Solina Chau Net Worth,Wiki,Fact, Career, Age, Biography

Published Date   24th Aug. 2017, 22:20 pm
Solina Chau Net Worth,Wiki,Fact, Career, Age, Biography
Quick Info
Birth Name: Solina Chau
Nationality: Chinese
Net Worth: Estimated US$33.4 billion

Solina Chau is a prominent Hong Kong based businesswoman who has gained wide recognition for being a business partner in the Cheung Kong Group, and a director of the Li Ka Shing Foundation. Solina Chau net worth is known to be high and soured from her stocks in the China’s publication and advertising company’s Solina Chau career as a businessman has taken her to be known as one of the world’s most powerful women.


The distinguished and talented Hong Kong based business women; Solina Chau is known to be the shareholder of the successful Chinese advertising company, Solina Chau net worth is known to have been amassed from her remarkable work as the director of the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the partner of the Cheung Kong Group. Solina Chau net worth has been made her known as one of the world’s most powerful women who have found success through hard work in the business arena. Solina Chau bio is available on her Wikipedia page.

Early Life

Solina Chau was born in 1961. She was born to parents who were Hong Kong small time businessman. Solina Chau is of Chinese nationality. She spent most of her childhood days in China.


Solina Chau received her education from the Diocesan Girls’ School based in Hong Kong. Solina was active in academics and was also elected junior house captain while in school. Solina went on to give the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination in 1978. She graduated a year later. USolina wanted to get into the business arena when she grew up similarly like her father. Thus she went on to move to Sydney, Australia. For her further studies, Solina Chau then began working for the University of New South Wales.

Early Career

Solina Chau moved from Australia to London in order to begin her initial work. She lived in London during the 1980s and also did some work. In the 1980s, Solina became friends with Debbie Chang. Chang would later become one of Chau’s longest running business partners.

In the initial day, Solina worked on various projects. In 1993, she went on to win the project to build the Oriental Square in downtown Beijing. She then went on to work with former Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee-Hwa who was also her friends Debbie Chang’s cousin. While she was busy with the project, Solina Chau went on to meet Li Ka-Shing with whom she would later work.

Success of

Li Ka Shing and Solina Chau went on to work together in 1999. The two went on to form a Chinese language media company, named Tom. Tom was a Cayman Island registered a limited company. They had a total of 40% minority partnership along with Hutchison Whampoa and Cheung Kong Holdings. Even before the company went on to trade, Solina went on to receive an estimated USD 11 million in cash. The company went on to become a huge success over the time.  Tom was eventually set to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This made Chau’s initial investment in Tom to increase and become UCS$1.63 billion. This made Chau the second-richest woman in Hong Kong in no time.

Chau thought of expanding the horizon to her revenue and her business thus in 2002, she went on to invest RMB ¥ 1 million into an communicating voice-recognition service provider, Beijing Leitingwuji Network Technology Company Limited. A year later, Chau decided to sell it to TOM Group for the sum of USD132 million even before the company had received any profits. Eventually, Chau planned on listing one of its subsidiaries, TOM Online to be listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in early 2004. Chau had a  9.998% share possession in Tom Online till 2007. Eventually, the Tom Group announced that the company was going to be private with an offer for the outstanding shares in Tom Online.

Horizons Ventures

Chau is also the co-founder of Horizons Ventures. She founded the company in 2002 with her friend Debbie Chang. Li Ka-Shing, whom she had met earlier, went on to invest in the firm two years after its founding. Li Ka Shing is known to be one of the richest men in Asia. He helped the firm to become one of the world’s most renowned firms through his huge investment.  Horizons Ventures has invested over US$470 million in more than 80 tech companies under the supervision f Solina Chau.  The main investments of Horizon Ventures are in the United States and Israel. In each of the countries, Solina Chau has 28 investments since 2006. Li Ka-Shing foundation has also invested in tech giants such as Facebook, Slack, and Spotify under the leadership of Solina Chau.

Court battles

With business came legalities and responsibilities for Solina Chau. In 2012, the Hong Kong distributor of Beijing-based Caijing accused her company of defamation. Caijing magazine made false claims that Solina Chau had accepted bribes from a mainland government official. Thus in 2012, she went on to sue Caijing. The court ruled in favor of Solina Chau. Thus Beijing Caijing Magazine Limited was liable for defamation and has to publish an apology.

Net Worth & Salary

Solina Chau net worth is known to be counted in billions as per various social media sites.  Solina Chau net worth is known to have been amassed from her shares in Horizons Venture and which made her share to increase to UCS$1.63 billion. Solina Chau net worth has made her be named as one of Forbes Asia’s 50 Women in the Mix in 2013. As of 2016, Solina Chau is placed on the 81st number in Forbes list of most powerful woman in the world. Solina Chau net worth is estimated to be of US$33.4 billion at present as per various sources. Solina Chau net worth is known to increase Furthermore in the coming years through her remarkable career as a successful businesswoman based in Hong Kong.

Body measurements

Solina Chau age at present is 55. Solina Chau age has not stopped her from maintaining her youthful looks and being enthusiastic towards her work as well. Solina Chau has black hair that she likes to put short most of the time.

Personal Life

Solina Chau has not been married till date. She does not have any children as well. Solina is very close to the longtime friend and Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing. She met him through a mutual friend in the 1990s. although there might be false rumors that Solina is in a relationship with Li, the two have a caring relationship towards each other.  Solina is 33 years younger than Li Ka-Shing.  Chau and Li have made joint decisions and have advised each other along the years. Chau has no interest in having a family of her own and is mostly seen focused on her career.

Awards & Recognition 

Solina Chau has been honored many times for her remarkable work in the Chinese business market. Apart from her career, Solina enjoys golf and is also an avid collector of art. Solina Chau career has inspired many talented youths to enter the business arena. The very talented and renowned, Solina Chau bio can be found on various social media sites like Wikipedia, twitter, Facebook, and more.

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