Zhou Qunfei Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, House, Story and Interview

Published Date   05th Aug. 2017, 23:40 pm
Zhou Qunfei Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, House, Story and Interview
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Zhou Qunfei is a prominent Chinese entrepreneur who is known best for her remarkable career high as the founder of Lens Technology which is a touchscreen maker. Zhou Qunfei net worth is known to have made her the richest woman in China at present and the world’s richest self-made woman, the richest woman in tech. Zhou Qunfei story regarding her success is an influence t youths of the present age.


The distinguished and talented Chinese entrepreneur, Zhou Qunfei is known to be the richest woman in China. Zhou Qunfei net worth has been amassed from the success of her venture, Lens Technology and through her investments. Zhou Qunfei interview has revealed her story of hard beginnings and gradual success. Zhou Qunfei story of how she made her company public and earned a huge net worth is very inspiring.

Early Life

Zhou Qunfei was born on 1970 in Xiangxiang, China. Zhou Qunfei was born to a father who was a former soldier. Her father lost a finger at war and became blind. After the war, he went on to become a skilled craftsman and went on to see bamboo baskets and chairs and repaired bicycles. At the tender age of 5, Zhou Qunfei mother passed off. Zhou Qunfei house was poorly built and to support her family, Qunfei had to raise animals.


She was the only one of her siblings to attend secondary school. Zhou Qunfei, however, dropped out at the age of 16 and then went on to work as a migrant worker in Shenzhen. Zhou Qunfei was set to pursue a government job but she decided not to. She then took part time courses in Shenzhen University and began working near the area. She went on to study accounting, computer operations, customs, and processing.

Early Career

Zhou Quinfei wanted to become a fashion designer but eventually went on to work on a watch making firm. She went on to earn 180 yuan a month. She quit the job three months later due to the bad working conditions. The letter of the resignation moved to the chief of the factory who offered her a promotion. She was later encouraged to establish her own company at the age of 22. She used her savings of HK$ 20000 and established the company for high quality watches lenses. She worked with her brother, sister, spouses, and two cousins and did all sorts of work in her company including designs, and repair. In 2001, the company made a profitable contract with the Chinese electronics giant TCL Corporation to make mobile phone screens for them.

Lens Technology

Eventually, her company saw its height when the company was asked by Motorola to make glass screens for its Razr V3. Zhou thought to expand the company into making touch screen and thus introduced the name Lens Technology. The marketing strategy that they used was to name it lens so that it would attract a lot of people searching for the word lens online. Eventually, the company went on to make touch screen lens or HTC, Nokia, and Samsung. In 2007, its market expanded when it began making the touch screen lenses for Apple’s iPhone.

At present, the company is receiving its 75% revenue from Apple and Samsung solely. The company is also working with Huawei. The Apple watches will also use Lens Technology’s glass and sapphire crystal screens which will increase the revenue. The company employs a total of 60000 employees and has 32 different factory locations. After working for 22 years as a private company, Lens Technology went on to trade on the ChiNext A-share market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On the first day, the company’s stock price arose at 44% which is greater than the market’s daily limit. In the first quarter of 2015, the company went on to become the largest technology IPO. At present Zhou Qunfei is owns 87.9% of Lens Technology;s shares which is known to be worth $ 6.4 billion.

Net Worth & salary

Zhou Qunfei net worth is known to be US$ 7.4 billion as per 7th May 2017 reports. When her company went on to become public, Zhu Qunfei net worth became $ 10 billion. She thus became the richest woman in China. Zhou Qunfei net worth is set to increase in the coming years through the company’s successful future. Zhou Qunfei net worth has made her recognized as the world’s richest self-made woman and richest woman in tech.

Personal Life

Zhou Qunfei is a married woman. She was previously married to her husband who worked at her factory as the boss. Together the couple went on to have a daughter. They later got divorced. Zhou then went on to get married to her second husband Zhen Junlong in 2008. Her second husband was a factory colleague. His husband is working on the Lens board. Together they went on to have a son who is currently living in Zhou Qunfei house in Hong Kong. Zhou Qunfei house extends at $ 27 million in Hong Kong alone.

Body Measurements

Zhou Qunfei is currently 47 years old. Zhou has a strong and bubbly personality adored by all the people around her. She has a hefty body type. She has black hair that she likes to put short most of the times.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Zhou Qunfei interview with Gansu Television revealed that the desire to learn was the secret to Zhou’s success. Zhou Qunfei story of difficulty, poverty and eventually success has been worth admiring and appreciating.

Apart from working at her company, Zhou Qunfei loves playing ping pong and mountain climbing. She has been named at number 61 in 2016 Power Woman by Forbes. Zhou has also been placed at 205 in 2016 Billionaires, 30 in 2015 Richest in Tech, and 18 in 2015 China Rich List. She has also been ranked 18 on their 2016 Most Powerful Women of Asia-Pacific list, on Fortune. Zhou Qunfei is thus regarded as one of the world’s most powerful women. Zhou Qunfei bio can be found on various social media sites.

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