Zoe McLellan Bio, Wiki, Personal life, Net Worth, Filmography and TV Career

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Zoe McLellan Bio, Wiki, Personal life, Net Worth, Filmography and TV Career
Quick Info
Birth Name: Zoe McLellan
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $5 million

Zoe McLellan is a television actress. She is best known for her role in the CBS legal drama JAG portraying Officer Jennifer Coates for 3 seasons. She was in the ABC comedy Dirty Sexy Money as Lisa George. She was a part of the NCIS: New Orleans, a CBS series about crime drama mixed with military elements for two years. The American actress acted in various films such as Stonebrook, Conversations with God, Reunion, and One Fall. She has also been part of short films like Inside Out and Person, Place or Thing. She has made small roles in numerous television series such as Medicine Ball, Sliders, Home Invasion, and Diagnosis: Murder, The Invisible Man, House, The Mentalist, NCIS, Royal Pains and Perception etc. She is also a singer and has sung her original in a cabaret show, L’efflueur des Sens.

Early Life and Education

McLellan was born on November 6, 1974. The Irish descent was born in La Jolla, California. However, she was raised in Washington State. She attended the South Kitsap High School in Port Orchard. In 1992, she was the homecoming queen of her high school. She started her career in the entertainment industry in 1944 starring in films and television series.

Early Career

She appeared in various television series after starting her career in 1994. In 1994, she played one of the four Edgemont girls in the movie Imaginary Crimes. Sheila Ballantyne of the same name based the film on the novel. She did not have a big role in the movie. A year later, she was the bee in another movie, Mr Holland’s Opus in a small role. In the same year, she was seen in two television dramas, Under Suspicion, a police drama and Medicine Ball, a medical drama. She only appeared for an episode in both TV series. She played Martha Swain in the episode “Holy Suspect” in Under Suspicion. In Medicine Ball, she appeared in the episode “Wizard of Bras“. In later years, she appeared on popular television series like Sliders and Star Trek: Voyager.


Zoe has had a great career in films, working in numerous films and short movies. Some of the movies she worked on are:

  • Inventing the Abbotts: In 1997, Zoe McLellan acted in the film Inventing the Abbotts, an adaptation of the short story with the same name by Sue Miller. She portrayed the character Sandy in the movie. The cast included actors like Will Patton, Barbara Williams, Michael Keaton, Kathy Baker and Billy Crudup
  • The Wrong Girl: In 1997, she played a girl named Gia in the movie The Wrong Girl.
  • Stonebrook: Zoe portrayed Londyn in the 1999 film Stonebrook.
  • Stranger in My House: In the 1999 movie, Stranger in My House, Zoe played Lara Lipski Lewis.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: McLellan was a part of the popular movie Dungeons and Dragons as Marina Pretensa. The fantasy film was released in 2000 based on the role-playing game with the same name. In the film, her character catches two other characters, Snails, and Ridley while they are trying to steal valuables and ends up traveling through a portal way. Later, Ridley and Marina become love interests. This was her first major role in a movie.
  • Bitter Sweet: in 2005, Zoe acted in a movie Bitter Sweet. She played a girl named Elizabeth in the movie.
  • House Rules: Zoe played the character Julia Rose in the 2009 movie House Rules.
  • Conversation with God: In 2006, she played a small role in the sequence book by Neale Walsch. She played a waitress in the film.
  • A person, Place or Thing: In 2008, Zoe portrayed the character Alexis in the short film, Person, Place or Thing.
  • Reunion: A year later, Zoe returned to films with the 2009 movie, Reunion. She played the character Averil in the film.
  • Inside Out: In 2010, Zoe again did a short film with Inside Out. She played Katherine Taylor in the short film.
  • Deadly Honeymoon: In the 2010 movie Deadly Honeymoon, Zoe played Gwen Merced.
  • One Fall: Zoe played Julie Gardner in the 2011 fantasy film, One Fall.
  • Back to L.A.: After nearly 3 years, Zoe returned to films with the movie Back to L.A. in the movie she lent her voice to the character Alice.

Television Career

Zoe has landed more roles, both small and major, in television appearing in more than 10 television series. Her major role was as Petty Officer Jennifer Coates in the 2001 series JAG. Some of the television series she worked on are:

