Dan Harmon is dating new girlfriend after divorce with wife!

10th Apr. 2017, 02:48 am
Dan Harmon is dating new girlfriend after divorce with wife!

Hollywood has always been a place full of budding love and breaking relationships but amidst all of it, the celebrities always find a way to move on. American writer and producer, Dan Harmon seems to have easily moved on after his failed married life. After his divorce from ex-wife, Dan Harmon has yet again found his lady love. Let us dig into the details of Dan Harmon’ dating affair!

Dan Harmon’s failed married life

Comedian, writer, and producer, Dan Harmon was previously married to his wife Erin McGathy. The couple got married in November 2014 at Los Angeles Natural History Museum. However, it was not even a year since they had married, that the couple broke up.

Sadly on October 2015, the couple decided to get a divorce. Maybe something was not clicking! Erin McGathy took to twitter to announce the news amidst her followers. She also requested them to respect their privacy! Furthermore, Erin added that it might sound like an “extreme measure for rebooting a podcast” but she asked the followers to hear her interview with Rachael Cook. The reason for their divorce has not been cited till date.

Who is Dan Harmon dating?

It has not even been a full year since their divorce; Dan Harmon is already jumping on to his next lady love! Dan Harmon is known to be a dating affair with the hot and beautiful Cody Heller. Dan Harmon has not been secretive about his new relationship. Rather, Dan is spilling the beans of his love life lavishly.dan-harmon-and-cody-heller

For those of who follow Dan Harmon on Twitter, it is evident that Dan Harmon is all over the place showing off his love life. Dan is not only actively displaying his dating affair in Twitter but also in Instagram. Dan has been posting numerous pictures of his new girlfriend, Cody Heller on his Instagram account.

When the world is ending you get flowers for no reason!

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On 29th March 2017, Dan took to Instagram to share to the world how much he loved his lady. He posted a sweet picture of Cody and captioned it “My butter loving better writing bean”.

My butter loving better writing bean #womancrushwedensday

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Also from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Dan posted a picture of himself thinking about Cody while driving. He captioned the picture thanking Chicago and his decision to return home to his lady love.

Cody Heller has also been taking it to Instagram to post pictures of Dan with hilarious captions. It is exciting to see that Dan Harmor has moved on!