Patrick Meagher Net Worth, Radio, Age, Wikipedia

9th Nov. 2017, 14:20 pm
Patrick Meagher Net Worth, Radio, Age, Wikipedia
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  • Birth Name: Patrick Meagher
  • Date of Birth: Mar 02, 1979
  • Nationality: American
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Patrick Meagher is an American radio show host who has worked in a few radio stations to the date. Patrick Meagher radio program called, The Wrap has earned him recognition and made him popular among the listeners. Patrick Meagher net worth is known to be high because of his radio show’s success. A general bio of the Patrick Meagher is given below.


The success of Patrick Meagher radio programs including Cocktails with Patrick and The Wrap has made him a popular radio show host. This has also raised Patrick Meagher net worth to higher level and helped him to live a lavish lifestyle. Patrick Meagher also comes into the spotlight for his on and off relationship with Stassi Schroeder who is an American television personality, podcast host, fashion blogger, and model. The couple is sometimes on the highlight because of their break-up and sometimes because of their patch-up. His girlfriend is very popular and is a social media personality as well with millions of followers on her social media accounts. Patrick Meagher Wikipedia page does not exist which makes it hard for people to get his detailed information. However, a very detailed bio of Patrick Meagher along with his personal and professional details can be found on various other social media sites.

Early Life and Education

Patrick Meagher was born on 2nd March 1979, in Michigan. His parents got divorced when he was still a child and he was raised by his mother along with his two sisters. Most of the personal information relating to his parents, childhood life as well as education is not available to the general public to know yet. Patrick likes to keep his personal life as vague as possible. He does not find it necessary to talk about his family details in the media.


Patrick Meagher began his career as a radio show host through the radio station, Sirius Satellite XM. Patrick started hosting a show on the station called, Cocktails with Patrick. The show slowly started getting recognition among radio listeners and Patrick Meagher was pushed into the stardom. After gaining some experience in the host business, Patrick then went on to the radio station Mad Dog Sports Radio. At the station, he hosts a show called, The Wrap on Channel 85. The show has gained more and more fans over the period of time. The fans of the show follow the show’s Twitter account to keep up with every update. The Wrap’s Twitter account is organized by the show’s producer, not by Patrick himself. This may be because he may not be a fan of social media like others.

Net worth and salary

Patrick Meagher net worth is known to be high and amassed from his career as a radio host. Patrick Meagher net worth enables him to live a lavish and luxurious life. He is often seen spending holidays in expensive destinations around the world with his girlfriend. However, Patrick Meagher net worth has not been exactly estimated till now. But there is no doubt that Patrick Meagher net worth is likely to increase in the future because of his ongoing career.

Personal life

Focusing on his relationship, Patrick Meagher is currently in a relationship with the American television personality, podcast host, fashion blogger, and model, Stassi Schroeder. Their relationship is not perfect as they have broken up several times in the past. However, they always end up being together at the end. His girlfriend, Stassi is also famous for her appearance in the popular American reality series, Vanderpump Rules. The age difference between Patrick and Stassi is of nine years. Despite the age gap, they seem to be very happy being together. Patrick was also in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Chole in the past. But the relationship did not last long and he moved on and got involved with Stassi. She has also got an enormous presence in the social media with million followers on her Instagram account. The couple can be seen happily spending their time together in the pictures that are posted on their social media accounts.

Body measurements

Seeing him people find it difficult to estimate Patrick Meagher age and assume him to be in his late twenties because of his youthful look. But in reality, Patrick Meagher age at the current is 38 years. Patrick belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. The color of his hair is blonde which he likes to keep short most of the time.


Patrick Meagher is most recognized for his career as a radio show host who has been the host of the popular radio shows including Cocktails with Patrick and The Wrap. His relationship with the popular American reality star, Stassi Schroeder is another part of his life that he is famous for. However, he does not seem to be a fan of the social media like his girlfriend who has got a huge presence in the social media. He is not active in any social media.

Though Patrick Meagher Wikipedia page does not exist to the date, his bio can be found on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.


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