  • Nowhere Man in 1996: Zoe appeared in an episode of Nowhere Man, Forever Jung as Mary. The episode was aired on February 5, 1996. Stars like Melanie Smith and Leon Russon also appeared in the episode.
  • Sliders in 1996: In the same year, she appeared in another drama Sliders. She appeared in the episode Double Cross of the fantasy, sci- fi drama. She played the role Logan St. Claire. She appeared as a villain in the episode and the fans of the show were very impressed by her. She is also considered as the best villain of the show by the fans.
  • Silk Stalkings in 1997: Zoe appeared in the episode Pink Elephants of the CBS crime drama series, Silk Stalkings. She appeared as Marin Kennedy in the episode.
  • Diagnosis: Murder in 1999: In the crime fantasy drama, Diagnosis: Murder, Zoe appeared as Detective Taylor Lucas in the episode Blood Ties. The episode written by William Rabkin and Lee Goldberg aired on May 6, 1999. Some of the other actors who appeared in the episode are Michelle Lintel, Kelli McCarty, Spice Williams and Kathy Evison.
  • Star Trek: Voyager in 2000: Zoe appeared in two episodes of the popular science fiction series Star Trek: Voyager. She appeared as Tal Celes in the episodes, Good Shepherd and The Haunting of Deck Twelve. Good Shepherd was the 140th episode of the series and the 20th episode of the sixth season. The Haunting of Deck Twelve was the penultimate episode of season six and the 145th episode of the series.
  • The Invisible Man in 2000: From 2000 to 2001, Zoe appeared in two episodes of the sci- fi drama. She played Kate Easton on the episodes, Frozen in Time and The Value of Secrets.
  • JAG in 2001: Zoe landed a major TV role in the legal drama JAG. She was a part of the cast for 4 years from 2001 to 2005. From season 7 to 9 she had a recurring role in the series, however, in the 10th season, she landed the main role, playing in 63 episodes. She played Petty Officer Jennifer Coates.
  • First Monday in 2002: In 2002, Zoe played Emmie in the American television series First Monday. She appeared in an episode, Showdown of the series.
  • Dirty Sexy Money in 2007: Zoe was the main cast on the drama series Dirty Sexy Money. She appeared in 23 episodes of the series from 2007 to 2009. She played Lisa George in all the episodes.
  • House in 2010: Zoe appeared in an episode of the popular medical drama House. She appeared as Sidney Merrick in the series. She appeared in the episode Baggage, which is the twenty -first episode of season six.
  • Royal Pains in 2010: In the same year, Zoe appeared in another comedy medical drama Royal Pains. She appeared as Kim the winemaker in the episode In Vino Veritas.
  • The Mentalist in 2010: Zoe appeared in an episode of the popular mystery drama series The Mentalist. She was in the episode Red Hot. She played the role of Marie Jarret Bajoran.
  • The Whole Truth in 2010: Zoe was a part of the American series The Whole Truth. She appeared in the episode Liars of the legal drama. The episode aired on December 1, 2010. She appeared as Stephanie Concolino.
  • NCIS in 2014 and 2016: Zoe appeared in two episodes of NCIS, a police drama in two years, 2014 and 2016. She played Agent Meredith Brody. She was in the episodes, Crescent City and Sister City.
  • NCIS: New Orleans in 2014: She also appeared in the NCIS: New Orleans as Agent Meredith Brody. However, she was one of the main casts in the drama. From 2014 to 2016, she was in the drama for two seasons, one and two.
  • Perception in 2015: Zoe appeared in the crime drama TV series, Perception. She appeared as Alice Pierce in the episode Brainstorm.

Her Role as Jennifer Coates

Zoe appeared in the drama as Legal man Jennifer Coates. Jennifer did not have a happy family life and has a conflicted past. Her father is very unforgiving and strict and it was suggested that her father physically abused her. She was accused of leaving her position on the USS Gainsville and was up to the court of the same.

She was originally an Electronics technician and a client of Rabb’s. She straightens up after a meeting the JAG officer on a Christmas day. She changed her rating to a legal man after serving in the brig. Shortly afterward, she was assigned to USS Seahawk. She later continued as a legal man after been reassigned to JAD Headquarters. While in the headquarters, she was the personal assistant of Admiral Chegwidden. She was one of the most valuable members of their team. Her friend for a murder later framed her but the police proved her innocent. Harm wanted to be roommates with Coates after she becomes Mattie Grace’s foster father. He wanted Mattie to grow up with a woman since she would want a female friend as a teenager. In 2004, Jennifer was promoted and she becomes a Petty Officer First Class.

The fans of NCIS worldwide loved her character as a strong female agent. The fans were very disappointed about rumours resurfaced that will be leaving the show in its third season. New casts will fill her role as an agent.

Other Works

The beautiful American actress is also a singer and a songwriter. She has performed in Hollywood at the King King Club. She sang one of her original songs in L’efflueur des Sens, a cabaret show. She has modelled for many magazines. She posed nude in 2008 for the Allure Magazine. Inspirational speaking is one of her passions.

Personal Life

Marriage and Relationships

Zoe McLellan was married to German actor J.P. Gillian. They were married for five years before they got divorced. They were married in 2012 and got divorced in 2016. They got married 2 years after Gillian got divorced from his former wife Aura Lee.  Even before their divorce, Gillian and Zoe were seen together in various functions. She has not been seen with anyone after the divorce. The former couple has a son together, Sebastian.

Net Worth

The blue- eyed actress is worth $5 million as of 2015. Her income for 2014 was $4, 347, 826. She mainly gets paid through her appearances in TV series and film along with various endorsements, advertisements among many. Her income is $588, 235 for a year and sponsorships and advertisements pay her around $130, 719. She was paid $405, 844 for appearing in the movie Mr Holland’s Opus. For Home Invasion, her salary was $315, 657. She was paid a huge amount of $874, 126 for appearing in the movie Imaginary Crimes. When she was in the series NCIS, she was paid around $45, 000 each episode. Her net worth shows an upward trend in 2015. However, she left the series after the second season because her demand of higher salary was not met.

Body Facts

Zoe McLellan weighs about 52 kg that is equivalent to 115 lbs. Her shoe size is seven (in US size). She has blue colour eyes and dark brown hair. The 42-year-old actress still maintains her figure and is healthy.

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