Yoanna House Wiki, Biography, Early Life, Career, Personal life, Talents And Tastes

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Yoanna House Wiki, Biography, Early Life,  Career, Personal life, Talents And Tastes
Quick Info
Birth Name: Yoanna House
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Yoanna House is a 36 year old and one of the most famous American fashion model and also a reality television show host. She is mainly famous as the winner of The Cycle 2 of America’s Next Top Model.

Yoanna House was born on April 9th, 1980 in Florida, United States of America. She was raised by her family in Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America. Her father was from Canada and her mother was from Mexico. Her father’s profession was a physician and her mother was a house wife. Yoanna House traits her mother for keeping her grounded and not letting her run by her emotions, help her keep faith in God and maintain a positive relationship with God, and by doing a lot of hard work to help Yoanna achieve her success. Yoanna House had a childhood dream of being in the fashion industry. Her grandmother was very supportive with her dream and was a motivational icon for her. House is American by her nationality and holds the citizenship of United States of America. Her ethnicity background is Canadian- Mexican. Her birth horoscope sign is Aries.

Early Life

She studied in Bishop Kenny High School and was graduated in 1998 from the same school. She, then, attended the University of North Florida, where she was the student of international relations and Asian studies. As she started to pursue her career in modeling, she thought to herself that her weight could be a big hurdle for her modeling career. So she decided to lose almost 45 pounds after she adopted her new diet and a new exercise plan.

During the mid-January of 2004, Yoanna was a very obsessed girl. She was not obsessed with the teenage boys or the middle-aged pop superstars. She was not even obsessed with her long-awaited departure from her elementary school jumpers to hot and sexy high school uniform skirts. She was a 13-year-old teenage girl, Catholic school-attending Scout, who was highly obsessed with winning the show America’s Next Top Model.

At the beginning, the show America’s Next Top Model which was filled with glamorous and attractive twenty different models trying to find modeling fame, was her favorite after-school television show of choice. While babysitting her younger brothers and eating Girl Scout cookies, she would also keep her eyes glued to the TV screen. She loved watching different models. Some of her favorite scenes were when Nigel Barker, Tyra Banks, and Miss J schooled the 12 Top Model candidates on how to walk like a super model, how to talk like a model, and most important of all, how to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Yoanna House was into modeling and fashion into very young age of 6.  Her grandmother didn’t use to speak English too much and she would ask Yoanna to translate the WOMEN’s fashion magazine for her. Yoanna once said in an interview that pretty it was easy to look up to fashionable women then because the magazines were everywhere around in her house.

Yoanna House took pride in being almost a woman by watching the eager contestants of the show, America’s Next Top Model, face their fears, build confidence, and most importantly, truly work hard to achieve their goals. Even though she felt truly inspired by all the Top Model contestants, she always had her eyes on one particular thing. To be precise she had her eyes particularly on one contestant who stood out and above all the rest.


After Yoanna House won the title of The Cycle 2 of America’s Next Top Model, she was heavily linked with the IMG Models. Yoanna made her modeling debut in mid 2004, on the runway model at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Yoanna House walked for the many famous fashion designers, which includes Petro Zillia, Sue Wong, John Sakalis, and Custo Barcelona. Yoanna House was also been involved in the promotion of one of the famous shows in America called America’s Next Top Model Obsessed. She was also cast in The Look for less, later in 2005, after replacing the original model Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Yoanna House then featured in one of the finest Danish modeling agency called 1st Opinion Model Management. She was then promoted as the face of the Israeli cosmetics company called Careline. Yoanna House offered herself as the host The N’s reality show called Queen Bees in 2008.

Most recently, Yoanna House is like a mother and working as an advocate for young girls trying and hoping to enter into the modeling industry.

Yoanna gets a lot of questions from her fan followers and many young people nowadays, especially, who want to be a super model, famous or break into the reality television shows. When offering advice and suggestions to her younger fans, Yoanna House always provides a serious point to tell to the young people about how important it is to complete high school education, not to break the bank, and always have a back-up plan if things don’t work out.

Personal Life

Yoanna House had a high school dream of becoming a super model, dating a famous rock star, and living a luxury life in New York City. Although her life is just slightly different from her original dream about gaining fame, stardom and luxury, Yoanna was legitimately thrilled with the way her life turned out eventually.

 Relationship and Family

Yoanna House’s sexual status is straight. She is married to her boyfriend after being in a relationship with him for a very long time period. Since Yoanna prefers her personal life affairs to be private, the very exact date and venue of her marriage is still unknown to the public. A lot of information about her spouse is also unknown. Yoanna House was away from her career and fashion life in 2007, due to her pregnancy. She gave birth to her first son, Alastair in 2008. Currently Yoanna House lives in New York City, New York with her son and her husband. According to her, she revealed that she is very happy with her family and has a wish of that one day she will continue her fashion career.

When being asked about balancing her work and her family, Yoanna calmly stated that there is no magic formula to balance work and family. With all the years of experience that she gained in the quick-paced modeling industry, Yoanna House wanted to make things quite a little more slow and intimate when it came to her family. Yoanna also stated that she had to cut out things that were a little overwhelming when it came to her family. Being a super model, trying to balance a busy, wide career and close and intimate family relationship couldn’t have been easy for her. Especially being a mother, and a wife in New York City. Her advice to young models who are trying to gain it all, in terms of career and family relationship success, was to be patient and wait until they have found the right someone who adds something valuable to their life and is always there to support them.


Yoanna House, being one of the famous model in fashion industry, she has maintained her body in perfect shape. Her body measures are, breast – 32, waist – 25 and hip – 34. Her hair color is light brown with highlights and her beautiful eyes color is light blue. Her height is about 6 feet, which is equivalent to 180 cm. Her weight is said to be around sixty two kilo grams.

Net Worth

After her reality show, Yoanna House’s net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million US dollars. But House’s current modeling and her TV show contract worth is unknown.

Talents and Taste

Yoanna House is a beautiful lady with very attractive body. This multi-talented super model is fluent several languages including Japanese as well as Spanish. Her hobbies includes travelling and listening to music. Yoanna loves Pop, R&B, and Dance Music. Yoanna House’s favorite foods are Middle Eastern Food, Chinese Food and Cuban food.

Yoanna House not only full of wisdom but she is also equally equipped with her spiritual guidance. Yoanna House commented something in terms of support that she learned to be her own best friend. Although being famous and filled with all the glitz and glamour of the show business and the fashion world, it was quite important for Yoanna House to be able to rely on herself and stay genuine to her nurture. Even after her huge win on the famous talent show, Top Model, she went her home, stayed under the spotlight, and continued to nurture and be with her family. Her humble behavior and her ways of sharing heartfelt answers made it clear that she sure is down to earth girl. Yoanna House also added that she didn’t want to be one of those people who always come back to their home town and does not care or say hi to the people there or keep in contact with their old friends and neighbors.

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