Liz Renay Movies, Bio, Husbands, Modeling and Death

Published Date   31st May. 2017, 01:32 am
Liz Renay Movies, Bio, Husbands, Modeling and Death
Quick Info
Birth Name: Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins
Date of Birth: 14/04/1926
Age: 97 years old
Nationality: American

Liz Renay movies did not gain much attention as her life was no less than a script of a movie which had fetched all the attention.


Born as Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins, Liz Renay is an American actress and an author who has worked as a stripper as well as nightclub performer. Her life was full of fluctuations from serving sentences in prison to rising as a model. Some of Liz Renay movies are The Thrill Killers, Blackenstein, Lady Godiva Rides, Mark of the Astro-Zombies and Deadwood ’76.

Birth and Early Days 

Liz Renay was born on April 14, 1926 as Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins. Her birthplace is Chandler, Arizona in the United States of America. Her parents are William A. and Ada A. Dobbins, who were religious devotees thereby created conservative environment for her growth. The dreamer who wanted to be famous for Liz Renay movies consequently ran away from home to participate in Marilyn Monroe lookalike contest.

After winning the contest, she became a showgirl. Eventually, she got into relationship with Mickey Cohen— a Los Angeles racketeer. Her boyfriend supported her career financially; however, she got caught up for lying on income tax evasion trial once Cohen was arrested. As Renay refused to cooperate with the authorities, she ended up in jail for three years starting from 1959. Staying behind the bars, she wrote her autobiography while her ambition of acting career gradually fragmented with the passing time.

The ties with a mobster ultimately resulted in bigger loss for Renay. Before serving sentence, Renay appeared as a contestant on a show the Groucho Marx and You Bet Your Life in 1950. But the episodes she appeared in never aired because of her linkages with the mobster.

After serving the sentence for 27 months at Terminal Island prison, she turned to a stripper and self-publicist instead of directing hopping in Liz Renay movies.

Nightclub Performances and TV Appearances

Director Cecil B. De Mille noticed Renay in Paramount, giving her the hope of earning Liz Renay movies. Renay restated that Mille was quite positive about her appearances and was to feature her in his upcoming movie Esther. It could have been Liz Renay movie, but her hopes to be a star for Paramount turned into ashes as the picture never developed.

Liz Renay was not recognized as an actor herself. Instead, she was known as a performer in relation to other actors. By and by, she starred in John Waters’ film Desperate Living. Furthermore, she played a role of a dancer in one episode of Adam-12, “Harry Nobody” in season 6.

She continued her striptease act with her daughter on stage. The act ceased when her girl Brenda submitted suicide the day she turned 39 in 1982.

Relationship and Spouse

Liz married seven times, divorced five times and became widow two times. She married Mr. Romano when she was fifteen years old. The couple had a daughter named Brenda Renay. She committed suicide in 1982 on her 39th birthday.

She remarried Paul McLain. McLain and Renay had a son, Allen McLain Sr. Allen was born in 1945 and he passed away in 2012.

Later in 21 September, 1950, Renay married George L. Oleyar in California. After George, Renay married Thomas W. Freeman on May 23, 1966. After divorcing Freeman, she settled with Gerald E. Heidebrink is on November 3, 1976 until they divorced on April 12, 1983.

Publications and Recognition

Apart from autobiography, Liz has also written a good number of books. To name some, she is the author of My Face for the World to See and Staying Young. In the book, My First 2,000 Men, she had overtly stated her good time with many recognized personalities including Joe DiMaggio, Regis Philbin and Cary Grant. However, in one interview with Phoenix, she chuckled while stating it was not 2000 men. In 2002, My Face for the World to See was reissued, featured “A Cult Classic,” with a foreword by John Waters.

Career in Modeling

Renay signed up for the Hollywood movie company, Phoenix’s, lynch-mob scene. Suddenly, her pretty face caught attention of the Life magazine photographer and writer. Later on, Renay moved to New York and turned to a high ranking fashion model. She also appeared as the cover girl for Esquire magazine. Her career was rising at this point while she even performed in small nightclubs.

Soon after, she appeared in several low budget films. Liz Renay movies are The Thrill Killers and Lady Godiva Riders.  Mark of the Astro-Zombies (2002) was the last Liz Renay movie.


The author and the actress died of cardiopulmonary arrest and gastric bleeding in a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 22, 2007. The talented actress had passion for acting which followed her till the very end of her time.

Liz Renay movies did not turn up hit. They struggled like Renay had struggled for her dreams to come alive. Even though she was a hard working person and showed dedication towards acting, her dreams for her dream career could not turn the way she wanted to.

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