the most well-known works of  Shia LaBeouf is none other Transformers. And as such, there are many fans who wonder how much the star earned for his role in the movie as Sam Witwicky. To answer your question, here is a table with Shia LaBeouf’s salary for Transformers:

Movie Year Of ReleaseEarnings
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen2009$5 million
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon2011$15 million

This shows that Shia LaBeouf’s earnings from this sci-fi series were quite a bit. It was also said he did not accept the role in the fourth movie because he was denied the $18 million that he had asked for it.

Living A Comfortable Lifestyle

Many stars live a life of comfort from a young age, but there are also some who were poverty-stricken, Shia is one of these stars. But the star has managed to turn that around and now lives a comfortable lifestyle. However, because of his humble nature, he does not enjoy a lifestyle that is too lavish.

At one point in time, the star owned a simple starter home, which he was able to sell for $590,000. In 2009, the actor managed to buy a luxurious house in Sherman Oaks, CA. The house cost him $1,825,000 and has a large space.

Shia LaBeouf Lifestyle

Shia lives a lifestyle that may be comfortable but is not lavish. Image Source: Pinterest.

Including the beautiful house, Shia also has a few vehicles that may not be as fancy as many other celebs but is cool nonetheless. Shia LaBeouf’s car is a 1975 Checkered Marathon Taxi, which, with its design and style, makes up for not owning a Ferarri. The car has a market price of around $31,000 and seems to be making the cool actor look even more cooler.

Along with the taxi, Shia LaBeouf’s vehicles include the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado. He also owns some rad two-wheelers like the Triumph Thruxton 900 and a Honda Ruckus. While the market price of these vehicles may not be too high, LaBeouf knows that using money on expensive things is not necessary when some good and not so expensive ones will do just fine.

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