Nilam Farooq Vlogs, Career, Wiki, Biography, Twitter

Published Date   16th Sep. 2017, 00:14 am
Nilam Farooq Vlogs, Career, Wiki, Biography, Twitter
Quick Info
Birth Name: Nilam Farooq
Nationality: German

Young German actress Nilam Farooq has been able to accumulate a huge number of fans in the span of her career. Nilam Farooq vlogs have been quite a thing as of now. The actress is simply minded- blowing.


Nilam Farooq is a German actress and video bloggerNilam Farooq vlogs are related to travel and lifestyle which have been able to collect many subscribers in Youtube. It is not only Nilam Farooq vlogs that make her a star, but also her films and her acting which is versatile. The beautiful face and the way she speaks are both instrumental to her success.


Nilam Farooq was born on September 26, 1989, in Berlin.  The German actress sure has a cross- cultural gene. She was born to a Pakistani father and a Polish mother. As a sibling, she does have a younger brother named Jonas Farooq.

Early life and education

Nilam Farooq was raised in her birthplace, Berlin in the district of Wilmersdorf.  The actress has a sound educational base when it comes to formal education. She attended the humanistic Goethe University there and graduated from high school.  From the early years of her, she began showing interest in acting and she also liked traveling. She began acting at fourteen years old. The actress can speak both Polish and English languages fluently.

Career and net worth

Nilam Farooq career looks successful. Most of the people know Nilam Farooq for Nilam Farooq vlogs and her films. To be fair, the internet searches for Nilam Farooq biography has been increased with the popularity of Nilam Farooq vlogs. However, before being a vlogger, she was an actress. She has appeared in many commercials. The actress started having a guest and supporting roles as an actress on television as well as on short films from 2006. Apart from that, she also has taken some jobs as a synchronsprecherin and moderated several digital formats dealing with topics of crime and history. As an actress, she was comparatively a rare face until spring 2013. Nilam Farooq has been regularly appearing in TV series from then.

Nilam Farooq’s some of the TV appearances would include, Everyone loves Jimmy (2006), Adem’s son (2007), Commissioner Stolberg – At Callmate (2009), Bella Block – Providence (2009), Danni Lowinski – self-determination (2009), The Old – Tödliche Investigation (2010), SOKO Leipzig (since 2013), The letters of my mother (2014), Tatort – Roomservice (2015), In the middle of Germany (2016) etc.

The actress has also appeared in many short films like Stiller spring, Türk Rulet, Suzan, Squid Clouds, George 90º. Her Synchronsprecherin works would include Sources of Life, Royal Pains etc. With this wide range of appearances, the actress definitely has made her face familiar. However, Nilam Farooq vlogs are one of the significant aspects of Nilam Farooq career that made her more familiar. Nilam Farooq vlogs have been running since October 9, 2010, under her channel in Youtube named barium  – now renamed as Nilam. Her subscribers are in an increasing trend. Nilam Farooq vlogs contain the contents on autobiographical topics such as travel and lifestyle. In around 2014, she joined the Mediakraft Networks network, where she stated moderating the Blast From The Past history programs.

Actually, her Vlog was renamed Nilam since 2016 and it belongs to the 50 most subscribed German-speaking channels. Her channel is one of the 100 most frequently subscribed German-language channels which regularly show new videos.

With that level of success, it is only plausible that Nilam ears a decent amount of money. However, the details about her earnings, her salary, net worth, investments have not been revealed yet.

Personal life and spouse

Nilam Farooq biography would be boring about the details about her personal life. The details about her personal life including about who she is dating, who she likes, who she has broken up with and the like have not been into the light. This shows how clever she is in hiding her private life despite working in front of the camera. The girl is sexy and smart; she might have dated someone or dating someone but who? The curiosity remains dangling which we believe will unravel soon. However, one thing we are sure of is that she is not married yet and might be interested in her perfect one. The actress has a simple and hardworking life. She had gone through some criticisms as well which she has taken care of like a pro.

Awards, achievements, and recognitions

Nilam Farooq is acclaimed personnel. She has won awards and recognitions. Farooq won the Google “Next Up” competition in 2011. She was awarded the PlayAward for Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion as part of the video show in 2013. The actress is, of course, active in social media and has a public profile on Twitter and Facebook. Nilam Farooq twitter account is active and anyone could follow Nilam Farooq twitter account.

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