Sheldon Glashow Net Worth, Career, Education, Awards

Published Date   27th Nov. 2017, 13:17 pm
Sheldon Glashow Net Worth, Career, Education, Awards
Quick Info
Birth Name: Sheldon Lee Glashow
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $18 million
Qualification: Post-doctorate

Sheldon Glashow is an American Theoretical Physicist and Metcalf professor of mathematics and physics who is best known for his work at Theoretical Physics. Sheldon Glashow net worth is known to be huge from his successful career. He is popularly known for his research including invention of Electroweak theory, Georgi-Glashow model and criticism of Superstring theory. A detailed bio of Sheldon Glashow is given below.


Nobel Prize winner Sheldon Glashow used to do different research works in his spare time. Further, he could enlarge it to the expanded version as he has full support of his parents towards his scientific inclinations. Sheldon Glashow also worked as the member of the Board of Sponsors for the Bulletin of the atomic scientist. Though his childhood was quite tough, presently, his academic career leads him to have a luxurious life. Sheldon Glashow net worth is estimated to be high as his living standard has changed. The social sites are the references to have knowledge about his personal and professional details.

Early Life and Education

Sheldon Glashow, an American Theoretical Physicist was born on December 5, 1932 to Lewis Glashow and Bella (nee Rubin) in New York City, New York, United States.

Sheldon was the younger siblings to two elder brothers named Samuel and Jules Glashow. Though the family were not highly educated, they aspired their children to get quality education. Hence, dentistry and medicine sector was chosen by their elder brother. And Sheldon always dreamed of being a Scientist.

Looking back to his educational history he was admitted to Bronx High School of Science. Afterward, proceed to Cornell University in order to complete Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1954. By 1959 he did Ph.D. in Physics from Harvard University. The Vector Meson in Elementary Particle Decays was the thesis through which he earned doctorate. Nobel-laureate physicist Julian Schwinger was the motivator and the source of inspiration too.

Sheldon Glashow did post-doctorate being partly associated at Copenhagen and CERN. He had planned of joining Lebedev Institution in Moscow but visa never came. From 1962 to 1966 he worked as an associate professor at the University of California, Berkeley.  Subsequently, he attended Harvard Physics department in 1966 and was named as Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics in 1979 and finally became emeritus in 2000.


Sheldon was highly dedicated towards the new innovations since his early age. He was inspired by his elder brother Samuel. He motivated Sheldon in the laws of falling bodies at the age of 10. And ordered his father to prepare a basement chemistry lab for him when he was fifteen. Being inspired by Schwinger, Sheldon extended electroweak unifications model in 1961.

Eventually, he proposed SU(2) x U(1) structure which takes the form of accepted theory. And was renamed as electroweak interactions. Basically, the theory was the unified description of two fundamental interactions of nature among four fundamentals. Electromagnetism and the weak interaction are the fundamentals proposed. For the discovery, he along with partners Steven Weingberg and Abdus Salam, was awarded Nobel Prize in physics in 1979.

In union with James Bjorken Sheldon was the first to predict the charm quark (fourth quark) in 1964. The prediction was the continuation of previously experimented research.  After seeing the development of quark in 1970, the GIM mechanism showed the quark pairs (d.s), (u,c), would largely cancel out flavor changing neutral currents. The prediction thus result in a technical disaster for any quantum field theory with unequal numbers of quarks and leptons. It was considered as an anomaly where classical field theory fail to carry over into the quantum theory.

Further with the coordination of Howard Georgi, Sheldon proposed the first grand unified theory. The theory was based on how to fit the gauge forces in the standard model into an SU(5) group and the quarks and leptons into two simple representations. The theory qualitatively representing the general pattern of coupling constant running gave the rough mass ratio values between third generation leptons and quarks. It results in inexact number and the unstable proton.

The work experience was the foundation of his future unifying work.  Glashow shared 1977 J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Prize with Feza Gursey, Turkish mathematician and Physicist. The prize was awarded for outstanding contributions to the theoretical natural science.

Recent updates

He is recently involved in the Big Bang, Dark Matter and Cosmology. Shortly after the introduction of Big Bang, it was known, the universe was composed of hot plasma of elementary particles.

Thus, we can obtain information about the interaction of the particles at high energy. And numerous questions are considering regarding dark matter and cosmology. Recently, he is regarded as a visiting scientist at CERN and professor of physics and mathematics at the University of Marseilles and at the University of Houston and Boston University.

Personal Life

In 1972, Sheldon Glashow married to Joan Shirley Alexander. The couple were blessed with four children.

Net worth

Sheldon Glashow net worth is estimated to be $18 million. It is estimated to be high because of his involvement at different sectors. Sheldon Glashow net worth is likely to increase in the upcoming years because of his successful contributions.

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