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Published Date   10th Mar. 2020, 11:59 am
YouTuber SSSniperWolf – Gamer and YouTuber SSSniperWolf is very beautiful and strategic. Image Source: SSSniperWolf's Instagram.
Quick Info
Birth Name: Alia Marie "Lia" Shelesh
Birth Place: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Birth Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: 22/10/1992
Age: 31 years old
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $4 million

In the present world, YouTube has become a pretty big platform for people to share their talent with the world. Among the many talented young fellows, YouTuber SSSniperWolf also appears to be one.

YouTuber SSSniperWolf’s net worth has taken a considerable shift from ground to the peak where she could afford a $2.9 million mansion in MacDonald Highlands. If you are a fan and want to know more about the gorgeous YouTuber, SSSniperWolf, do not leave until the end.

Who Is Alia Shelesh, aka SSSniperWolf’s Boyfriend?

Relationships are a lot more complicated than one thinks. A person needs to overcome a lot of things in themselves before committing to one another in a relationship. Therefore, SSSniperWolf, aka Alia Shelesh, has done just that. The ups and downs of a relationship can be hectic, and a person needs to be up for every kind of extra baggage that has to come forth.

SSSniperWolf’s boyfriend, Evan John Young, is a lovely man and a YouTuber who uploads different sorts of fun videos.

SSSniperWolf's boyfriend Evan Sausage

Despite the hurdles, SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage have managed to maintain their relationship. Image Source: Pinterest. 

Unlike his partner, Alia, also known as SSSniperWolf, Evan has laid back personality. As of now, YouTuber SSSniperWolf’s partner has a whopping 315k subscribers. Evan is also famously known as “Sausage,” and his YouTube channel goes by the name “Sausage.”

The couple has been together for a long time now. In a video SSSniperWolf uploaded in 2015, she revealed that the couple met online through YouTube messages. She thought that he was the funniest guy and the first one who tried to know her. Hence, they shared photographs and Sausage “catfished” her.

But eventually, the couple got to know about each other, fell in love, and started living together. There were many ups and downs in their relationships. Since SSSniperWolf’s videos approve that they have tons of breakups and patch-ups, so there is drama in their relationship.

SSSniperWolf's partner

Though SSSniperWolf’s relationship had tons of ups and downs, the couple is still together. Image Source: Evan’s Instagram.

However, presently, the couple is enjoying a beautiful relationship. They share their beautiful memories with the world through their YouTube channels. The couple looks happy and satisfied with their life at the moment.

Despite being together for a very long time, owning a home together, SSSniperWolf is not tied in a marital relationship yet. Let’s hope we get to witness their wedding soon.

What Is YouTuber SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth?

SSSniperWolf has been present in the YouTube world for a very long lime. The veteran YouTube star started her first channel called SSSniperWolf on January 20th, 2013. She has been active on YouTube ever since. Because of her commanding presence and beauty, SSSniperWolf’s net worth has escalated to $4 million ever since.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth

SSSniperWolf’s net worth has climbed up a certain height from her career as a YouTuber. Image Source: Twitter. 

According to Social Blade, SSSniperWolf’s estimated earnings from her main channel SSSniperWolf alone is $60K – $959.5K per month. The calculation makes $719.6K – $11.5M per year. Furthermore, Wolf also earns from her second channel, Little Lia. SSSniperWolf has managed to attract 2.8 million subscribers in the chain and has an estimated earning of $74.5K – $1.2M per year.

The gorgeous YouTuber, SSSniperWolf, is not just bound in her channel but has explored in some series and has worked as a hostess as well. According to Wolf’s IMDb, she has three appearances in two TV series; Clickbait (2013), FANtasies, as well as in YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017. All of these contributions are sure to have helped raise her wealth plenty.

And with the fortune, the cosplayer is living her life in comfort and luxury.

The gaming mistress not just earns from her YouTube career and television presence but also has a massive following on the live stream social platform, Twitch. Furthermore, according to Forbes, she was also enlisted among Top Influencers – Gaming 2017.

