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Birth Name: Tammie Souza
Nationality: American
Qualification: Master’s degree in Applied Meteorology
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American meteorologist, Tammie Souza net worth has been accumulated from her Emmy-winning work in WFLD based in Chicago, Illinois. Tammie Souza is known best for her work as a chief meteorologist at WDJT, WMAQ, WTSP, and morning and noon meteorologist at KHSL. Tammie Souza is not only known for her work in the field of journalism but also in acting.


Tammie Souza is a well-known American meteorologist who is known best for her work as a meteorologist at WFLD based in Chicago, Illinois. Tammie Souza net worth has been accumulated from her work for various weather channels and stations like KHSL, WDJT, WTSP, WMAQ, and more. The details of Tammie Souza husband, age, Twitter account, whether career, and more can be found on several social media sites that are continuously observed by her fans all around the world. Tammie Souza Twitter account has details of her day to day life.


Tammie Souza was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She is of American nationality and white ethnicity. She was born to parents Chase and Laura Souza. Souza is the sister of Patty Souza. Her sister, Patty is also a well-known meteorologist for KXTV. While Tammie was working for WTSP, her sister Patty was working for its sister station, KXTV. She spent most of her childhood days in San Diego, California.

Early Life & Childhood

Tammie Souza attended San Diego State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. She went to Mississippi State University to get her master’s degree in Applied Meteorology. She has also been honored with a Mississippi State University’s certificate in broadcast meteorology program. She is also the proud holder of a pilot’s license.

Net worth & Career

Tammie Souza went on to work at KHSL based in Chico, California as a morning and noon meteorologist. Soon, Tammie began working for WDJT based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a chief meteorologist. Tammie then worked for WMAQ based in Chicago and then worked for WTSP based in Tampa, Florida for two long years.  Souza became the chief Meteorologist at WTSP. She is currently working at WFLD based in Chicago. Souza is the holder of the AMS/CBM Seal and the NWA Seal. She is also the board member of American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association.

Tammie Souza is an exceptional journalist and actress who has gained wide recognition through her weather reporting career. Tammie is an inspiration to many young aspiring journalists who want to be as successful as she is in the field.

Tammie Souza net worth is known to be very high due to her long-running career in weather reporting. Tammie Souza net worth has been accumulated from her exceptional work in journalism and acting. Tammie Souza net worth arises from her huge salary from her exceptional work in WDJT, WMAQ, WTSP WFLD, and more. Tammie Souza net worth is high and rising each day with her new endeavors.

Body measurements

Tammie Souza age is unknown to the public because her date of birth has not been found. Tammie Souza age has been a subject of controversy due to its secretive nature. Tammie Souza age does not exceed above the 30s. Souza has a perfect hourglass shaped body. Her weight has not seen many changes over the years. Tammie has perfectly managed to maintain her health and figure. She looks younger as she was a few years before. Tammie Souza’s height is noted to be 1.68 m.  She has a jubilant and exemplary personality. Souza has blonde hair that she likes to put long most of the time.

Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Spouse

Tammie Souza is a married woman. Although most of her personal details are not known to the public, it is known that Tammie Souza husband is Greg Hendricks. Tammie Souza has been married to her husband for a long time. Souza and Hendricks do not have any children till date. There have been no rumors about extramarital affairs or divorce till date.

Award & recognition

Tammie Souza has received many awards and honored during her lifetime for her exceptional contribution in the field of journalism. Tammie Souza has been nominated for a total of 17 Emmy Awards. She has managed to nab six Emmy Awards till date. Tammie Souza has received the Emmys for Best Weathercast, Best Weather, and Science Report and for special Live Reporting. She has also been honored with the first-place award from the Associated Press for one of her reports. She was nominated for an award by the National Association of Black Journalists for her report on Lake Michigan’s fugitive slave ships.

Tammie Souza Twitter account has details of her personal as well as professional life. Tammie Souza Twitter account also has tweeted about her thoughts on various social issues. The biography of the celebrated and endowed, Tammie Souza can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, twitter, Instagram, and more.

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