Secrets that Charlize Theron stack under her pillow

Published Date   12th May. 2017, 01:25 am Binesh Shrestha
Secrets that Charlize Theron stack under her pillow

The lives of celebrities might seem like an open book but the books have certain deep secrets untold by the tabloids. You might be wondering, if these secrets are out then will they remain secrets? Well, if you hush about it sure it will! Let us get you inside the secrets of the very famous and celebrated Charlize Theron.

Charlize Thron may look like the strong and emotionally unaffected lady that we see on screen with her hard and sexy characters but it is not quite so in real life. Charlize has witnessed many things in her life that have made her this strong and independent woman that she is today!

Charlize who might seem like an American beauty with her Caucasian features and her blond hair but she is, in fact, a South African born in Johannesburg. Yes! This South African beauty has managed to take Hollywood by the storm!

Charlize Theron was hiding a deep dark secret about her past until the end of 2004 when she revealed that she had a very abusive father. Theron’s mother Gerda shot her abusive husband, Charles. Also, her aunt later revealed that Gerda wanted Charlize to be much disciplined and in a bad and controlling way! She also defended her dead brother Charles! Gerda was never prosecuted for her crime. As said by Charlize and her mother, Gerda it was done in self-defense when her father, Charles came home drunk and threatened to kill the mother and daughter. To this day no one except them, know what actually happened!

Another secret Charlize has kept hidden is that she left home and went to live in Italy on her own when she was offered a chance to become a model in Milan. The former editor of South African Playboy, Jeremy Gordin revealed that when he was about to reveal that Theron had been rejected for being not-well-endowed in front of her mother and Theron, Theron ripped her t-shirt and lay bare breasted and got the job! Must have been an awkward encounter!

Also from her childhood, a secret that has not much been able to get out to the public is Charlize as a nerdy outsider at her school who was not at all popular. Also, at the time, Charlize resented her mother for being so hard on her. But at present Gerda seems to be her greatest support!

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