Beauty hacks by celeb beauty expert, for the allergy seasons

Published Date   04th May. 2017, 22:07 pm superbhub
Beauty hacks by celeb beauty expert, for the allergy seasons

Everybody likes a tad bit of makeup while going out, however, the allergy seasons can make the entire experience a nightmare with puffy cheeks, teary eyes, and even runny nose. Actresses like Emma Stone, Minie Driver, Jasmine Sanders know perfectly well what it means to survive the allergy season. the go-to celebrity aesthetician and anti-aging expert, Angela Caglia knows how to survive the allergy season and gives us numerous beauty hacks for the solutions of a bad allergy effect. Let us find out these hacks!

Angela Caglia suggests that during the time of a runny nose, it is best for you to simply add an extra fluffy pillow to elevate the head and drain extra fluid run out at night.

For an irritating puffy face, Caglia suggests that you put an eye cream or a day moisturizer inside the refrigerator and let it cool before applying it on the puffed up areas. Cold temperatures are said to be best for the swollen features. Also, Caglia tips that it is effective to put a spoon in the freezer for 3 minutes and then gently tap the spoon under the eyes in an outward motion.

The allergy season does not just pass without leaving you with a high pollen level. Caglia even has a solution to this pesky problem! Caglia revealed to E! News that it is best to “mix coffee grinds and water in equal parts to an ice cube tray” and then gently rub those frozen cubes under your eyes and eyelids for just a minute. Caffeine is said to stimulate the blood flow and cold helps to drain the excess fluid from the skin.

Angela Caglia also listed a few hypoallergic, natural products to use in order to avoid the allergy season altogether. She suggests the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream for puffy eyes. For anti-inflammatory and brightening of the skin, Angela suggests her very own Angela Caglia Goat Milk Soufflé Moisturizer. Renpure Professional 100% Organic Coconut Oil can be applied to the face, hair or body. For makeup lovers with sensitive skin, the Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil is best to avoid allergies and never say goodbye to your favorite makeup.

All these beauty hacks can be used just before applying your favorite makeups. This helps to soothe the skin and prevent allergies and aging while still sporting your favorite makeup!

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