How Much Does SSSniperWolf Earn From Her Merchandise?

SSSniperWolf is a big name in the entertainment industry. The gorgeous woman with bomb figure, nerdy brain, and a knack for business, SSSniperWolf deserves all the good words in the world. Thus she has made wise use of her popularity.

Her merchandise sales also aid in SSSniperWolf’s net worth. Since Wolf has created her brand, her fans are showering money on her merchandise. Below are some of SSSniperWolf’s merchandise along with their respective prices.

  1. Exclusive 3D Wolfpack Joggers: $39.95
  2. Exclusive 3D Wolf Pack UFO White Shirt: $26.95
  3. Exclusive 3D Black/White Phone Case: $21.95
  4. Wolfpack Joggers: $40.00
  5. Wolfpack Shirt: $25
  6. Hoodie: $45

Alia, aka SSSniperWolf, is a very talented woman who was financially intelligent since her childhood as she began selling the action figures she would buy on eBay and made a profit out of it. Thus, merchandise and endorsements have aided in Wolf’s wealth a lot.

SSSniperWolf’s House Tour

One of the most significant purchases a person makes is their house. A home is a place that can reflect your personality and a position that separates you from the overly chaotic world, especially when one is as famous as Alia, aka SSSniperWolf.

SSSniperWolf has amassed a big fan base and has a more significant bank balance. And she is not afraid to splurge the money in a good estate. Thus, she has bought herself a massive mansion in one of the most expensive places.

YouTuber SSSniperWolf’s house tour had her fan’s jaw drop within a moment she opened the large door. She and her boyfriend spend a whopping $2.9 million for the home located in MacDonald Highlands. The house is worth envy, and let’s hope the dope couple enjoys their stay at their mansion.


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Besides houses, Wolf is also very into cars and buys cars of her dreams. Furthermore, SSSniperWolf is such a sweetheart and generous and loves her family, she gifted her mom a Mercedes GLC SUV that ranges from $42,500 – $73,750.

Who are SSSniperWolf’s Parents?

SSSniperWolf is a beloved child, and she had a pretty good childhood with a loving mother and father, along with her two siblings. Although they make an occasional appearance in her videos, she has not revealed her mother’s whereabouts.

SSSniperWolf's parents

Although SSSniperWolf’s mother does not disclose her identity, she and Wolf have a very precious relationship. Image Source: SSSniperWolf’s Instagram.

However, SSSniperWolf is very close to her parents. Though Wolf’s parents’ identities are not disclosed, she claims them to be the best parents ever. Born on October 22nd, 1992, as Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, she later made her parents proud of her talent as a gamer.

Alia, who went on to become wildly famous as SSSniperWolf revealed that she has two siblings, a brother and a sister whom she adores. SSSniperWolf’s sibling bonding is impeccable, as she describes in a YouTube video. She has introduced her sister in a video uploaded in 2016.

When SSSniperWolf’s baby brother arrived, the family moved from the UK to the USA and settled down there. SSSniperWolf’s father brought her first PlayStation1, and she has been hooked to the video games ever since then.

SSSniperWolf's siblings

SSSniperWolf has two siblings, and she adores them. Image Source: Pinterest. 

One of the favorite gamers of all time, SSSniperWolf, is famous for playing Metal Gear, Solid & the Black Op Series. She is also renowned for her reaction videos and straightforward personalities. Let’s hope to see more of her videos shortly.

Fun Facts

  1. SSSniperWolf’s first favorite game is Metal Gear.
  2. Alia Shelesh had anger issues growing up. She beat up a guy in school because he called her ugly ad poor.
  3. SSSniperWolf’s mother wanted her to become a pharmacist, and she wanted to pursue a career as a nurse. In the end, she did not do either of them.
  4. Alia Shelesh won the Kids Choice Awards for “Gamer of the Year: in 2019.
  5. SSSniperWolf is crafty.
  6. She has nothing to do with adult movies. She contacted the site because someone was putting SSSniperWolf in the title and uploading the video.
  7. Shelesh has also collaborated with the legendary comedian and talk show host, Lilly Singh.

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