Michelle Bachelet Net Worth, Early Life, Exile, Political Affairs, Foreign Relations, Personal Life and Honors

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 Michelle Bachelet Net Worth, Early Life, Exile, Political Affairs, Foreign Relations, Personal Life and Honors
Quick Info
Birth Name: Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria
Date of Birth: 29/09/1951
Age: 69 years old
Nationality: Chilean
Net Worth: $3 million

Chilean politician Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she became the President of Chile multiple times and held on to her position because of her integrity and diligence.


Michelle Bachelet has been president of Chile from 2006 to 2010. Similarly, she got elected as president on March 2014 and is still serving as one. Between two presidential positions, Bachelet became the first executive director of United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women). Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she became the first person to win the presidency in Chile twice since 1932.

Background and Early Life

Michelle Bachelet was born Veronica Michelle Bachelet Jeria on September 29 1951 in Santiago, Chile. She was born as the second child of archaeologist mother, Angela Jeria Gomez and air force brigadier general Alberto Bachelet Martinez. Bachelet holds Chilean citizenship while her descents are French, Swiss, Greek and Spanish.

As a child, Bachelet travelled vastly around native Chile with her family because of her father’s job. She studied primary school in Quintero, Cerro Moreno, Antofagasta and San Bernardo. Later, her family moved to the US in 1962 because of her father’s job in Chilean Embassy in Washington DC. Staying with family in Maryland, Bachelet went to Western Junior High School where she learned to speak fluent English.

In 1964, Bachelet returned back to Chile and graduated from prestigious girls’ school, Liceo N 1 Jaeria Carrera in 1969. She was a bright student and president of her class. In addition, she was a member of school’s choir, volleyball team and co-founder of music band “Las Clap Clap”. Later, she went to the University of Chile where she studied medicine on behest of her father.

Detention and Exile

Bachelet’s father was detained at the Air War Academy under the charges of treason after Augusto Pinochet came to power towards early -1970s. After spending everyday torture at Santiago’s Public Prison, he suffered from cardiac arrest. Consequently, he died in 1974. Two DINA agents blindfolded and took Bachelet and her mother to Villa Grimaldi, a secret detention center. The agents interrogated and tortured them. In 2013, Bachelet revealed that DINA chief Manuel Conteras had interrogated her.

After few days, they transferred Bachelet to Cuatro Alamos detention center. From there, she went into exile in Australia with the help of Roberto Kozak. Her elder brother joined her in 1969. In 1975, Bachelet moved to East Germany and stayed in German Democratic Republic (GDR) government apartment. The following year, her mother came to Germany but stayed separately in Leipzig.

Michelle Bachelet net worth increased as she started working at communal clinic with an aim to continue her medical studies. The next year, she went to Leipzip and enrolled at Karl Marx University’s Herder Institute (University of Leipzig) to learn German. Later, she returned to Potsdam and continued her medical studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. However, she got authorization to return to her country after studying there for 5 months.

Return to Chile

Bachelet returned to Chile in 1979 after 4 years and graduated as physician-surgeon in 1983. After facing rejections from military government for petition to work as general practitioner, she published papers and earned scholarship from Chilean Medical Chamber. She specialized on pediatrics and public health from the University of Chile’s Roberto del Rio Children’s Hospital. Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she finished with excellent grades, but she did not obtain certificate because of financial reasons.

Professional Career as Medical Practitioner

Bachelet started working at PIDEE, an NGO, helping tortured children. Michelle Bachelet net worth grew as she became head of the foundation’s Medical Department. After Chile turned into democratic in 1990, she worked for the Ministry of Health’s West Santiago Health Service. In addition, Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she worked as consultant for Pan-American Health Organization, WHO and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammernarbeit.

Early Politics Career

The university student, Bachelet started getting involved through the Socialist Youth Party in 1970 (before exile). She and her mother jointly worked for the underground Party helping them to organize resistance movement. However, the members were captured and disappeared. Upon return, she actively involved in politics, fighting for the re-establishment of democracy.

Soon, Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she became a part of party’s Central Committee in 1995. Towards late-1990s, she was an active member of the Political Commission. In addition, she ran against future presidential adversary Joaquin Lavin for mayorship of Las COndes; however, she finished fourth. She later worked for Chile’s governing coalition and Ricardo Lago’s nomination.

