Sally Pearson Net Worth, Professional Career, Bio, Awards and Husband

6th Jun. 2017, 00:23 am
Sally Pearson Net Worth, Professional Career, Bio, Awards and Husband
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  • Birth Name: Sally McLellan Pearson
  • Date of Birth: Sep 19, 1986
  • Nationality: Australian
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Sally Pearson is an Australian athlete. Being the winner of 2011 World Championship and 2012 Olympic Champion in 100 meters hurdles, Sally Pearson net worth is determined by the awards she has received for becoming an outstanding athlete.


Born on September 19, 1986, the 30 year old athlete, Sally Pearson, has been a champion from her early age. Sally Pearson is the winner of 2011 World Championship and 2012 Olympic in 100m hurdles. Moreover, she is also the winner of silver medal in 100 m hurdles at 2008 Summer Olympics and 2013 World Championship. All these awards for excellence in athletics has raised Sally Pearson net worth and made her a valuable player.

Birth and Early Days

Sally Pearson was born as Sally McLellan on September 19, 1986 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. She is an Australian and belongs to white ethnicity. She moved to the Birdsville, Queensland when she was eight years old. Sally grew up with her single mother, Anne McLellan, who worked hard enough to financially support her daughter’s career.

While Pearson was enrolled in her primary school, Sharon Hannan noticed her athletic talent and coached her till 2013. Only at the age of 14, Pearson got into highlight winning Australian Youth 100 meters and 90 meters hurdles in 2001.

With enough support of mother and coach, Sally Pearson net worth turned predictable to rise in her future of athletic career.

Professional Career and Achievements

Pearson holds passion for athletes instead of taking it as her mere profession. This is verified looking at the way she has played each game and won a number of awards in her career as an athlete. Sally Pearson net worth started to find its way up as she made her international debut in 2003. She won a gold medal in 2003 World Youth Championship in Canada for 100 meters hurdles. The following year, 16 year old Sally won a bronze in 100 m hurdles at the World Junior Championship.

During the World Championship in Osaka, Japan, Pearson continued off with both 100 meter and 100 meter hurdles. Later, she focused on 100 meter hurdles in 2008 Olympic Games and won silver medal in the final.

Pearson won a silver medal for Australia at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. After a year, in 2009, Pearson won five out of seven races in the European Season. For this, she won her own previously set record for Australia and Oceania. Also, she won a gold medal for her home country at 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Furthermore, she won the 2011 World Athletics Championship in South Korea. At 2012 London Olympic Games, she won a gold medal for Australia in a 100 meter hurdles. For this, she set a new Olympic record time of 12.35 seconds, beating the closest American competitor, Dawn Harper, by 2 seconds. These wins are not enough to determine Sally Pearson net worth and her value as an amazing player. The whole Australia is proud to have an athlete like Sally Pearson who wins awards on behalf of the country.

The year 2015 did not turn to be very good for the athlete. Pearson fell over a hurdle badly injuring the bone of her forearm. Consequently, she could not do perform well throughout the 2015 season.

The following year neither turned to be good for the hard working athlete since Pearson tore her hamstring during her harsh training. Therefore, Pearson had to leave Rio game for the year.

Awards and Recognition

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) awarded Pearson as Female Athlete of the Year in 2011. Pearson is the first Australian to win this award. In addition to the honorary entitlement, Pearson also received 98,800 Australian Dollar as the prize. Besides, 2014 Most Inspirational Australian Athlete title added on to Sally Pearson net worth.

Net Worth and Popularity

The successful career of Sally Pearson has earned her enough of name and fame along with wealth. With her astounding athletic career and several awards, Sally Pearson net worth has raised to million dollars though accurate amount is still not known. However, recent 5 million dollars contract made her a valuable athlete; so, Sally Pearson net worth is equal to one of the highest paid athletes’.

Sally is not only an amazing athlete, but has also maintained her body well enough. Therefore, her followers in Twitter and Instagram have increased also because of her looks, not only her performances. She has a massive number of followers in both Twitter with 32.2 thousand followers and Instagram with 33.2 thousand followers.

Personal Life and Husband

Sally married Kieran Pearson in April 2010. Sally and Kieran had been together since their high school days. They had studied together at Helensvale State High School in Gold Coast, Queensland. Kieran and Sally are together since then and had their honeymoon in Los Angeles and Hawaii. The couple is still together since seventeen years.

The Olympic and World Champion for multiple times, Sally Pearson net worth was sure to raise from the age of 14 years. Sally’s mother and coach did all they could for her athletic career to prosper. But, Sally’s effort made her a star in athletics and her efforts also weighed Australia with awards.

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