Ministerial Positions

In 2000, Michelle Bachelet net worth grew as President Ricardo Lagos appointed her as the Minister of Health. As a minister, Bachelet studied in depth about health care system and reduced waiting list in public hospitals by 90%. Later, she gathered controversy for authorizing free distribution of morning-after pills for the victims of sexual abuse.

In 2002, Bachelet became the first woman to be the Minister of National Defense. Consequently, she promoted reconciliation between military and victims of dictatorship. Further, she engaged in international peace operations and buying of new military weapons. Michelle Bachelet net worth hiked in mid-2002, as she led rescue operation of an amphibious tank wearing a cloak and military cap during flood.

Presidency and Domestic Affairs

In 2006, Bachelet faced Pinara but won the presidency with 53.5% vote. She became the first woman elected president of the country. Taking over the presidency, she announced cabinet of minister with equal number of men and women. During the first 36 months, she worked on simple measures like providing free health care for older patients and reforming social security and electoral system.

Her later works included creation of advisory committee for reformation of pension system also keeping prisoners in mind. Moreover, she enacted legislation to protect subcontracted employees with an aim to benefit 1.2 million workers. Her additional reformative works include pay equality legislation and social services to children. She also initiated delivery of books to 400,000 poor families with children of below 5th grade and awarding free computers to poor seventh graders for academic excellence. Towards the end of her tenure of first stage presidency, she allowed distribution of emergency contraception pills and sexual education in high schools.

In 2013, Bachelet announced that she would seek second term as President of Chile which more than half of the voters supported. In 17 November 2013 Presidential Election, Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she became the President for the second time beating former senator and Minister of Labor, Evelyn Mathhei.

Further Policies and Social Moves

Bachelet faced crisis when Chilean students protested demanding education reformation. Therefore, Bachelet signed reform bill into law creating 2 new regulatory bodies: Superintendency on Education and a Quality Agency. Michelle Bachelet net worth rose as she worked in various sectors such as economy, transportation, disaster management and human rights. She opened 18 new subway stations in Santiago altering the transport system. Bachelet sent military troops to serve affected zones after 8.8 magnitude earthquakes hit Chile. However, there were loot and arson due to which she imposed night curfews. Subsequently, media citizens criticized her for this. She established Economic and Social Stabilization Fund to accumulate fiscal surpluses to use in time of need.

Foreign Relations

During the first year as president, Bachelet underwent issues with neighboring Argentina and Peru regarding increased export tariffs on natural gas to Chile. They also underwent border issue when Argentina showed the south Chile as its territory. Similar border issue rose between Chile and Peru during early-2007.

In 2008, Michelle Bachelet net worth heightened as she became the first President pro tempore of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). As a president of Unasur, she called for urgent summit where the member countries agreed to send 2 commissions to Bolivia after the president of Bolivia warned of possible coup attempt against him. Similarly, her international standings include attending Leaders Summits and agreeing on free trade agreement.

One of the remarkable works of Bachelet is granting amnesty to undocumented migrants from Latin American countries with an expectation to benefit 15000 Peruvians and 2000 Bolivians. With the social reforms, Michelle Bachelet net worth grew while Chile became the first country in South America to receive invitation to join the OECD.

Personal Life and Family

During the time she was in Germany, she met architect and Chilean exile Jorge Leopoldo Davalos Cartes. She married Cartes in 1977 with whom she has two children. Jorge Alberto Sebastian (1978) was born in Liepzig while Francisca Valentina (1984) was born in Santiago. The couple divorced after the birth of their second child.

In the mid-1980s, Bachelet was in romantic relationship with Alex Vojkovic Trier. He was an engineer and spokesman for Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front. She later got in romantic relationship with her fellow physician, Anibal Herman Henriquez Marich, of National AIDS Commission. Further, he was a father and supporter of right-wing Pinochet. Their relationship ended soon in 1992.

Honors and Net Worth

Some of the most prestigious honors that Bachelet received are World Jewish Congress (2008), Maximum Leadership Award (2008), Global Trailblazer Award (2008) South American Football Honorary Order of Merit in the Extraordinary Great Collar (2009), etc. apart from these, she enjoys extensive popularity. Forbes ranked her 17th on most popular women in the world multiple times. Similarly, TIME magazine ranked her 15th as most influential person. One of the world’s most powerful women is recipient of Generala Juana Azurduy Award (2012), Human Rights Award from Washington Office on Latin America and Eisenhower Fellowship’s Eisenhower Medal for Leadership and Service (2012).

According to the latest data, Michelle Bachelet net worth is $3 million; however, her deeds are more noteworthy than her wealth.

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